Medical Insurance scheme in Budget 2018

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Finance Minister
Dear Sir,

At the outset, let me thank you for including some proposals for improving Public Health in your budget proposals for 2018-19 which was announced in your Budget speech on 1/2/2018.
I would like to draw your attention in particular to the medical insurance scheme to cover 10 crore underprivileged families. As per newspaper reports, this scheme will cost Rs.20000 crores to the public exchequer, which will be recovered no doubt from the tax payer.
On the face of it, the scheme appears to be good concept. However, as you may be aware, our public health infrastructure is in shambles. Lack of hospitals, doctors, healthcare workers, medical equipment etc is the root cause of problems in our healthcare delivery. In such a scenario, providing health insurance is like giving a cart without a horse. How can a citizen avail the benefits of health insurance if there are no hospitals in the vicinity ? Would it have not been better to first build the infrastructure and then provide the insurance facility, if needed ? The same amount of money which will be spent on insurance can be used to build district hospitals and medical colleges over the next few years. This would be more beneficial to the people of the country. In fact, if you follow the BOT system used for building roads and other infrastructure, you may be able to build hospitals with attached medical colleges with very little government investment or use the Aadhaar based DBT to reimburse poor patients.
Therefore, I request you to review your proposal and redirect the resources in a more appropriate manner.
Hope you will consider my viewpoint.
Looking forward to your response.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Satish Shenoy
Navi Mumbai
Email :
Mob : 9820276875
It is trash proposal without any homework nor any infrastructure commitment. BJP is fooling with that idea. The health minister never spoke how he is going to deliver it. Jaitely should be held & penalized for talking nonsense in the parliament. It is time that they are charged for not walking the talk or not telling the truth. more  
Feb 09
The medical care system is flawed in India.
Fee for service may be convenient but welfare schemes take the beating.
UK system of care by regulating citizens health needs through identification,fixation issuance of cards and I attach a x number of families to visit compulsorily their care giver primary who if finds the need for referral for special care like surgery,specialist care ,investigations will refer only to a designated institution in government .Thus it will regulate the usage of welfare measures and govt sources.
Now with. Free health cards every one is running to any pet hospital ,any number of times and if he is not satisfied visit another ,another so that the insurance is misused.
Firstly strengthen all govt institutions with staff,equipment ,train them ,post only competent people with skill to manage .Review clinical performance as the skill may be deficient ,or existing equipment is inadequate and thus constant utilisation review must be ensured,
Quality assurance department s in all institutions with trained directorate to oversee the functioning ,out come of all staff is needed.
All jobs must be contractual weed out the unions,leaders ,professionals must be left free from administration.
The organogram must be totally revised. more  
Feb 05
There is no point in including citizens on the basis of income in this insurance scheme, if there is no hospital in the vicinity, because the government will pay premium to the insurance companies irrespective of the ability of the beneficiary to claim the benefit.
The eligibility criteria should include availability of a well equipped hospital within a fixed radius of the beneficiary's address. The government should also fix the rates charges for each procedure done by the hospital with proper checks and balances so that the hospitals do not take the patient for a ride, just to earn profits.
I seriously doubt whether the government has thought about these aspects before announcing the scheme and allocating a budget for it's implementation. more  
Feb 09
in the absence of govt owned medical infrastructure, the ultimate beneficiary are the pvt means i pay tax for upliftment of not only poor but also making rich people richer more  
Feb 05
Very true, Mr. Sahoo. A robust public healthcare system will benefit all sections of the society, not only the poor. But for vote bank reasons, this insurance scheme is launched, which is funded by tax payers money! Let's stop it.
I also have the same petition on Her's the link :

Please sign both petitions if you agree and also spread the message to your contacts in Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Email etc.
Let's act before it's too late. more  
Feb 05
Firstly let the GOI define the eligibility of insurance and elaborate .We can react only after that .Donot go by just statements or headlines. more  
Feb 03
NO, IT is not. What is secondary and tertiary? Why these terms? If it is a health insurance, it should cover all kind of treatments, hospital or otherwise. What is the definition of poor?
I believe, we have already primary health centers at each Taluk level and big government hospitals at District level. SO If they are linked with this scheme it will work wonders. more  
Feb 05
I think it's clear from the budget speech that it's meant for 10 crore poor families. more  
Feb 03

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