It is reported that a 7 month old Baby has been mauled to death. It appears the Baby was left unattended by a Cleaning Staff. But who let the dogs out on Streets. ? Their place is in human homes as pets, watchdogs, or residents of animal shelters and kennels. If a dog causes a nuisance to the public or poses a life-threatening risk, the place should be 'the Pound.'

It's heartening to know that our parliament is engaged in discussions about dog bites and rabies deaths, resulting in suggestions and remedies pouring in from all quarters.

Incident in Delhi: The tragic death of two brothers, aged 6 and 7, mauled to death last March, saddened and terrified people in Delhi. A chilling image of two snarling dogs on a Delhi road adds to the fear, particularly among children.

Nationwide Perspective: Among the "States with the maximum Dog Bite cases," Maharashtra leads, closely followed by Tamil Nadu with 4,04,488 cases. Kerala witnessed a staggering 1,486% rise, reaching 63,458 incidents in 2023 compared to 4,000 in 2022.

Rabies Issue: The issue doesn't end there; it extends to deaths not only from mauling but also from rabies. According to the WHO, India accounts for more than one-third of the world's rabies deaths, with 18,000 to 20,000 people losing their lives due to dog bites and rabies. Causing disturbances, toppling and strewing around the garbage from the bins in Apartment Complexes

Current Laws in India, Euthanization:
In India, until 2001, dogs were euthanized using cruel methods such as nooses, strangling, and culling. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) law was enacted in 2001, putting an end to the euthanization of street dogs.

As per Delhi High Court stating that “Community dogs have the right to food and citizens have the right to feed community dogs. I It is also punishable to transport any animal in any manner that will cause him or her unnecessary suffering. All these are necessary to avoid cruelty and care for Animals.
Consequently, the dog population increased, but the government now faces challenges in providing adequate homes for them.
There are no laws prohibiting the feeding of stray animals in streets, parks, and common areas in India. The Delhi High Court's recent statement emphasized that "community dogs have the right to food, and citizens have the right to feed them." While the law entrusts the public to feed and shelter community dogs, the shelter aspect is often overlooked, especially for street dogs. Transporting animals in a manner causing unnecessary suffering is punishable, emphasizing the need to prevent cruelty and care for animals. Street animal feeders in India are often regarded as "unknown heroes."
In developed countries like the USA and Australia, street animals are uncommon, typically restricted to forest areas. Stray animals in city are impounded, and if unclaimed or not adopted within a specified period, euthanized after a due process.
A year ago, some groups resorted to mass killing of extremely dangerous dogs. To the petition by Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights Supreme Court has orally said that “has to be an Enduring Solution to the Street Dog Issue”.
Public Awareness and Reporting Remedies :
In India, the laws are not as clear. A potential middle ground must be found to address the current situation of 18,000 to 20,000 yearly deaths in India while adhering to the high ideals of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
"It is possible to have laws that balance animal rights and human rights, and the current laws serve neither dogs nor humans," asserts Ramanan Laxminarayanan of 'One Health Trust.'
A suggested approach involves initiating the process to euthanize suspected rabid and aggressively dangerous dogs. Simultaneously, efforts should be made to increase anti-rabies vaccination rates and implement sterilization processes, exploring non-surgical options if feasible. This balanced strategy aims to mitigate the threat posed by dangerous dogs while upholding animal welfare principles.

Jai Hind more  

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We should not forget that casualties also take place due to dogs - other than dog bites. Dogs suddenly coming before wheels of two-wheelers or chasing two- wheelers - are not uncommon. One of the recent tragic incidence was that of demise of Mr. Parag Desai, Owner and Executive Director of Wagh Bakri Tea group. He died due brain hemorrhage caused by a fall while he was trying to evade stray dogs during his morning walk. more  
In the recent smart city concept, the waste food put outside of the home is considered a garbage. So, most citizens prefer to throw food waste into garbage containers thus stray dogs remain hunger and became aggressive. There is a chain concerned with the food waste. Mice and Rats are all dependent on that waste and those creatures are also a food source for dogs and cats. Birds also feed on that waste. People should take care of all creatures around them and it is must for the sustainability. more  
Humans first or the dogs,a question for anyone claiming to be a dog lover Recent studies prove that vaccinated, domesticated do bite Humans and cause death of Humans from rabies. Let dogs be useful for police to catch criminals because police dogs do get proper training which is not possible for domesticated dogs kept as decoration more  
Citizens feeding dogs on streets and garbage strewn on streets are the main cause. Once our humans start feeding them, then they expect to be fed every day (Pavlov's experiment). If the feeder is not present on any day, then the dogs go after the others. The other problem is the pet dog owners, who take the dogs out for walks and dirty our public places. Whether the human is walking the dog or the dog is walking the human is a matter of how one looks at it. And these honorable owners et loose the dogs on the streets. And they start going after the street dogs. more  
It is menace to morning walkers, joggers and cyclists. With due apologies to canine lovers, the stray dogs Must be removed from roads ASAP. One doesn't see even one stray dog in developed nations. In Amritkal we must do something. more  
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