Water Logging - Actions Needed

Below are your keys inputs on the key issues, root causes and solutions in regards to Water Logging. Whether monsoons have already arrived in your area or about to, kindly share the same with your local authorities.

Water Logging: Issues, Root Causes, Solutions

Water Logging – Solutions

1.A year long maintenance schedule should be made to clean and desilt the drains and prepare them for the rainy season
2.Citizens should be trained on not throwing the garbage in the drains
3.The storm water drainage system should be refurbished
4.Roads which get water logged every season should be identified and water pumps should be installed clear the water
5.The broken pumps in underpasses and subways should be immediately repaired/changed
6.Roads should be made with the right slope so that the rain water could automatically slide down the drains
7.The good drainage systems of modern cities like New York should be studied and the findings should be implemented to Indian cities
8.The capacity of the drains should be increased
9.Roads dug should not be left open for more than 48 hours and proper barricading should be done to prevent accidents
10.A helpline should be started where citizens could report instances of water logging
11.Road maintenance should be carried out throughout the year
12.The civic agencies should be made accountable towards their work by introducing technology and community interface and reporting
13.More gardens and parks should be made so that the excess water could be absorbed
14.The inter department coordination between civic agencies should be strengthened
15.For the violations for non-compliance by the developers apart from the penalties levied, the non-compliance should be removed
16.Road sanitation employees should make sure there are no plastic bags or clogging of drains
17.Manholes should have locks which can only be opened by the municipal employees

Water Logging – Root Causes

1.The design of the drainage system is very old
2.All the roads don't have drains of proper capacity to combat the rainwater
3.The desilting and maintenance of the drains are not schedule around the year
4.The pumps installed to push the water out from subways and underpasses are mostly broken
5.Water logging hides pot holes and open sewers leading to accidents
6.Drains get clogged with plastic and debris
7.People throw garbage in open drains
8.Road diggings are frequent, which obstruct the water flow
9.Roads don’t have proper slopes
10.Bad engineering – most of the water logging happens where the flyover meet the base level
11.Pavement dwellers block the drains that run alongside the road to get more space for themselves
12.The municipalities lack accountability
13.Rag pickers rob manhole covers, exposing them to clogging
14.Lack of a helpline to report water logging
15.Roads are not repaired when they start breaking up which leads to bigger pot holes.

Water Logging – Key Issues

1.Roads get water logged
2.Drains get chocked and start overflowing on to the roads
3.Water logging causes huge traffic jams
4.Water logging causes many accidents
5.Water logging also destroys roads
6.Many areas become unapproachable due to water logging
7.Water seeps inside houses and shops
8.It also becomes the breeding ground for mosquitoes
9.Water logging destroys underground wiring in many areas
10.It also makes it difficult for the pedestrians and two wheeler riders to commute
11.Water logging negatively impacts many vehicles thereby causing inconvenience more  

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Have previous years' suggestions been implemented?
Strictly ensuring that the people paid to do their jobs are doing them sincerely and penalising those who are not will solve this recurring issue. more  
Following are the steps, listed in priority order, that may be taken to achieve results:
1. Responsibility MUST be fixed on Individual by name and if fixed on a group it MUST be jointly and severally. The idea is if it fails some heads MUST roll down. Today no one is responsible – Elected members of local body say that they have no powers of execution and executives say they execute the orders of superior executives – then where does the buck stops? Nowhere.
2. Responsible executive should have matching powers to implement system.
3. The drains should be well designed with proper slope and adequate capacity to handle 1.5 times highest rainfall recorded in an hour in that city/area. If the drains from different roads meet and proceed, the capacity of drain, after confluence must be sum of two or a little more. All these design parameters shall be taken care by the person who shall be held responsible.
4. Very heavy fine and punishment should be legislated and implemented for putting Garbage/plastic bags etc. in the drains.
5. Rain water going from Road to the drain should be as far as practicable clear (without/minimum silt) water.
6. Organise cleaning of drains in the month of April every year.
7. In low lying areas and under pass roads design draining water to a large enough sump and a pump of suitable capacity discharging into drains of capacity to handle such additional water. The pump should operate automatically sensing the water level and uninterrupted power supply to these pumps should be from two sources. All such pumps should be examined and made operational in May every year.
8. For new areas under development a 3m x 2m (size may be varied depending on requirement)tunnel below ground level by side of road may be constructed to accommodate all services including rain water clearing drain. This would have air passages and manholes for maintenance etc. at suitable regular intervals.
RYK. more  
The root cause of water logging is use of polythene/plastic bags. If polythene bags are banned, 50% of the problem can be solved. more  
This tree was planted in the mid 75/76 's on "Afforestation program " .Late Sanjay Gandhi's pet program among others. The saplings were planted Close to the wall . It had grown so thick these 45 years and damaged the wall of the house .The individual house owner couldn't cut the Tree or even build a new wall.

The Storm Water Drainage was built close to the wall all around in Chennai. In other places the The tree, trunk and the roots had filled the SWD and blocked the passage of water . After couple of monsoons the relaying work is going on leaving the tree there and diverting the SWD Passage . This diversion will cause accumulation of silt and garbage ,to defeat the purpose of free flow of water .

While planting trees lots of planning has to go in and also consultation with local residents Associations . As a result these happen . more  
Major cause of water logging is plastic covers, required support for optimizing the usage of plastic covers.


1) Govt can ban production

2) Increase the cost per cover so that people can less use

Sravan Kumar K
SQE BIW - Zahirabad
Mob: 09963315222

From: LocalCircles Manager [mailto:support@localcirclesmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, June 16, 2019 1:39 PM
Subject: "Water Logging - Actions N..." more  
Following steps would go in long way in water logging issues.

1. Our drainage system needs complete revamp.
2. Construction of concrete roads with rooms for drainge/water/telephone/gas/eclectrical etc connection so that there is no digging the roads in future
3. Regular Maintenance of roads for rains and natural calamities
4. Contractors involved in any area mentioned above must be fined very heavily besides imprisonment.
5. Constant clearance of garbage bins and their effective disposal instead of dumping forthwith
7. Similarly regular clearance of drainage system more  
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