* Economic Activities should continue to lift the fallen Economy.
* A challenge to the Scientists all over the World to tackle the new Variant effectively, to cast away mortal fear and the pangs of pains of Death of the near & dear ones. And the citizens activities to be restored back.

OMICRON IS JUST A COMBINATION OF ALPHA, BETA, GAMA, DELTA VARIANTS.The symptoms are milder, hospitalization less, no serious need for oxygen .

“It is like common cold with Rapid transmission, A welcome change to replace the dangerous Delta Variant. THE PANDEMIC IS SUPPOSED TO END AFTER A SERIES OF MUTATIONS CAUSING HERD IMMUNITY.” – Dr. Devasena Radhakrishnanan - Prof. Of Microbiology, Madras Medical College, Chennai.

The world, even the Public is wiser by 21 months of hard learnt facts.
All that the citizens have to do is :
* Follow Covid Appropriate Protocol. (CAP )
* We will be at an advantageous position according to, AIIMS Chief, Dr. Randeep Guleria has said this Saturday, “VACCINATION, COVID APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR, TESTING AND IDENTIFYING AND ISOLATION, ARE ALL COMPLEMENTARY TO EACH OTHER”. –

# India has 179 Brands of Covid Test Kits Available. Out of them 40 BRANDS ARE MANUFACTURED INDIGENOUSLY. Testing will be possible at an affordable cost.
# Front line workers, Healthcare workers are COMBAT READY (sufficiently equipped, trained, and numerically strong to engage an enemy.)
# Same with the Establishment also with Beds, Isolation centres, Medical Oxygen supply.

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Since the Covid named pendemic broke down the world lost several millions of people because of their untimely death accusing the pendemic. But inadequate research has been done so far to find out the real cause of majority of the deaths. Was it really the virus or the panic created all over the globe by different organisations by giving fearful versions about the disease every now and then? Even the world's most so called dependable organization 'WHO' didn't lag behind in creating fobia by giving different versions of the virus every day. The panic was as such that on getting infected the patient immediately used to think that he is either dead or about to die, so were their nears and dears, who left the patients at the mercy of the patients' own fate. Under such a fearful environment, majority of the patients couldn't withstand and cheaply succumbed to the disease like cancer patients. Just see the latest reports of omicron coming from different ends claiming this variant as 'super mild' but about a month back the same organizations including WHO claimed the omicron variant as the 'super lethal' making Covid vaccines ineffective. Under such a situation the Covid is still a mystery and all of us are pelting stones in the dark and the world needs to come out of the fear of the virus. more  
Good, show must go on more  
Very good points. Some more points from an article on similar lines. - Similar to the response in March 2020. Appears as if the world has not learnt anything - The response should have been measured, evidence based, derived from the experience with the knowledge and understanding of the previous months. - However, the reaction has been excessive in most cases, if not all - The problem is not solely with the governments, for they rely on scientists and experts for the information, most of which have been hyped. - The information given by the so called experts on TV and social media is mostly based on information from the internet. And the debates on TV, where the invited guests are often the influential voices and not necessarily experts. - there seems to be 2 groups of experts - those in a rush to outwit the competition in arriving at a conclusion and the other who are rational and evidence based. And people tend to follow the first group and politicians do what is needed to please the people. The authors conclude by saying that what is needed is a dynamic response to changing scenarios and not that of a worst case. more  
No body should be allowed to generate scare about Omicron. Follow covid protocol and move ahead with full force and zeal. Let 90% of population earn their livelihood and lead a respectable life. Rest 10% (Govt. employees/pensioners/super rich) remain unaffected during any pandemic. more  
Vaccine Masking Distancing and Soft Hot Diet with Ginger Turmeric Lemon r must beside Cleanliness more  
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