Corruption in Regional Transport Office -Addl Inputs

Below are the key issues and solutions as outlined by you in regards to Corruption in RTO offices in India. Kindly review and share any additional inputs that you have to eliminate corruption at these offices. We look forward to your inputs and will take the same to key stakeholders for implementation.
Transparency International India

Corruption in Regional Transport Offices – Solutions
1.Transport Ministry must standardize as many processes followed by RTOs across the country
2.Touting’ at the RTOs should be made a legal offense
3.All the manual processes should immediately be converted to online and computers based
4.Time limits should be set for each process like learner’s license, RC registration etc.
5.In case any case exceeds its ‘process time limit’, the system should raise a flag against the erring officer
6.Instead of paper documents, applicants should be asked to upload scanned copies on the portal
7.A grievance redressal department should be started to take quick action on complaints, especially the ones related to corruption
8.A time limit should be decided by which all the RTOs should be completely computerized
9.A crackdown should be made on the driving schools which have corrupt ties with the RTO officials
10.Every RTO has its own format of RC and DL – this should be made uniform across India
11.Driving tests must be done under electronic surveillance
12.Automatic vending of all forms and online filing of forms must be made available
13.The renewal of licenses should be completely done online to reduce the rush at the RTOs.

1.Unless you approach through a tout, the file does not move
2.One can skip the long queues if he is ready to pay the bribes
3.They would keep rejecting your documents, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities, if they are not offered bribes
4.Many RTOs are deliberately delaying computerization of the systems
5.The clerks in the RTO ask for a small bribe to send in your file first
6.The driving schools also channelize corruption at the RTO
7.They would charge you a premium and get you a driving license made without even you needing to go to the RTO
8.If you need to renew a license, the agent will simply charge some extra money and will easily get it done within a few days.

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Nationwide record of offences made by commercial vehicle drivers should be monitored. Further, multiple issue of licences be controlled by using Aadhar number as D/L number. more  
दो लायिने याद आ गयी - "हमसे मत पूछिए की दर्द कहाँ होता है , इक जगह हो तो बताऊँ की यहाँ होता है " यही हाल भ्र्स्ताचार का है - कौन सा विभाग है जहाँ किसी ना किसी रूप में भरस्टाचार व्याप्त नहीं है और अब तो यह घर घर में है -मौक़ा मिलने की देर है ? यह हमारे सिस्टम का एक हिस्सा बन चुका है जिसे समाप्त करने के लिए सिस्टम में सुधार नहीं बल्कि उसे उसे पूरी तरह से समाप्त करना होगा जो वर्तमान संसदीय एवं चुनाव प्रणाली से सम्भव नहीं ? more  
I agree with all the points that needs to be implemented. Additionally, I would like to put on record that most of the drivers in our country are illiterate and fall under the very low income group.
They manage to get a drivers license by bribing the officials and become a danger for all the other commuters on the road. They drive commercial vehicles for their livelihood mind you.
Taking into consideration their illiteracy they should be rigorously trained in the Rules of the Road and properly Check the condition and maintenance of the Vehicle before they take it out on the road. They should be deeply inculcated that they have to strictly follow the rules of the road for their own and public safety.
Indian roads find even the educated driving their vehicles like crazy zigzagging in the traffic throwing all the rules to the winds. There are no lanes due to narrow roads and they never understand the rule that heavier vehicles are to be to the extreme right and lighter vehicles to the left. No one follows the rules and overtake without following any rules.
There needs no mention at the behavior of the drivers at the crossings.
1. They jump signals
2. They take up wrong positions at the stops and take turn right in front of other vehicles hampering the free flow of traffic.
3. All vehicles (including buses) nuzzle in between the gaps (leaving scratches to the bodies of other vehicles) to reach the front. They even climb onto the foot paths to do so.
4. Overloading of vehicles in busy places in particular.
5. Parking haphazardly on the kerbs causing hindrance and danger to other road users.
In fact a whole book can be written on hazards on Indian roads. While rules are abundant, enforcement is lacking like in all other fields. Enforcement requires more manpower.
Instead of giving doles of Rs. xxxxx to so called poor, they can be offered employment and ensure enforcement of rules in all sectors. "Teach a person to Fish instead of filling his stomach" more  
Till election expenses and party fund exists, no proper plan will be implemented.

RTO enjoys tax evaders in large nos. No fine is collected and tip collection is order. Duplicate fine book is norm.

RTO posted after heavy pre promise.

PM alone can not stop this.

Democracy is a game of corrupts. more  
RTO is the most corrupt dept and it is only lip service when they say everything is online and online nothing works and it is only for namesake.Since the money goes to people in rto at every level so you know what is happening and if a raid is conducted on the rto officials one will get lakhs of rupees .So the points mentioned are good and we need to see how they are implemented more  

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