It is surprising that the Election Commission has told the Supreme Court that it lacks powers to act against the misbehaving politicians and candidates contesting in the election and Supreme Court judges have expressed surprise and said that they would examine the powers of the Election Commission.

Election commission is a constitutional body created by the Constitution to conduct free and fair elections. Election Commission is a constitutional body as much as the judiciary is .

When the Election Commission has the responsibility to conduct free and fair elections as expected by the constitution of India, it obviously means that it has inherent powers to ensure the necessary conditions for achieving it’s objectives.

In recent years, judiciary has become a very powerful body in the country ,mainly because the judges are frequently using inherent powers given to them by the constitution. It now appears that there is no ceiling for the powers of the judiciary.

Judiciary has been able to use it’s inherent powers due to the massive support that it gets from the people for it’s attempts to enforce rule of law and discipline.

In the same way, the Election Commission would get massive support from the people if it would act strongly and meet it’s objective of conducting free and fair elections by ruthlessly punishing the wrong doers.

Former Chief Election Commissioner T.N.Seshan attempted to use his inherent powers and he is praised even today by the people. Those who preceded him and succeeded him do not seem to emulate his example.

Today, Election Commission has become weak because Election Commissioners have become weak. The Election Commission has allowed itself to become a punching bag for the reckless politicians. This is a setback for electoral democracy in India which should not be allowed to continue.


Nandini Voice for The Deprived

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The SC hearing on this subject issue now to promptly Regulate the vested Constitutional Authority and Responsibility of Election Commission of India referring the Debates on Peoples Democracy, One Man One Vote Objectives deliberated by Dr. Ambedkar in the Constituent Assembly .
Then only there could be a reasonable Role and Performance of EC in this Country please. more  
The neglect or inability in enforcing due Electioneering Principles and Regulations may be BECAUSE OF THE FOLLOWING. The Constitution was so silent in the issue of Constitutional Bindings in Governance without which NONE CAN AVOID POLITICAL INFLUENCE IN DAY TO DAY GOVERNANCE. The 3 Constitutional Bodies and the 4th Pillar too know the fact that where there is Politicall intervention, there rests Self interest.
1. S.C. in some of their directive Judgments confined that SC is responsible to Constitutional Provisions and Mandates but could not enforce this Vitally vested Authority.
2. S.C. in also confined and directed that 'Every Limb of Constitutional Machinery is to be People Oriented' . But, this also is absent in enforcement.
3. S.C. also know that Many States are carrying such Staff in Governance who do not realize/discharge Constitutional responsibility to adhere to the Judicial Proceedings carrying cases relating to Contempt of Court years together. [ AP State : 2,343 cases in 2013; 2014-2,289 ; 2017- 2,851 ; 2018- as at 10 months- 2,795 ]
4. S.C. also know that : 2,324 cases on Sitting MPs, MLAs while 1,991 cases are pending with Police in addition to 1,675 Cases on EX MLAs, MPs. Some cases are pending since 3 decades too i.e., 30 years.
5. S.C. also know that those MLAs, MPs, possess Criminal Cases score 30% as at 2013 and which has increased to 36% as at 2018.
THIS IS WHY A CJI teared his eyes ; A CJI opted frequent Meets with Executive ; A CJI deeply regretted commenting as to How a Convict can lead a Political Party and How such individual even Nominate His Proxy to Rule in the Country .
THIS RECORD PROOF ITSELF IS ENOUGH TO REALIZE THAT MARSHAL RULE OR PRESIDENT'S RULE FOR A 10 YEARS PERIOD CAN ONLY SET RIGHT THESE LAPSES at their basic concept of National Interest and Integrity. Yes please. All the Top important Issues, Contracts, Works have been with the signatures of the Governing Staff affixing Seal , declaring as 'For and On behalf of President of India' . BUT, NO POLITICAL AUTHORITY HAS THIS CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY in discharge of Governance. more  
Just like SC leaving off some Important Constitutional directions which are neglected/denied by Executive, Executive did not care some issues proposed in 1995 , 2013 .
We all know that sincere IAS , IPS officers were either cornered or posted to remote areas. Some are facing cases of Misuse while all those in Political Portfolios still enjoying outside.
Even though lakhs of Crores Govt Funds, Income, Revenue, Grants, Subsidies and Finances had been set for LOOT decades together, None , No Constitutional Body could do any thing.
What Officers of EC can do except suggesting in 1995 , 2013. This is WHY a CJI teared his eyes while a CJI seriously commented on Political Parties headed by Convicted and even appointing his Proxy to Rule in the Country. A CJI deeply regretted and suggested Meetings with Executive.
Now , the 4th CJI CONSIDERING THE GREAT AND DEEP CONCERNS OF THE first 3 might have dedicated himself for requisite REFORMS. We all to extend. Our patriotic hand being Vigilant. more  
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