We hear about the police brutalities taking place all over India , with two people who lost their lives due to police brutality at Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu being the latest one.
Hundreds of studies have been made , reports and recommendations have been submitted about inculcating humanism amongst police personnel. Nothing worthwhile has happened at the ground level.

Most of the brutal acts have been carried out at the lower cadre of the police force by constables, head constables and sub inspectors. These people are not much educated and draw their lessons from their bosses , particularly IPS officers holding top positions.

The best way of reforming the police is to reform the top police officers , who should make themselves as role models for the entire police force. The fact is that there are not many such role models at higher level of police force.

The fact is that reports have appeared that number of IPS officers are misusing the powers by engaging police men for personal and domestic work, even after retirement . Many of them hobnob with politicians to get benefit for themselves, allowing political interference in police force, not visiting police stations for inspection frequently and ignoring the brutalities of lower cadre police men on several occasions.

Seeing the behavior of the top officers , police men in the lower cadre think that they can do anything and get away with it and think that they have the powers to use the brutal force against the people.

Like it happens in the top police administration, corruption and nepotism has become the order of the day amongst the lower cadre police personnel also.

When police men assault any one in police station , only constable or head constable are punished or sometimes merely transferred and top police officers are not touched , as if they have no responsibility.

N.S.Venkataraman more  

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No matter what reform we do, Police will always violate people's right. They're vultures. After all in democracy only Police have legitimacy to use violence. That's why these assholes use fake encounters to get promotion.

We need Arm's right just like America. Everyone should possess gun. This would create deterrent. And install body cams on these paid shills. Until then defunct police.

The sense of entitlement among these policemen is immense. One day I said to a policemen that they're servant to people and he got angry. He said how I dare to call him servant. more  
Separate Constitutionally Bound Governments FROM POLITICALLY EMPOWERED LEGISLATIVE HOUSES . This is only Remedy to have Constitutional Assumed Law and Order and RULE OF LAW more  
Police was created by the Britishers .They were rulers . They needed brutal force to remain in that position . No reforms have been brought in police to change that mind set .So they continue to be brutal , barbaric , high-handed , absolutely negative and unresponsive . Political highups are taking advantage of the situation . They are more of Gestapo now . Have no sense of service
to the public at large . There are no signs of any
change as the present situation suits the political bosses . more  
History proves that all such found Birth in Muslim and British Rule. IPC CODIFIED IN 1838 AS AMENDED ALSO CONFIRM DEFENDING THE POLICE , HOSPITAL Staff etc and Female Molestations etc .
Now , even as Confined by SUPREME COURT , RULE OF LAW IS QUESTIONABLE DECADES TOGETHER and we All know the Purpose of our participation in this localcircles.com FOR ESTABLISHING A ROYAL RULE TO HAVE CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED PRINCIPLES OF RULE and Citizen Responsibility towards Constitutional Mandates . more  
My thinking is that we are designed by nature to be brutal. This nature shows up every now and then in many cities and inside or outside the police force. Like Nirbhaya case, Swati case, and so many other cases. We are a brutal race. Nature has made us like that. We are a barbaric race. This shows up not only as violence against humans but in so many other forms. Like violence against animals, poisoning vegetables and fruits with chemicals for appearance or yield. We are barbaric.
Can this be corrected?
Reservation policy has helped to put the most barbaric among the lot into positions of power.
It is going to tough. This is a wiring problem.
One answer could be economic prosperity. But it is very slow in coming.
Sorry for a pessimistic post. more  
History proves that all such found Birth in Muslim and British Rule. IPC CODIFIED IN 1838 AS AMENDED ALSO CONFIRM DEFENDING THE POLICE , HOSPITAL Staff .
The police should not be allowed to consider themselves law unto themselves. The police personnel found using excessive force or
misusing his power, should be dismissed from service and sent behind
bars till death without bail/parole by amending the existing out dated
laws. The judicial reforms must be effected on top priority to restore
the confidence on common man in our justice delivery system of British
Era. The non-accountability of Judges and Advocates have encouraged
the business of issuing stay orders, bails and granting un-limited adjournments for decades. Even the newly enated IBC to tame the
loan defaulters has met with failure due to corruption and non-accountability of judicial officers. more  
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