What is this double standards, INDIA?

I read that Pongal has been removed from the list of compulsory holidays by the 'poor' central govt, whatever it may mean.

From the web site


I see the compulsory holiday list includes,
Mahavir jayanti,
Buddha purnima,
Gurunanak jayanthi,
besides a few other religious festivals.

Who celebrates these three listed holidays here in Tamil Nadu? No doubt there may be some people celebrating, but what about us the Tamilians?

Don't we miss service from banks for our daily business and needs on these days though more than 95% of bank employees themselves do not celebrate these "events"( not functions as defined by you)?

Most Tamil Nadu private offices work on these days.

If you can give holidays for these so called functions, what prevents you from including Pongal as a compulsory functional holiday in all locations.

Let all INDIAN public enjoy another day as a holiday, whether it is worth to them or not!

If you are running short of days, remove one of these!

Enough damage has ALREADY been done from preventing Tamils from celebrating Jallikattu, that is a great CULTURAL event here.

Purposefully "BY SOME WESTERN AIDED ORGANISATIONS" that has been brought under the list of cruelty to animals. But is it CRUEL?

Then why not prevent production and sale of mutton and chicken? is that not cruel killing of animals?

Please remember that such DOUBLE standards will lead to your downfall, whether you are headed by any political party, BJP now or Congress earlier.

Let us Transform India, not divide.
"Unity in diversity", what does it mean?

Please mature or get ready for revolutions, like French revolution of "21st century"! more  

The Cultural activities both of human association and with the association of the Animals those are life part and dependent on both shall not be banned . Inhuman , uncultural , and those lead to danger to Animals or human can be REGULATED FOR SAFETY & life preference . Jallikattu , Bull/Ox load Tests , Bullick Carts Load Budging , Horse Riding etc., alongwith Community enjoyment activities are not to be banned . We are viewing the Heroic / Challenging Performances displayed in T.V.Media like [ ZABARDAST / SAAHASA KRITYA ] etc., etc., and even the ANIMAL HUNTS IN FOREIGN CHANNELS DISPLAYED IN THIS COUNTRY besides Sexy Dances with Sex inciting Expressions etc., etc., which are not controlled by the Governments and Courts . Regional Culture , Custom and Systems are not to be set aside totally . We had stopped Sacrifice in Yagas which takes place very rarely when these are conducted . BUT , EVERY DAY THOUSANDS OF SHEEP AND HUNDREDS OF GOAT etc., etc., are Killed for Eating its Meat as Food . What is Law AND WHERE IS JUSTICE . more  
Horses are feeded with Liquor [ Rum ] to run fast terribly . Racing Horses are trained in certain conditions too . A controlling stick/Hunter is necessary and no body will see . Horses are run with closed eyes because hey afraid much . If a Horse is afraid , none can stop it or control it without any damage . Closing of its eyes while on taking work from it is also not a crime or punishment to it . more  
1. Jallikattu is an issue of increasing strength and Stamina to control a Bull or an Ox in one way AND IN ANOTHER WAY , it tests the Stamina and Skill of Run by Bull/Ox those naturally used for Travel with load besides the activity in Cultivating . There are Bulls which even killed the Tiger with its Corns and such were even carried in Procession in the village and was the real fact in History of this Country . ==Weight/Load budging activity of Bulls is an issue in A.P. State . This in one way create interest and enthusiasm in the Bulls to run and budge the Load efficiently and fast in speed . Bulls are used for budging the Bullock Carts with Load and even used for long distance Travel in Villages in the Villages besides their use in Cultivation . This was also the known fact to Farmers of above 60 years of Age . ==Even for the Bullock Carts with Bulls , Carts with Horses , both are used to make them run with Hunters and is also known to those aged beyond 60 years of Rural India . Even in these days , there are Villages still running with Carts run by Horses and the driver uses Hunter . [ Beating with nailed Hunters visualising Blood ONLY TO BE PROHIBITED ] ==As the Rural India discloses , Still , the Bulls of Bullock Carts , the Oxes of Oil extracting Grinders possess even a Hardened heep on their Neck and is also specifically known to those who view and see physically . There are all common . We are seeing the Hens/Chicks crying when the Chicken seller opens the nest trying to take out . But still , many are making it de-necked and made Chicken Slices BUT , SINCE IT IS TO EAT , NOT A CRIME . Such an issue I also observed when a Sheep crying when the Cutter nearing with his Knife . But , still , since it is to eat , becomes not a Crime . 2. The Supreme Court delivered a Verdict decades back that Horse Racing is not a Crime to animal SINCE HORSES ARE TO RUN FAST AND BE KEPT IN PRACTICE . This type of Justice is to be thought in cases of Bull and Ox also . They are to be trained / used Daily for budging the Load/Weight though the activity in Cultivation needs only twice in an year for the two crops Further , the Bull and Ox is to be used often for Travels with Carts in fast run . FOR ALL THE ACTIVITIES , HUNTER or a STICK IS REQUIRED . 3. Conclusively , the Hen/Chick , the Sheep/goat , Cries due to fear of Killing and any body can see physically and judge . == The Snake also feels afraid on seeing Human-being as most Rural Citizen know this Fact . == The aged or Week Buffellows etc., cattle when nearing the cabin where the Cutting Machines Cut their front-line Cattle LEGS , NECK also Cries and Jerks back but cannot save itself due to the line pressure from back . This also can be observed in Slaughter Houses where special permission is required to enter . BUT STILL , THIS IS ALSO NOT A CRIME due to the opinion of keeping the human-beings away from diseases . 4. All the above facts justify the need of Jallikattu in Tamilnadu , Bull Run with Weight/Load in Andhra Pradesh , are just for display to the people while making the human beings feel un-afraid of these . These and such will lead longer ages the tactics , training and making these useful and innocently sincere Animals as their kit and kin in daily life in Rural India . THESE ARE PUBLIC FUNCTION CAMPAIGNS AND NOT BEING CONDUCTED LIKE HORSE RACES CHARGING WITH COSTLY ENTRANCE TICKET BY MILLIONAIRS besides the Betting of lakhs and hence need to be justified [ Solo dances , Chorus Songs & Dances etc., cultural activities were BANNED and TELE-VISION VISUALISATION HAS BEEN PROMOTED . WHAT IS JUSTICE AND WHAT TYPE OF LAWS PLEASE . more  
Agree that Pongal needs to be allowed as holiday esp in TN. Disagree that Jallikattu should be allowed. It's cruelty against bulls(part of the cow family).It regressive and people can change and adopt some other non cruel sport. Yes tolerating non vegetarianism is a kind of sheer cruelty as well, but two wrongs don't make a right. Those are historical blunders by Gandhi and company, who himself being veg,unfortunately did not emphasize on the same and allowed dilution..One cannot say that just because one wrong is allowed, another wrong can be allowed as well..it doesn't make sense.. more  
In this country , even prisoners are released for Pongal Festival . This is the festival of Indian Heritage and is the result of the qualities of the Nation glorified by Dr. Sri Rabindranath Tagore praising the geographycal benefits of pleasant life requirement contemplated in the national anthem , the Jana Gana Mana . Thus , this festival is of national importance that brings New Food Grains with the Universal Holy Uttaraayana , that cycles the livelihood provisions of and in the Earth . more  
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