India deserves to be renamed as Bharat Khand.

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Prime Minister of India
Ancient scriptures and history of India serve as a valid evidence that India had its name as Bharat Khand but not India, the latter has been an offshoot of the British Rule over two centuries.
Therefore, the country deserves its ancient and historic title to be named as BHARAT KHAND. The historians of India as well as ancient scriptures, Vedic literature, and history of ancient India would throw enlightening facts about the appropriate and valid title for the country. I invite their valuable comments and contributions in this regard.
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Citizens of India
Making India a military and economic superpower along with a free, just, independent system is more important which our PM is working for. more  
Apr 25
PM's Goal is Swachh Bharat as declared, explained, concluded in American Stage . His repentance of this goal occasionally is of some thing related to Swachh Bharat which was the real aspiration of the Freedom-fighters where Military and Economic Sufficiency shall score in Front line . more  
Apr 25
While out desire to foster nationalistic identity and awareness is well understood, we cannot be blind to historical developments and social progress. The 'Bharat' that the epics talk about is not just the present section of the Indian peninsula. Do you want to rename the entire region or just the nation presently known as India ? The series of renaming events along the length and breadth of the country has not helped us in any way. On the contrary, our divisive tendency has surfaced all the more. Suggest, raise our voice against the spate of atrocities against women which puts all of us in shame before the whole world. That seems to be more in tune with true Hinduthua. more  
Apr 25
Mumbayi ; Kolkata ; Chennai ; Benaras etc while digested , why Bharat and Hindusthan set for a challenge ?
Adjacent Countries of this nation call as Bharat .
Many Western Countries also call this nation as Bharat or , Hindustan AND ARE FACTS IN NEWS TOO .

Many National Leaders of this Country name out this Country as Bharat and Hindustan SINCE decades =not only in this Country, but also while they camp abroad AND IS THE FACT OF NEWS .

While the Present also is Under these factual aspiration and inspiration of BHARAT ; HINDUSTAN , Citation of this Post and aspiration for change of British name is not of any disrespect or overact . more  
Apr 25
Time to rename India to Hindustan. It is land of Hindus. more  
Apr 23
Silent subtle steady revolution takes place in the body mind and intellect of people when exposed to a concept of national unity and integrity symbols like national flag of India is hoisted in all public and private institutions in all days of the year instead of symbolic display only on Republic and Independence days. more  
Apr 22
National Spirit is what is wanting in the country as evident from insignificant number of supporters to this well intended request to sign the petition. more  
Aug 17
Even the National Flag is opted Politically expanding to 1,000 meters and even 3,000 meters length. Exposure can never be the real faith . more  
Apr 22
115 viewed . The staged concept of Community in the Country naturally keeps away from such National Issues too. We had seen many Judgments delayed at this concept only . more  
Apr 20

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