Will railways be safe

See how the migrant labour going to bihar attacked the food vend at jabalpur railway station few days back.

My question is tomorrow they could also attack fellow affluent travellers in trains ac compartment and loot their belongings.

Will railways allow that to happen as well or is there a plan to address such issues proactively??

Some people are saying its hunger. Well if that were the case railways should have provided food packets and water to them or have enought rpf staff at stations.

Its a failure railways. more  

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As one observes quite often, even this plan was made "without consultation and coordination with all probable involved entities". Must laymen like us always advise them on how to manage their affairs? The organisers of such trains should have coordinated and planned: # to post sufficient number of security personnel on the trains # to post enough security personnel on platforms the trains would stop at # to organise food stalls on platforms the trains would stop at (free food naturally, after all they are migrants in need!) # to have medical help (doctors and nurses) on the trains, in case of need # to have seriously considered the reasons why the workers suddenly turned migrants, because after lock-open 1.0 the States want them back.....what a joke ! Some may not like this comment, but please folks, these are things which we really need to learn from many nations including China, which we wantonly criticise at the drop of the hat. In that country the citizens "obey" because they are not given alternatives/loopholes. In our country, sadly, DHARNAs have managed to make governments relent from their reform initiatives. This should give one to re-think about the reasons as to why it happened what was shown in the video. The Big Question: When or Who can manage to unite us as Indians or Bharatiye ? more  
Noted the comments of Mr. Babu and Mr. Chandra Rao. If the facts were different, they should have stayed in their place of work taking up the matter with their employer & the state government and they would have earned the sympathy of the public. In many places, voluntary organizations are helping the poor & migrant workers and that should have been availed. By travelling, instigated by some dirty people, they have aggravated the problems for themselves and also spreading the virus. Looking at their plight, the Railways have given a sympathetic help. Very tricky issue. more  
I see some jokers are roaming around in this local circle to attack anybody criticizing Govt decision. Those can otherwise be compared with an animal with rabies virus sowing similar symptom. God knows how much these jokers get for each personal attack. more  
I think the rabies effected brain's barking is evident from the language itself. Alas these animal will save!!!! India. more  
Some. Khandani traitors and Chinese sleeper cells hafftta queens are doing evry thing to ruin india they deserve it more  
When the trains have limited stoppage, it is advisable that Railway should have food packets to cater the need of the hungry passengers. more  
So u start looting as if you are returning from borders they are not hungry they are looters more  
Let me comment again. These migrant population were in general taken care for food & shelter at places they were working. Therefore they should have waited patiently until the situation gets back to normal. In case of deficiencies, they should have taken up the matter with their employers and the state governments for minimum requirements and not travel to their home town, where in all likelihood they have more problems to face, since they were sending money to their homes earning at a far off place. Later for their return for work, there are going to be greater problems. Those who have instigated them for their dirty politics are the ones to be punished. Hope centre takes proper actions. Now it appears that these special trains should not have been organized. Opposition shouting should have been ignored. more  
Mr Natarajan seems to be a nice person and expects all employers to be nice with workers . Bur fact is different. more  
Only migrants can express their problem. Others cannot. During the COVID-19 crisis, most of the migrants have lost their jobs, no food to eat, without shelter due to rent demand by the house owners. That is why, many migrants started walking by foot to reach their destinations even at the risk of their life. Accordingly, the Government has taken the right step in helping the migrants to reach their destinations. more  
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