12220 Secunderabad -Lokmanyatilak Duronto Express

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DURONTO AC EXP From Secunderabad to Lokmanyatilak
3.40 / 5 5 Reviews
New Delhi

------- Edited on 2019-03-20 -------

Train looking back 5-10 years is a volume of change and cannot be compared.
Having said that it has to be qualified by the awful IR attitude to customer {passengers} and more emphatically the TYPICAL IR and INDIAN GOVERNMENTAL ATTITUDE TOWARDS CUSTOMER SERVICE.
I travelled this train to/from HYD 2-3 times in the last one year, and without exception the toilets are stinking lot and no words to detest the stink. Maintenance is horrid as compared to price being charged. Quality of material used is HORRID AND HORRENDOUS. India toilets specially start overflowing much much before the destination is reached.
There is absolutely no reach to the train inspector - no contact number or complaints register is available. Suggest put up a complaint register in each of the compartments with the servers and you will see the dejections/complaints etc.
Second Trains start at 11.05 in night (2305) from SC and the TT invariable comes and wakes up at around 2330-2400 and last I travelled - I found many many Sr. Citizens in each of the compartments. IR has to devise methods to prevent this.

Transaction ID : 100001491020514 PNR No. : 4563005857 Train No. / Name : 12220 / DURONTO AC EXP - This is my latest PNR.
I had booked three tickets with 2 Sr. Citizens - when there were 33 berths available. I was allotted all three UB - MY WIFE HAD A HELL TIME TO GET UP/DOWN - Fortunately there were 4-5 LBs empty across the compartment and one in my own location Berth 11 was unoccupied, which certainly means this was not booked when I initiated booking, yet I was allotted UB!!!! I found many such SR Citizens in same helpless state.

In all these durontos/rajdhanis side UB have AC duct straight on the head of the passenger or on the tummy level and passenger shivers like mad in a couple of hours - It is hard to find the attendant as he would be fast asleep then!! Most often he would refuse as perhaps he has limitation of supply based on bookings made or whatever - this is my assumption and cannot be ascertained!!!
PNR 8430139277 Train No. 17031 DOJ 161018 - 2ND AC. Again same standard complaint on toilets - with no exception. In this train there was no hand soap available.

Most often there is no tissue paper available, or if available is not replenished - REPLENISHMENT HAS NEVER HAPPENED AS MUCH AS MY MEMORY GOES.

I venture to demand refund for the lack of service and poor standard. MOST IMPORTANTLY FOR NOT GETTING LB WHEN SAME WAS AVAILABLE!!! WHO IS TO BE BLAMED FOR THIS????
The train is outstanding, especially the schedule and speed maintained throughout. The only crying shame is when it is on the home stretch to Secunderabad station. As soon as the train approaches Lingampally or just prior, it starts being signalled down and forced to stop at every MMTS station along the way. For crying out loud this is a Duronto! Do railway authorities in SCR and Secunderabad division have no shame! They handle less than a tenth of the traffic that Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai metros handle. Yet they can't manage smooth passage to a platform at Secunderabad to a train of this stature. The train is delayed by more than one hour to satiate a fool (GM or similar rank) who lacks imagination and the drive to improve the timing of trains approaching Secunderabad. What is even more dismal is trains from SCR division are forced to undergo the same treatment when they have better prestige at other locations. Case in point Falaknuma Express. When will Secunderabad division and the pathetic condition of Secunderabad Railway station as a whole change?
It would equally nice of you, if you could introduce the facility of knowing the people what is the exact menu that will be served to the passengers and time (approx) / station nearby. This is applicable to all the trains (Duranot / Rajadhani / Shatabdi Exp)

For example, Secunderabad - LTT Duranto Exp, it is rarely the water bottle is supplied and that to if at all by the time Vikarabad / Tandur is approached. This is nothing but to watch the passengers go to sleep and then avoid issue of water bottles. Secondly, I was told that the issue of fruit juice has been suspended post boarding of the train. Next day morning and till the time the train reaches LTT, what is the menu and where and what items will be delivered should be notified.

Last month when my daughter-in-law was travelling, she was told that the coffee is finished. How can the coffee over when no ONE in the bogie was given. Secondly, this was complained on cell number 97013 60702, within next 10 minutes coffee was served. Thirdly we were also told on one occasion that the morning only TEA will be served and NOT the coffee. As there are thousands of passengers who do not drink tea, what should they do. Is this the decision of the IR or the contractors.

It is better IR / IRTC send their employees in the guise of a passenger and check how the malpractices are being done

As you have requested - Please help us to serve you better, I am narrating my own experience.

S V Damle
sec-Bad is the cleanest and best station in India for cleanliness, and trouble free coolies and cabs outside.
The train too is well served

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