There are a few aspects to be considered before the Vaccine Manufacturers are Accused for Profiteering.

First of all let us feel Grateful for the Bold Ventures of the 2 Manufacturers. At that time of making the decision (late 2020), there was NO guarantee for a market as the product was totally a new one, and the Virus too Scientists yet to make a Break through, efficacy yet to be established, trials not conducted. But made it available, first Covishield (as SII completed all 3 phases of trials almost a month before the 2nd ). That was the time when THE NEED FOR Vaccination was slowly being felt to prevent the Infection. When the grievous attack of the 2nd wave started, VACCINATION was considered the last Hope as neither majority of the population followed SAFE BEHAVIOUR well professed by authorities; nor did the administration was strict fully to take adequate effective measures.

From the Government’s side, it had rightly allocated Rs.32,000 Crores for Vaccination for the FY 21- 22. Then there was delay in releasing the funds – do not know for what reason and then allowed exports and allowed the Price rise of Vaccines. Some vaccines imported had even crossed the Rs. 1000 mark for a single dose. Then the domestic Vaccines were also increased from mere Rs. 250 per dose for the paying Patients (Even for the paying patients the Government should not have raised from this level). Instead could have well planned to satisfy all sections and particularly served the Population by vaccinating. It is yet not late ,

* 40-50% of the 70-75 % Target of the population to be Vaccinated TOTALLY FREE – To be procured at the rate of Rs. 150 /dose from Indian Manufacturers (BY MANUFACTURING AT RS. 150/ THE 2 MANUFACTURERS ARE NOT DOING CHARITY – FAIRLY WELL EARMARKED MARGIN OF PROFIT IS INCLUDED ).

* 25% to Private patients (Charge Rs.250 – 300 per dose)
% 25 % for Export.

The above 50 + 25 % of Vaccine dosed for domestic use need to talk about the prices in Indian Rupees and not at all in International currencies (as the value of Indian rupee for example not strong $ - 73, £ - 103, € - 89 Vs Indian currency)

The 2 companies have got this Golden Opportunity to be Pioneers from The Great country to start manufacture of Corona Vaccine – So they need not follow the philosophy of “Disasters are a fabulous business,” or “Make Hay while sunshine” – The 2 companies will make money as the number of Vaccine doses required will be huge . more  

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Mr. Modi, though handled efficiently many other issues, blundered in vaccine policy in toto. We need to understand vaccine is not very easy to be established and normally it takes couple of years before it is rolled out. But covid-19 is very different as we have to save lives and every country allowed the vaccines only for emergency use. Again in this case, vaccine was to be released at the quickest possible time. Yes, I understand there would be initial outlay for the vaccine manufacturers. I am amazed by PM raised the price of vaccine of these 2 makers even after the CEO of SII admitted in an TV interview that he was making profit but not super profit at the price of Rs.150/- per dose as fixed by Modi. Then to satisfy the bikerings of opposition, PM decentralised the purchase of vaccine and later on reversed the same after realising the profiteering by the states. Ideally, life saving vaccines must be provided free and it is insignificant reckoning freebies announced/extended by the governments at the centre and states. Now PM says he has plans for free vaccine. This seems like Mughul Emperor Thuglak Raj. I am sure PM won't repeat & act like this in future. more  
Till last month there had been hue and cry, particularly, by the state governments, which are oponent to our Prime Minister on shortage of the vaccines in their respective states, whereas, these governments were opposing the vaccines in the initial stage and were encouraging rumours amongst the citizens against the vaccines! While these state governments were making statements every day saying that their vaccination programme is adversely affected due the shortage of the vaccines, reports were also comming in about wastage of hundreds of doses of the vaccines at their various vaccination points under different circumstances. As far as pricing of the vaccines is concerned, though at first look the present prices thereof look cheaper if compared to other vaccines in use in different countries, in my opinion, its not true because prices of all medicines being manufactured in India are less that 30% of the prices in most of other countries. Granting of Licence to both the manufacturers should have carried a term that they will not ask for any upward revision of the prices for minimum number of doses required by our entire population, though it is not clear as to whether such issues were covered or not while issuing the licence. Mr Adar Punawala, the manufacturer of Covishield left the country a couple of months back and has pronounced that in future he will not establish any manufacturing units in India and is in the look to establish his new units in UK probably to multiply his profits. These billionaires don't feel any commitment and love for their nations and the people. Since the Central Government has declared that all people of the nation will be vaccinated free of cost as also to complete the vaccination of all our people by the end of December, 2021, the price and shortage issues should no more exist. more  
India is a vast country and it is a great task. The vaccination activities are going on smoothly, with minor incidents of dis-satisfaction by few grumbling states. more  
First and foremost no one expected the Indian Scientists to invent the vaccine and no one expected the Pharma Comapnies to produce the vaccines in such a latge scale. Now that bothe have been achieved, so ungrateful people raise questions about the price and other things. more  
I fully agree with you. There are people who are jealous of successful business men. Is "health care" a charity? If so, pharma companies, hospitals, doctors. nurses and other health care workers should work for free. Some people are so disgusted that they can not hide their jealous attitude, Shame these low level publicly. more  
This is a very biased post from equally ungrateful Indian whose integrity is doubtful towards this county like their dubious names. more  
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