Southern Railways 0 000
2.00 / 5 10 Reviews
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
11302 Udyan Express fromSBC to DR on 8thMarch'19
travelled by H1.Horrible Experience .
1.Even at the starting point the toilets were stinking. We werein Bay A.So much so the stench was felt being first bay.
2.Even after complaing to coach attendant nothing much happened to better the situation.
3.No in train calass AC compartment so far.
Unless things improve, my loyalty towards train travel will shift to airlines.
Radical action reqd to improve services.
Train 06051 Chennai Mantralayam and 11027 return to Chennai .
1) The Dust bins of the trains need periodic cleaning , these trains are very long journey trains .
2) Bio Toilets were not scented and they were stinking . In the train 11027 same route return journey , they were neat and scented .
3) Trains were well cleaned in big station , maintainance good .
4) Train 06051, 2 fans were not functioning , and our call at the Service men were well responded .
GENERALLY GOOD IMPROVEMENT - barring cleaning of inside Dust Bins
Train No. 12731/TPTY SC EXP Dt:28.10.2018. I travelled in this train from Tirupathi to Secunderabad. I had a very bad experience. There is no pantry. Unauthorized vendors of a local supplier freely entered into the bogies and started selling food packets. The vendors were maintaining very poor personal hygiene... dirty clothes, dirty hands, unwashed hair, and the fried rice (they call it veg biryani) they supplied was so less that it was not sufficient for a normal adult. They did not even supply drinking water, but they charged upto 70 to 80 rupees per packet depending on the innocence of the passengers. I registered a complaint with the helpline. An inspector of the railways spoke to me on phone for details. The TC met me. But I know it is all a sham and show. The railways is directly involved in this scam. How else will a TC allow so many vendors to enter into the train? Why there was no pantry van? If there was a problem why could not the railways make alternate arrangements and supply the food in the menu for the fixed rate of 50 rupees as mentioned in the menu? It is very obvious that this is an organized crime by the nexus of the railway employees, the pantry contractors and the unauthorized but organized suppliers. This nexus is illegally pocketing crores of rupees. A high level enquiry should be ordered and the guilty severely punished under the law. Fool proof methods should be evolved with regard to catering.
The problems in Railway travel:
1. Unreserved tkt holders travelling on Reserved Coaches. TTE never bother about it and hide himself by removing their coat so that people cant identify them easily and occupy a a/c coach seat after preliminary examinations. (Brindavan, Vaigai, Pallavan Expresses)
2. Beggars, Unauthorised vendors, Travellers without tickets are very common in most of the day trains of intercity travel. (Brindavan, Vaigai, Pallavan Expresses)
3. Very poor maintenance of coaches - floors not properly swept, not mopped, seats are not frequently dusted, windows are not properly lubricated or fixed so that it can b smoothly raised or lowered during rainy season. Most of the fans wont start on its own. it needs a finger push or ball pen push to start.
4. Allotting seats in the berth are very improper. Senior citizens are allotted in the upper berths..tall people have to crush themselves in their side upper berths.
5. Tatkal booking highly impossible n troublesome. In many important trains n festival timings all seats vanishes within a few seconds. That means some one is playing the fool using fake software online and knowing that the railways not taking consistent actions.
6. Platforms are not maintained properly with clear sign boards, Toilets, food facilities and even moving from one platform to another by aged people with luggages is very very difficult. availability of wheel chair is very difficult. it is either not maintained properly or broken or not many available for many aged people. Even the battery car available cannot go to all platforms ( In Egmore station).
7. Handling of goods transported in the express trains. In Most of the trains goods coach is next to engine. the porters unload the goods in competition with the passengers' movement and keep it on the path of the narrow platform ( in Chennai central station).
8. Booking of goods in the train while travelling is a laborious process. The porters have a say. they decide in collusion with the passenger the weight and volume and hence the tariff. Railways lose lots of money.
9. Very pathetic situation for the aged people to go to toilet in ordinary coaches. wats the difference between humans of high fare and low fare coaches. S. the railways may show difference in travel seats but not in toilets. I wish all the toilets should b of same quality and maintenance bcas the railways are different from other mode only with their toilets. No water, leaking taps, no provision to keep mobile or purse safely inside the toilet.

and there are so many woos.
Brindavan Express 12639 / 640 : This was a premium day train with A/C as well as non A/C seats introduced 3 decades back.After the advent of Doublr Decker train to Bnagalore a year back ,with a fiffeerence of 20 minutes to the same deastination has lost its importance . The A/C seats have been taken away from the Brindavan to give patronage to the ful A/C train of D.D. lEAVE ALONE LOOSING ITS IMPORTANCE HAS THE RAILWAYS DONE ANYTHING TO IMPROVE THE NON A/C RESERVED COACHES FREE FROM UNAUTHERIZED PASSENGERS ENTERING ? No and why ? Give the non A/C reserved passengers also the right to travel without any hassle from the unautherized passengers . Make the T.T.S. TO BE ACTIVE TO NOT TO ALLOW UNRESERVED PASSENGERS TO TRAVEL.
Increase the number of unreserved coaches to the demand during weekends and holidays. Railway marketing staff are just thriving on the aname of the railways established ages back . They have no innovation to improve the passenegesr amenities at all.

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Rail Bhavan (Ministry of Railways),Room No. 256-A, Rail Bhavan, Raisina Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India
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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Trains have to be designed for maximum comfort with minimum maintenance required so that the service shall remain good thru the life of the train coach .Modt of the coaches be designed got Aircindutioning they Solar as well as captive power usages and the stoppages be staggered between trains to maximum the run of about 2 hours at a stretch .this can also distiributecthe passengers better and trains would be loaded better .
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Udyan Express 2nd AC coach was from NE railway probably shunted from there. Did not have sprinkler nor mug in WC western style .No place to keep your soap box, tooth brush and other toiletries. No hand rail to keep napkin or to hold .Travelled on 30th Sept. in A-3 coach from Sai P Nilayam to mumbai. Small cockroaches also seen in WC.
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13/B-2,Jal-Sanidhya, A.G.Khan Road, Worli, Mumbai 400018
Bangalore. Delhi SUPERFAST express Train no. 12627 / 8
PNR no. 4739966770 SBC to NDLS on 29/6/2016
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Railway Ministry, New Delhi, India
After Mr.Suresh Prabhu took over the reigns, the state of Indian railway platform has become fantastic. Earlier we used to see/get dirty things(and even dirty smell of toilet(i.e., urine smell)) on the platforms/walkovers. Now, there are cleaners standing alert in these areas and maintaining it pretty clean. I observed this especially in Bangalore and Mantralaya railway stations. Also there are many services like 'destination station alert' and dedicated telephone numbers for different services etc.,

Kudos to Mr. Suresh Prabhu and his team for the great work which was not observed for many years earlier. This is the best example to highlight that 'IF ONE WANTS TO DO THE WORK/SERVICE, HE/SHE CAN DO IT AT ANY COST IRRESPECTIVE OF THE SIZE OF THE ORGANIZATION'.
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I had a terrible experience of travelling on Howrah-Pune Duranto Exp started on 3rd Nov-18 from Howrah. It commenced by 1 and half hrs late and arrived Pune by 9 hrs late on 4th Nov. Food supply stopped after lunch hour and it did not halt on stations but at odd places, from where you could get no foods and beverages. Nowadays they charge variable fares and I paid @ Rs.3500 each while booking my tickets. And this train was getting the least priority while all other trains were being allowed to go ahead of it. All this at a cost equal to airfare! Who is going to travel by Duranto, a so-called premium train? This is the reason why half my compartment was empty and still they foods were also being served late, e.g. breakfast on 3rd was served a12 noon, lunch at 4 pm and dinner at 11 pm and so on.
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