Conduct supervisedInner-party elections to build fair leadership heirarchies in political parties

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Election Commission of India
17th Sept.2016

Submitted to Election Commission of India, by Sudhakaran Cheravattail, Secretary, ‘Great India Trust’, Narayanamangalam, P.O. Pullut – 680663, Kerala.

Sub: Enforcement of transparent Inner-party elections in political parties
Ref: 1- Your letter F.No. 56/Misc/2014/PPS-II/180 & 417 dated13th & 24th Jan 2014.
2- My last four letters from 2002 to 2010 & RTI letter of 2014

We are, as the general public as a whole is, greatly concerned by the grave degradation of the quality of our political leadership - leadership hierarchies of our political parties. Quality of the leadership hierarchies of political parties directly effect quality of our elected representatives as political parties nominate persons from their leadership as their candidates for elections to representative bodies. Hence the dominance of corrupt and criminals in our political leadership becomes the leading cause of increase in political corruption and criminalization of our elected representatives and the governments.

Recent (25/09/2018) judgment by the Supreme Court has highlighted incidence of criminals and corrupt being nominated by political parties as their candidates for elections to our representative bodies and they getting elected as our representatives in parliaments, state legislative bodies, LSG bodies. Government of India too has admitted it through an affidavit in the Court. Many studies and reports by agencies and NGOs had been raising this issue for long.

Quality of our elected representatives directly effects quality of governance and deliverance. Dr. Rajendraprasad, while dedicating our constitution to the nation in 1948 had said: “if our elected representatives are (competent) men of integrity and character they can deliver good to the society even this constitution is defective. But if they lack in these (virtuous) qualities this constitution is not going to save our nation/society”. Unfortunately men in our constituent assembly had failed to incorporate means and regulations to ensure quality of our elected representatives.

But as the Constitutions of our political parties, especially those of Congress, BJP and their off shoots clearly define ‘Inner-party democratic practice’ to be followed in the elections to their leadership hierarchies , as Election Commission being the authority to register the political parties and as the Commission declares that: “The Commission determines whether the party is structured and committed to principles of democracy …. The Commission ensures inner party democracy in their functioning by insisting upon them to hold their organizational elections at periodic intervals”, the commission is obliged to fulfill their authorized and declared duty of ensuring that our political parties are structured and committed to principles of democracy. Build up of the leadership hierarchy of a political party is the most important part of its structure. So Commission has the obligation to ensure that the inner party elections of the political parties, process of electing their leadership hierarchies, the most important function in creating the structure of political parties, are conducted in true inner party democratic values. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, commission had been abdicating their duty and authority. Commission, colluding with the reigning leadership caucuses of political parties, had been turning a blind eye towards the flagrant negation of inner party elections and accepting prescribed declarations by these caucuses that they have conducted such elections, even though theses caucuses had been resorting in to undemocratic nominations and consensus to expropriate positions of political power between themselves, their lackeys and sycophants.

And we, representing the concerned citizens of India, have been complaining that:
1. In fact our Political parties are not conducting inner-party elections as defined in their constitution. Yet they submit to Commission concocted records to show that they have conducted elections or declarations to that effect.
2. The reigning caucuses and their lackeys are expropriating positions of political power in the concerned parties (and through them in the governments too) by ‘Negating Inner-party democracy’ and substituting it with undemocratic practice of ‘Nominations or forcing consensus’..
3. Such undemocratic practices deny us, we who refuse to be lackeys and sycophants of the reigning caucus, our democratic right to aspire and to contest for a position of political power in a party of one’s choice.
4. Nepotism, sycophancy and lackey-ism are promoted by denial of competition and election, and it cause ‘Character-crisis’, an abject lack of persons of integrity and character, and a dominance by corrupt, criminal, egocentric persons with inferior ethos in the leadership hierarchies of our political parties.
5. It also breeds group-ism, splits and dynastic tendencies in political parties.
• True to the adage ‘Yedha Raja Thadha Praja’ such inferior political leaderships of undesirable ethos are polluting the psych and eroding the ethos of the society and its institutions (including the Election Commission and Judiciary to the common man) causing widespread growth of corruption, criminality, communalism, intolerance etc;
• Our society’s progress to its potential is also being denied by inefficient governance and mismanagement by such politicians.
News about such negation of inner-party elections, expropriation of positions of power by the reigning caucuses, doling important positions out to their near and dear ones and remaining to their lackeys, ensuing bickering in political parties and even sale of party tickets for elections and Rajya Sabah seats too are frequently reported in the media and admitted by many political leaders and officials. Even a former CEC, Mr. Lingdho, and a state GDP had publically lamented about the undesirable qualities of political leadership. Many studies by national & International organizations have confirmed it. I had dealt them in detail in my letter to the Commission since 2002 through 31-8-2010.

Even Registrars of societies are sending its representatives to monitor elections in the NGOs registered with it, if & when any complaint is lodged to it on misconducts in such election. Elections to the political party leaderships, and the quality of persons so elected are much more important than elections in an NGO; it is of paramount importance to the quality of governance, national security-&-integrity and progress of the society and Nation.

Yet, my humble question is, why Election Commission stay content with just taking a declaration/report, from the political parties that they are conducting elections according to the inner-party democratic standards, that too even after my repeated complaints all through last 15 years? Why Commission refuse to actively monitor the conduct of such elections? If the political parties do not believe in, and behave according to principles of democracy how can we allow them to participate in the most important and basic democratic processes of our society – elections to our representative bodies? How can we expect governments formed by such politicians govern us democratically?

*** Is it the way Commission determines whether our political parties are structured and committed to principles of democracy and ensures inner party democracy in their functioning? Being a statutory authority with judicial powers, the Commission has the power to monitor and enforce the inner-party elections in all the political parties registered with it. Commission’s refusal to monitor and enforce inner-party elections, after knowing that political parties are blatantly negating it and are resorting to undemocratic practices to expropriate positions of political power, is nothing short of abdication of its declared authority and duty, cheating the nation, blatant corruption of a different kind, ineptitude and favoritism to the political bosses. Few of the commissioners in the past had shown that they can withstand political pressure and brought few desired reforms in the elections and functioning of parties.

I request the Commission, purely on the national interest, sans any personal agenda - in the changed environment of renewed awareness on the need for political reforms to reform India, after suggestion for a simultaneous elections to Parliament and Assemblies, repeatedly raised by the Prime Minister and supported by the President - to favourablly reconsider our long pending prayer to enforce and monitor periodical inner-party-democratic elections in a transparent way to produce a more competent and fairly virtuous political leadership to the nation and society to lead us to a ‘Greater India’ true to our rich history and potentials.

With Regards and expecting an earliest action in the national interest,

Secretary, Great India Trust
The Petition was also marked to:
President of India
Since 2 decades EC Seized about 1.1 Crores per Constituency AS PER NEWS IN MEDIA. The Escaped total Sums-up to another 2 Crores.

All Constitutional Bodies , Governing Bodies , Social Leaders , Intellectuals, etc know at least those viewd news or paper. AT LEAST 20% OF THEM IS ENOUGH TO HAVE CHANGED REGULATIONS. But , many fear and feel afraid to move SC . more  
Jun 05
20% of what do you mean enough to have changed the regulations sir?
total fund spent in elections? if so how mony can change regulations? more  
Jun 06
Please remember Dr. Rajendraprasad's words: "if our elected representatives ate men of integrity and character, they can deliver good to the society even if this constitution is defective. but if they are lacking ..."
So we should single out the most important factor, the most basic one.
that is the degradation of the political leadership, or filling up of the leadership hierarchies of all political parties with the lackeys of the reigning self serving caucuses. if we can induct the competent and virtuous men with integrity and character in to the leadership hierarchies of our political parties, it will automatically bring in such persons as candidates to get elected as our representatives.
If that happens we would have good governors and good governance.
that is the only way to bring in necessary changes in our constitution and society.
so please let us focus all our attention to this most burning issue. more  
Jun 05
Yes. We should approach Supreme Court.
'But all legitimate issues' ... that is too wide to get proper attention, hence resolution.
Let us un-bundle them, determine priority and focus on the most important and least controversial one of them.

If leadership of Political parties, from where our elected representatives are coming, are of undesirable quality we can not hope of getting elected representatives (hence the governors - CMs or PM) of a desirable quality.

wrong type of political leadership, as predicted by Dr. Rajendraprasad, would corrupt everything else. so correcting it is is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of any other reform.
Also it is the lease controversial as all political parties are bound by their own bylaws/constitution and Election commission is bound to assure that they are doing it properly. But, as mentioned in the petition, Political Parties are not practicing it or Election Commission is not supervising or verifying it to ensure...
So it is easy for supreme court to order them, the Parties to practice and the Commission to standardize, enforce and supervise to ensure that it is strictly practiced.
That would end the Nepotism, lackey-ism hence the dynasties; infuse competent men of integrity and character in to the leadership hierarchies of our political parties and purge the not so competent and that would reduce corruption too. more  
Jun 06
This is why BJP opted Reforms on all, won majority over 23 Parties in 2nd phase. SC had to confine that the Powers and Performance of EC Will be taken up in next hearings.

Let us move SC or CJI in June/July . A Senior Advocate also is necessary to put-forth all LEGITIMATE ISSUES. . more  
Jun 05
I too written to CEC, CEO on 2.8.13. To CBI and ACB . Also urged H'BLE President to intervene before it goes to Marshalls OR OTHERS.
President on 15th August accurately addressed his great concern over Leaders quoting Gandhiji ' s advises ; advised people to be alert intime to urge the needs.
BJP in its attempt succeeded bringing in public awareness in 2014 started diplomatic management MOST IMPORTANT BODIES INCLUDING JUDICIARY ALSO realizing the need of upholding States Authority and Empowerment of INDIAN ELECTION COMMISSION as is evident from different Directive Orders to CEC in last 2 months.

Electioneering is re Regulated...
Political Parties Memorandum, Accountability and declaration of Audit Report.....
Conduct and Disqualification of Contestants...
Performance Code of Elected Members...
Regulations on Disciplinary and Penal Actions against Political Parties AND Elected Members...
Jun 03
Majority Party Elections are on either dictatory OR on Nomination. Real discussion within Party and Election gone away with the wind from the day Congress became I, O, S, J, Urs etc. in 70s. more  
Jun 03

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