Will Supreme Court Object A/c Opening for Exchange

If the apex court object condition of Account Opening to Exchange the Currency set in order to avoid Black Money getting White through Agents & those Discounters , definitely the Black Money gets White and becomes a failure of the campaign . If the apex Court objects conditioning Aadhar Card wherever issued , opting Gas/Ration card in other places , then also definitely the Black Money gets White through the opted process of Discounting/ Lending etc.,
Currency shall not be allowed to be misused for Creating Black Money further even now with this process .

This situation will certainly create distress and loss to those real Account Holders and those possess only White Money as per Laws of the Land . CAN THERE BE A SOLUTION AT PRESIDENT OR SUPREME COURT PLEASE ?
Please share your legitimate views to awake at public interest as well as National Interest to Curb Black Money Episode . more  

This is what we have to pay for. Our ignorance is DANGEROUS. Kare koi bhare koi. Khaye SARKARI bank babu, bharein ham. Scores of lacs of actual NPAs estimated, to be revealed from time to time and govt banks to be gradually bailed out from PUBLIC MONEY who paid direct and indirect taxes and suffering this Demonetization drive to fill the damage caused by the Bank babus by pro quo lending and NPAs. Mallya being the mask under which all the lakhs of crores of NPAs hidden. His is only 9 thousand crores and his assets much more than that worth from which can be covered. Mallya game a part of this NPA Scam. BANKS ARE NOW CASH STRAPPED & NEED CASH, HENCE THESE TYPE TACTICS AS DFEMONETIZATION. "Poora hisab do" drive.. Mallya took only 9 thousand crores, how about Lacs of crores and hiding it under the Bank babus puppet Mallya, to hide this NPAs scam:- सेवा में, माननीय सम्पादक / ब्यूरो प्रमुख/निदेशक महोदय, दैनिक समाचार पत्र / न्यूज़-चैनल & To All Indian Citizen आदरणीय महोदय, 19 नवम्बर 2016 को समय 12.00 बजे,से जंतर मंतर नई दिल्ली में सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र के बैंकों के ऋण पे निर्णय लेने वाले भ्रष्ट बाबुओं के भ्रष्ट्राचार के खिलाफ एवं अछछे कर्मियों के बचाव हेतु निजीकरण के खिलाफ, एन. पी. ए. करने वाले बैंक में छुपे भ्रष्टों से समस्त भारतीय जनता के जागरण एवं बचाव के लिए धरना प्रदर्शन l कार्यक्रम विवरण आयोजक : आल इन्डिया ह्यूमन राइट्स एसोसिएशन ( एहरा ) दिनांक : 19-11-2016 दिन : शनिवार समय : 12.00 बजे l स्थान : जंतर मंतर नई दिल्ली l आपसे सादर अनुरोध है कि उपरोक्त कार्यक्रम के कवरेज हेतु आप अपने समाचार-पत्र / न्यूज़ चैनल की ओर से अपने सम्मानित छायाकार/ संवाददाता / कैमराटीम/ फोटोग्राफर/ रिपोर्टर को भेजकर कार्यक्रम के उद्देश्य को अपने माध्यम से विश्व की जनता तक पंहुचाने की कृपा करे l सादर, हुसैन अहमद 91- 7071056353 Email: hussainconven@gmail.com www.aihra.org PS Main delegation reaching 20-11-16 more  
Vijayalakshmi Kannan , in an another post brought the issue of forgetting Co-operative Banks in this issue of Currency Exchange . In this connection , my views are that The Co-operative Banks have accounts of those who in deed sold away their lands through GPA and Agreements . The lands sold to Real Estate and Registered also have not been recorded in the RECORD OF RIGHTS PAHANI & CONTINUED ADANGALS IN THE Revenue Department . The such many individuals are holding Accounts in these Banks on the strength of their Patta Pass Books and even enjoying Government GRANTS , SUBSIDIES AND RELIEF FUNDS . Since Agricultural Income do not have Income Tax , many are showing their other incomes through Black Money transactions as if they had from Cultivation . The Revenue Records do not exhibit the correct fact of Irrigation or Cultivation . The Governments are in Dark carrying the writings of Village Revenue Officers in the records . THERE HAD BEEN NO CHECK OF CERTIFICATION OR CONFINING AGRICULTURAL INCOME . This is the biggest MEANS AND SOURCE OF multiplied Cash Turnover in the Business WITH THE MEANS OF NOT HAVING ANY BANK ACCOUNTS WHICH ULTIMATELY PROVE ONE DAY OR OTHER THEIR POSSESSING THE " Extent of Black Money ". Even now , the Governments must at the public interest jump into Cooperative Sector also forthwith . THANKING YOU VERY MUCH IN BRINGING THE VITAL ISSUE OF Co-operative Banks not set for this purpose of Exchange . IT IS SURE THAT THE RBI DID NOT OPT THESE BANKS SINCE MULTIPLE ISSUES GET IDENTIFIED . more  
video recording is costly affair and not advisable more  
All bank transactions should be video recorded. more  
Implementing Unique Identity Card , at least the Voter ID Card conducting Transfer of Address Record could have avoided the present Repeat Exchange of Currency against the RBI Directions which in deed distressing the Co-citizen . Voter ID Card and Aadhar Card will address many legitimate issues of Finance , Safety , Security etc., and even now to be set for Easy future Transform . Account Opening like Jandhan Yojna best Secures the Nations Income , Funds , Grants and Reliefs including Subsidies . more  
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