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Dear Members

I have a serious doubt in mind, but may be What I am thinking may be wrong hence request your comments.

I am a Middle class, Salaried person and just few years back I purchased a flat with a huge black component, although mines being full white being compelled I had to pay the black component as you all know.

Now due to demonetization, which I fully support, my black component is automatically gone due to which value of my property has already dropped.

So now in the current scenario will my black component be lost.
And if what I am thinking is true then even if Mr. Prime Minister give us the Rs. 15 lac still I will have a big amount to lose.

Request your keep responses please. more  

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how were you able to generate black money being in salaried employment.It would not suffer tax. When you sell the house your tax may be more. Because the cost content is because of black more  
The people who suffered during the freedom struggle had their goal of freedom clear in their minds. By suffering the hardship due to this blunder of the government, what clear goals you see in front of you. It is foolish to compare hardships faced by our soldiers or the freedom fighters with the hardships faced by the common man today. the soldiers are trained to face the hardships and endure the pains to uphold the glory of the country. What did the common man without minimal financial support get? People died. The names of the freedom fighters and soldiers will be written in golden words in the history of our country. Will the names of the people who died in the bank/ATM queues will be mentioned anywhere. Very easy to say, but difficult to bear because this loss did not occur to or affect the person who preaches. more  
Hello Mr. Sulaimani, It seems you are in some confusion related to the value of your property. When you purchase a property, be it a Land or a House or a Flat or a Shop or any such thing, there is always a risk involved of depreciation of the rate of the same. But generally the government Guideline values always increases and the registry happens on that Rate. When you purchased the property, whatever you gave as Cash component was and will always be a component that does not define the Value of your property. The amount that you gave as Cheque or DD or any valid transaction for which you have valid receipts will only be calculated as the Value of your property. If you gave some Cash to reduce the Service & other Tax amounts that itself reduced the Value of your property that time. The White Component which was listed in the Papers only was always the Value of your property and will always be considered the same. Property Value increases and decreases due to various factors but Demonetization and curbing of black money is not at all a reason. Even if this would not have happened, your property value would have been the same because to reduce your Taxes to government, you gave the builder the money in Cash and so it automatically reduced the Value of your property. more  
Some Lakhs of people are suffering heavily and even giving their lives in extreme cold of minus 40- 50 degree in great Himalayas and some are in 50 degrees heat in Thar desert of Rajastan protecting borders of our country. They are there and because of them, we 130 crores of Indians enjoying our life here in all kind of atmosphere. Can't we bear this small quantity of loss for the betterment of our Economy ? Yes Please ! We can !! more  
Even for getting freedom from the British so many Indian suffered hardships. So many of our country men gave away their life. No body can forget the sacrifices of so many, known and unknown martyrs who laid down their lives in so many ways : being hangged on the gallows, confined to Kala Pani, shot at and so on and so an, It is because of the sacrifices of these people that we are free today of the foreign yoke and are FREE TO RAISE OUR VOICE ON EVERY ISSUE : can raise our voice and express our views, whether right or wrong and be heard. SOME COST HAS HAD TO BE PAID FOR IT ! I too was a salaried person; I too had to pay a part cost of the house, which I purchased out of my savings and a loan, IN CASH and am likely to lose it. BUT I WILL ACCEPT THAT AS THE COST I PAID FOR THIS FREEDOM OF OUR NATIONAL ECONOMY FROM THE SHACKLES OF CORRUPTION AND BLACK MONEY. Those who amassed funds from such earning will be the main sufferers. Even the cost of keeping criminals in prisons has to be borne by the honest tax payers, I shall treat it as such. more  
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