Winter will worsen Coronavirus

A new study is investigating how the virus is transmitted between people throughout the year.

Researchers said in most situations, respiratory droplets travel longer distances than the 6-foot social distance recommended.
The virus was found to be particularly persistent in cooler temperatures.
New research aims to help arm people with better knowledge of how SARS-CoV-2 spreads as the seasons change.

Winter is on its way. And in this year of coronavirus, comes the potential for a second wave of COVID-19. Add in flu season and our tendency to head inside and close our windows to the cold, wet weather, and it appears the next several months are going to present us with new health challenges.

The new study investigates the secret of this virus’s unusual success: its transmissibility, or how it manages to get from host to host. The dominant mode, it turns out, changes according to environmental conditions.

We found that in most situations, respiratory droplets travel longer distances than the 6-foot social distance recommended by the CDC,” Zhu says. This effect is increased in the cooler and more humid environments to distances of up to 6 meters (19.7 feet) before falling to the ground in places such as walk-in refrigerators and coolers, where temperatures are low and humidity is high to keep fresh meat and produce from losing water in storage.

In addition to its ability to travel farther, the virus is particularly persistent in cooler temperatures, remaining “infectious from several minutes to longer than a day in various environments,” according to several published studies.

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We have to face it with caution and protective measures suggested so far by medical experts. more  
I do hope Umesh Kumar and Prof. Asundi are correct. Although it is important to take extra precautions but in India this will be impossible as the general public do not follow rules and principles. more  
Whatever be the research on the transmutability of the virus in different conditions, whether in cool or hot periods of weather (we had a hot summer in the north of India), IT TRANSMITS FROM PERSON TO PERSON, if they are not taking the prescribed precautions. Proper earing of mask (covering nose and mouth), hand washing and keeping a distance are a must even when with close friends/relatives let alone while being in public areas. People should avoid crowds and confined areas. more  
We don't have European winter here. Our winter is mostly a balmy summer to Europeans. While I shivered in Scotland, my land lady could not understand why should she put on central heating! So far, our experience with Covid in hilly areas have not been alarming. The study refereed to has no relevance in India. more  
Winter may not escalate corona as the humid conditions will be lower and in many places it will be dry season. Only fogging is there the spread is likely and in severe cold the virus survival is retarding. Pl. note. Prof.A.Y.Asundi more  
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