लोग अप्नने निजी बिमारी की जानकारी क्यो whatsup ग्रुप पर या जाहीर करे?

BMC ने 60 साल के बुजूर्गो का नाम ओर 40-60 के भीतर के लोगो का नाम ओर बिमारी के लक्षण का आवेदन मांगा है. पर हाऊसिंग सोसायटी अपने whatups ग्रुप के जारिये नामकण मांग रहा है ये कहा तक उचित है?
लोग अप्नने निजी जानकारी क्यो whatsup ग्रुप पर या जाहीर तोर पर लोगो को बताए या जानकारी दे? ये कितना उचित है?
हो सकता है लोगो को बिमारी की जानकारी मिलने पर लोगो का नजरिया बदल जाय ओर ऊनको घृणा की नजरो से देखा जाय या ऊनसे बिना बात के समाज दूरी बना के रखे. ओर भी कई बाते हो सकती है!!!
ये गैर जिम्मेद्दारणा लगता है ! कोई इस तरफ भी ध्यान देगा ! Please give your opinion/Suggestion. more  

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Present trend in Central/State/Local Bodies is to take care of People in BPL/APL catagory.Even if the information is provided none of these agencies will look after people staying in Flats in Cooperative Societies.So why one should provide these information. more  
If no information is given even after being asked, such persons forgo right to complain that they are not being looked after.
RYK. more  
Why should co-operative society office bearers be involved in any such matters?

When the BMC comes to collect information, they can verify and play with the details filled in. Let us say, the temperature of a person was 98.4 deg F when the inspector came. After some time of his departure, this temperature rose to 105 deg F. Will he accept the blame of mis-declaration?

Similarly vice-versa. If a BMC inspector could not be depended upon, how could an office bearer of the society be? And why should he be?

It is a problem of the individual and he has face it. If a person infected by COVID does not declare himself to be infected and he does not come out of his house for the next 10 days, how does the society office bearer come into picture? The individual has to be responsible enough to take the blame and the consequences.

Please remember the office bearers are doing a thankless honorarium and should not be involved in any thing and everything. If so, why should an office bearer not resign and the person willing to take over takes charge of the society? Let us see how many come forward. If no one comes forward, will the Dy. Registrar come forward and take charge and responsibility by invoking Sec. 78/79 of the MCS Act?

The Govt/BMC should not should not shirk from its responsibility and pass it on to the office bearers.

Secondly, a society has members of all ages. It has a list of members but not their relatives such as parents/grandparents/in-laws/sons/daughters/grandsons/granddaughters/dependents. By the rule, only members can occupy the flats. Are you not creating a dispute for no reason, when the responsibility is of the individual?

Law should be introduced to the extent possible that it does not vitiate the atmosphere of a housing society. It should not be treated like a commercial establishment, wherein the president/manager is solely responsible for any action/inaction of the members. more  
, Data should be with society and require to be furnished to BMC then accordingly be forwarded. In reality very few societys' are concern for senior citizens even BMC also do not have concrete plan they have never bothered. It is recently they initiated to go through ailment data due to Covid 19. more  
This is induvidual personal and private matter at the same time if object is to take care of senior citizens then they should collect information with limited accessibility more  
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