Make Railway Divyang / Senior Citizen Friendly

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Minister for Railways
Today, a wheelchair bound person can not travel by Railways without facing huge challenges. Ramps are absent at most of the places (Including Delhi). Climbing on to Train itself is a huge task. Also, going to another platform at a big station is almost impossible. And even if there are facilities, these are in a remote corner and there are no signs to make wheelchair bound passenger aware of facilities available.

With life expectancy increasing, no. of senior citizens are increasing, and they want to travel but for these difficulties face, they try not to travel by Trains. Same is for other disabled / Divyang People.

I offer foll. points to be sent to Railways to solve these problems.

1. Major Work : Increase Height of Platforms to make it level with Train Bogies. So that a wheel chair bound passenger can easily get in to the compartment. (This is already done on all platforms of Metro Trains (Including Delhi Metro). Also, a senior citizen who can walk but can not climb will find it easy. Make this a time bound task assigned to every Station IN Charge and Concerned Railway Engineering Staff. Create a separate entity to resolve any issues which may cause delay and it may be given necessary powers to expedite the matters.

2. Major Work : Arrange necessary Lifts for use to go to other platforms. And Give responsibility of these working properly to a concerned senior officer at each station. Get report of these working or not every 4 Hours.(This task can easily be automated as well). It is seen that when Escalators/Lifts are installed, Coolies switch it off so that they get more business. Put CCTV Cameras to identify such rogue elements who damage / stop such facilities and punish them. Carry out Accessibility Audit of each and every station for access to all areas using a wheelchair

3. Display signs prominently informing all passengers about facilities available and direction of their location.

4. Make Wheelchairs available at all stations. Passenger can book wheelchair with reasonable fees while booking a ticket and can hire a coolie to take him to the train on wheelchair and pay a fixed reasonable amount to the coolie. It will be responsibility of the coolie to return the wheelchair to its base location and collect his fees. While collecting wheel chair, passenger can be given a coupon with details of his journey (Which can be obtained from his PNR No.) and he will hand it over to coolie who will then collect his fees by giving this coupon at base station. This will generate employment as well.

Same can be done for luggage trollies as well.

5. Railway App should be designed to show all maps of stations / platforms and location of amenities by chosing a station name.
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Railway Board
A no. railway platforms in the South Eastern/South Eastern Central/ Central Railway are having foot-overbridges with concrete inclined planes, as distinct from staircases, in most platforms. Such overbridges are not only user friendly, but also ensures better cleanliness. Railways need to adopt such designs as a matter standard practice, and replace/modify the existing overbridges in a phased manner. more  
Feb 16
We find in majority of the stations battery cars are operated from the entrance to the concerned platform from where the train is going to start. But the pity is only passengers are allowed to travel in the Buggies but the luggages are not permitted and we have to trust the porters to bring them to the concerned compartments . In some stations Buggies are available in the platforms only and you have to climb the footsteps to go to the platforms and lifts as also escalators are not available. Senior citizens are not able to climb up into the compartments from platforms. These are to be studied and corrective steps you be taken by Railways. They should not concern with revenue and privatise the railway more  
Jan 27
Bad experience in Guruvayur(Kerala) station,where the incoming trains stop in no.2 platform only and there is only one over bridge at the other end of the platform to go to the platform No1 to exit .Devotees mostly senior citizens have to walk upto the overbridge and climp up with their baggage ,and after getting down at platform No1 again walk back all the way to reach the exit gate.No lifts .No coolies to help them in the railway station.Ramp or lifts to be provided to mitigate the situation. more  
Jan 28
Bad experience in Puri station.i am ci.sitijan and also viklang.battry car operator say no with luggage.I request but he angry.. more  
Jan 28
Rising of the platform is essential for the Sr. Citizens and the physically handicap people. Moreover, many of the customers are no aware of the facilities available in the platform. Please notify. more  
Jan 26
Platform level must be made inline with the train compartment across all stations. Similarly ramps must be built connecting all platforms. If lifts could not be made, battery run car & wheel chairs must be made available for handicapped and seniors. more  
Jan 26
As far as either Senior citizens or wheel chaired passengers concerned, the reaching of platform other than the Platform 1 is a herculean task in all the railway stations. Hence at every over bridge connecting the each platform either a ramp or a mini lift which can accommodate at least either 2 senior citizens with one accompanying person or 2 wheel chair person may be provided. A separate PNR may be issued to the senior citizens, which can be recognized digitally by the lift. Or they may be issued a smart card temporarily for the use of the lifts provided at the over bridge at the entrance of the railway station itself. This will curtail the use of the lift by the other persons. For this purpose a nominal charge may be levied along with the tickets or the senior citizen should forego his concession at the rate of 50% ( on his concession) in the case of berth reservation which ever is high and this amount may be given to a unemployed youth nominated by the railway authorities.
For getting in to the compartment, a mobile ramp may be provided at the compartment well in advance based on the PNR. more  
Jan 26

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