What Ministries/Ministers are Delivering

These are all the major ministries of Central Government. I think we should conduct an exercise in this circle where all of us can share inputs on what ministries are performing and who is a non performer? I request local circles to share my post widely in interest of citizen view of Govt. If there is better way of doing this exercise, please also suggest.

Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers
Ministry of Coal
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Ministry of Corporate Affairs
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES)
Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF)
Ministry of External Affairs
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI)
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Ministry of Ayush
Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises
Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)
Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Law and Justice
Ministry of Mines
Ministry of Minority Affairs
Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region
Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension
Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
Ministry of Power
Ministry of Railways
Ministry of Rural Development
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
Ministry of Shipping
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
Ministry of Steel
Ministry of Textiles
Ministry of Tourism
Ministry of Tribal Affairs
Ministry of Urban Development
Ministry of Water Resources more  

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Sir, I am submitting here under one of my Post of Legal Circle which is self explanatory and also have connection to your above post please .

We have [1] Investigation Bureau [2] Vigilance Commission [3] Anti Corruption Bureau [4] Law & Order Police [5] Forest Guard Police [6] Excise Inspectorate etc., as per my knowledge for the prime duties of the departments purposed since from at-least their formation , prior to 1980 .
I understood and strongly believed that if these Security forces discharged their duties perfectly even after 1990 , the Corruption in Governments , Quasi governments , Public & Private Sector Industries , Share Marketing Businesses, Mercantile Business Houses , Land and landed properties , Educational Sector , Hospital Field , N G Os , P S Us , Financial Business Entrepreneurs should not have been become a chronic habit in all these including the very above = 6 = .
And, there could not have been the multiple times Black Money in India as I thrice reiterated in another Circle than the Black Money in Foreign Banks . This multiple times volume than that in Foreign Banks, just 2 days back was also specified in his speech by the present Government Team working on the issue of Corruption and Black money .
Again , now also I strongly believe and do not hesitate to share that the Corruption and other issues raised in this Circle also should not have been become the same chronic habit in the field of Law & Justice to some extent of coverage allover the Country. Here , in this wing , there is absolute and independent right to any body to approach and file his petition in the next higher Court even in the matter of deviated / diversified judgment and there are many such cases filed though not on account of proved Corruption .
Judiciary also has to give the requisite concern to the objective and concept of the particular or pertinent/ connected law while concluding some Judgments . more  
I think we have too many ministers and need to combine some to eliminate expenses. Why do we need Agriculture and Fertilizer as two separate offices. We should combine them. We should also start moving towards more organic farming and less of chemicals. more  
Things won't improve so easily.It may take several decades and even for this all of is have to be Indian first.unfortunately
many of us lack nationalism .For most have a state ,a cast , a religion but not a nation.We still live in inertia of slavery.We are running after Babus,Netas for our genuine things
To me it seems to have a feeling of being Indian there should be only one set of laws for all citizens and no special privilege in the name of cast or religion.After more than 68 yrs of independence we still carry same reservation policy rather going on widening its ambit.There should be reservations but based on economic backwardness only.Sounds bitter ? But no party or leader will dare to touch this in near future at least else what will happen to vote bank
At least let us increase quality of education so that in coming decades if not century people will rise over petty short term political gains more  
How we can evaluate the performance of all the ministries? In our federal setup, we have direct interaction with central govt ministries are less except a few like railways, Income tax (Finance) etc. From the statements and ideas proposed by some ministers like Jetley (Finance), Parikkar (Defence), Prabhu (Railways), Minister of Power etc we feel that they are doing good job. But many of the others we don't know. I feel Rajnath Singh is not doing well as a HOme Minister, though I donot know much about the working of the Home Ministry. Similarly I feel the performance of Paswan is also poor. When Maggi issue was surfaced, then only I heard his voice. PM Modiji has great ideas on FCI - a plan to split them so that they will be more service oriented and I believe nothing improved on FCI. Such many things we can see. But one thing is sure there are lot of good, efficient, and patriotic ministers in Modiji's ministry having high integrity and vision compared to earlier regimes. more  
1. The Patriotic inspiration for the freedom struggle to re-back the Indian Culture & Heritage besides safeguarding the National Wealth WAS LOST DUE TO THE COMPOSITE CULTURE ROOTED TO FOREIGN DOMINATION & ATTRACTIONS.
2. The Democratic binding was set aside locating selfish Wealth staring from the early 2nd decade of independence misusing the Land Reforms and Concentrating concealed landed wealth in the hands of Political Supporters.
This itself was the start point of Corruption & robbery of National Wealth and also for the raise of Maoism & Naxalism.
3. The Divide and Rule Policy continued at the Foreign Guidelines created ill-full candidature opting the gimmicks on Cast wise deviation and swallow of funds after the 2nd Decade itself and Even Supreme Court had to advise and direct SPECIFICALLY IN 1976 on Creamy-layer etc., Economic gaps for addressing the Economically backward AND, THE OTHER IN THE SAME SECTIONS which the Political Rulers did not care to operate this perfectly thus DENIED THE ECONOMICALLY BACKWARD APPLICATIONS TO THE PEOPLE OF THE NEED.
4. The above practice of foreign culture also created a mess and , due to the SINCERE PROTESTS , introduced the Act of INDECENT PRESENTATION OF WOMEN [ PROHIBITION ] ACT 1986 i.e., in the 3rd Decade of independence .
5. Corporates helping Congress party for Elections started in the IInd half of 3 rd Decade and later Financial funding increasingly became in multiples through ill-full Black Money for ill-full goals .
5. Oppressions and Suppressions , Financially Criminal attitudes started in support of politicians in the 4th Decade and became multiple at the cost of the innocent people and the pitiable Nation .
7. Judiciary also could not full fill the peoples Constitutional necessities nor divert the political field towards Nation's interest .
8. The Honourable President of India on 15-08-2013 specifically advised and directed the politicians on his Independence Day Message to re-imbibe the leadership qualities, responsibilities and the Zeal referring 2 or 3 Quotations of Sri Mahatma Gandhi whom the Congress sworn as their own. He had also specifically directed the need of the People's representation in time for their grievances advising not to be too late .
The People of Indian in many States have strictly honoured and followed this Direction and Voted the B J P Party where the Sincere , Voluntary and sacrfiers are many when compared to .
9. Having had at-least 5 decades co-ordinated experience , the Political Parties , their plenty leaders AND ALL THEIR SUPPORTERS OF ALL THE FIELDS WILL NEVER GIVE IMPORTANCE / PROMINENCE / PRIORITY TO THE SUBJECT .

THEY WILL ALSO NEVER BE IN THE PURVIEW OF THE SUBJECT AND, ALWAYS BE OUT OF THE PURVIEW OF THE ISSUE wasting the time ; torturing the minds of the co-participants ; and ; eating the brains of the viewers even ::

10. THIS IS WHY , ALMOST ALL OUR PARTICIPANTS DEMANDING A CODE OF CONDUCT TO OUR POLITICIANS STRICTLY TO LEGISLATORS WHICH ONLY IS THE ULTIMATE CARRY OF THE SUGGESTIONS OF THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA'S INDEPENDENCE DAY MESSAGE since and truly this only can set right at-least some of the most important issues still to be democratically rectified at the interest of the public and the Security of the Nation to keep integrity and fraternity that was lost. more  
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