Why GOVT and Semi GOVT sectors, school and college vehicles are not follow Indian traffic rules? How to utilize / reduce petrol, diesel cost and road accidents?

Dear All,

We all are discussing below points every day, but no action by anyone.
If you feel below changes are required by GOVT and it's helpful please mark "Helpful". If I have missed out something then please provide your inputs.
As per my view for reduce petrol, diesel cost and road accidents.

Below point need to improve:-
1- GOVT and Semi GOVT sectors, school and college vehicles are not follow traffic rules.
2- We don't have good and stable roads.
3- We are not follow traffic rules.

GOVT or Semi GOVT. sectors, school and college vehicles are not following traffic rules: -
All contributors in this portal need your comments on this to know when normally people can think below points, then why it's not implemented till now and how much time government still needed to implement this in GOVT and Semi GOVT sector.
1. Local city buses and school and college buses one of best example for this. They can stop anywhere; they can drive as they want, they can break any traffic rules even signals also. Why?? What normal people have to think? No respect of Indian lows, no respect of India. If Indian will not respect their country rules and regulations then who will do???
When India have no technology, that time many places created and those are memorable places and many of them still live. now we have everything like, high qualified engineers, top quality materials, when why we can not provide stability on roads? where is problem. we are paying road tax, toll tax, etc. but not getting proper roads. why? what is missing? what we don't have? When in road tax no bargaining option then why we are not having proper roads. why no action by respective department?
If we have proper roads then
a- We can reduce many accidents
b- We can reduce and save petrol and diesel.
1- Do we have analysis report for roads maintenance cost, how many roots needs continuously maintenance. if we calculate 5 year maintenance cost of those roots, then we see difference, if can create stable roads, and reduce maintenance cost, then we can save lot of amount. Which Government can use for other improvement in this area. Are we really working for 5 year planning or it just time planning?
2- When any event or any VIP coming, then road will ready and once it's done, that road in same situation as like before?
3- No action - We see news for these accidents but no action. in actually \ practically no value of human life, it looks just show off.
We always talk about road accidents \ petrol and diesel cost but no action by them who have rights to change this. I’m sorry it's hard but we need result\output.
Always statement is "We are working to improve and reduce" and result another accident and increase cost.
if we have this then I'm sure per person can save on petrol \ diesel cost minimum 500.00/- RS per month and if this amount can saved by all people then please calculate total cost monthly and yearly.
How this subject can reduce petrol \ diesel cost, which are driving they can calculate easily.
If we follow traffic rules: -
Advantages: -
1- This will help us to reduce petrol\ diesel cost.
2- This will help us to reduce accidents and save human life.
3- This will help us to "make in India" where other county people can't laugh of Indian roads.
4- etc.
Reason still not implemented:-
1- No hard rules or no follow-up and monitoring.
2- No responsibility and respect on Indian rules.
3- No awareness.
4- Very less penalty \ punishment.
5- No subject in school for this or if yes then no monitoring by school management or parents. Many teenager are breaking rules, they have no fear and no respect. They are ready for pay penalty. No action by their parents.
6- Many or 50% license holders are not aware about all traffic symbols. Outputs are accidents or fight.
7- etc.
1- History is important for everyone, but basic awareness about rules and why it's required, and how these rules and regulation will help our daily life, should be teach in all government \ private schools, because when new generation will learn how to walk\drive on road, then will understand better.
2- Hard rules required because when an accident happen then that's not impacting only those line who are in that accident, even their family also have to suffer.
3- Hard rules required because mostly people are stop their vehicles on road sometime (not in parking area and not side of the road) and saying "2 min". Means what, there 2 min are important and other are doing time pass on road?
Because of their 2 min, It can create road accident, traffic jam, etc.
4- Inform every GOVT and Semi GOVT, school and college vehicles drivers With immediate effect they to stop barking traffic rules and If they will not follow strictly traffic rules in future, management then take immediate and hard actions.

Where "GOVT." means Government. more  

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Dear All, your review and comments say for this point, You all are happy with current system and don't any changes. I've doubt about portal accuracy.
We talk on many problems but we are giving chance to create small problem to big problem and then try to solve. Becoz big person can focus only big problems. But can't take dission on local and daily problems.
We have time to discuss but no time line for action \ final decision... Always just hope.... All looks same like before... more  
Impose strict fines with immediate remedy through high speed online courts. more  
There is no dirth of laws , rules & regulations . The problem is lying at the implementation stage. We need to bring responsibility,transparency and accountability in the system. Once that is done , things are bound to change.
However law system need to be overhauled. more  
Yes Kuldeep!! You are right. Court has given, but no output till now. Means no respect of our hon'ble Supreme Court. Just think what new generation will learn from this mistake by such school \ college and GOVT sector vehicle drivers or anyone. more  
Dear Rishi, we understand your concern very much but it is a State subject. So we should make effort for prioritising of the issue by the State Govt. Hon'ble Supreme Court has given clear guidelines for vehicles related to School/Colleges. more  
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