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Dear Friends,

Thanks for your inputs to our structured posts. Many of you had participated in the subject of Improving Railway Reservation Systems.

Here is an update from Railways:

In order to improve the efficiency of the website for booking of e-tickets, a new State-of-the-Art Data Centre has been set up by Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation. Further, the e-ticketing system has been upgraded with the launch of the NextGeneration E-ticketing System (NGeT). This new e-ticketing system has an enhanced capacity of booking 7200 tickets in a minute as against the capacity of 2000 tickets per minute of the old system. In the new system 1,20,000 concurrent users can login at a time and simultaneously book e-tickets against the earlier capacity of 40,000 concurrent users at a time.

Also, For providing First Aid to needy railway passengers, First Aid Boxes have been provided on all passengers carrying trains and Augmented First Aid Boxes have been provided in nominated long distance trains. Front line staff deployed on trains is trained in rendering First Aid. Services of doctors travelling as passengers are also utilized to attend to passengers who are in need of urgent medical assistance. Trains can also make unscheduled halts, if necessary, at the stations en-route in emergencies. Station Masters have details of doctors, clinics and hospitals, both Government and private, in the vicinity of the station so that their services could also be availed in emergencies.

Thanks for your participation. Together, we will make Railways Better! more  

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Railways makes due provisions for senior citizens, women
computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) there is a provision to allot lower berths automatically to senior citizens and to female passengers 45 years and above, even if it is not opted for, subject to availability of' accommodation at the lime of booking.

IRCTC पर कोच और बर्थ भी चुन सकेंगे यात्री (नवभारतटाइम्स.कॉम | Jul 15, 2014, 11.01AM ISt,IRCTC, नई दिल्ली)

Really bad manipulation by Railway- misguided to general public and over ruled the PMO & Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Request - Save the Senior
Reply by IRCTC / Railway Officer on Senior citizen Issue: Sweet English Answer but not real level solution

Issue : All Senior Citizen got Upper and middle seat in booking – it is drawback or incapability of railway software or insensitivity of Railway /IRCTC . There should be some penalty clause for railway also

Dear Customer,
Please note that your reservation request is processed by the centralized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) of Railways and allotment of accommodation is done by the System without any manual intervention. The berths are allotted based on the system logic, depending on availability at that point of time. Further the reservation through the Internet is being done against the general quota and specific accommodation is not earmarked for the purpose of Internet reservations.

Please note that at the time of journey you can request the fellow-passengers for change of the seats. It is not possible to change the berth after booking.

Kindly note that according to Railway Rules SS Quota will be applied if there is only one Senior Citizen (of the age 45 and above for females and 60 and above for males) in one transaction and seats will be allotted according to it. SS Quota will not be considered for the transaction in which there are more than one Senior Citizen.

Thanks & Regards
Customer Care
Ph: 011-39340000


Lower seat should be physically marked for girls & senior citizen, 7 for handicapt & needy ,currently it is misused by railway in the name of tatkal Kota & premium more  
Transparency Requirement in rail ticket booking system
Available seat should be shown by graphically in railway also and site should be user friendly

Two great example for the same:
Benchmarking example and Ideas
1. Air line online checking and boarding pass system,
2. Movie booking book my show site it shows available seat and allow us to choose the seat available.
3. Volvo bus booking site
4. Need of transparency in rail ticket booking system – available seat should be shown by graphically in railway also ( two great example for the same: air line online checking and boarding pass system, and 2nd one as we book any movie ticket by book my show site it shows available seat and allow us to choose the seat available. more  
To bring social responsibility for Senior citizen by promoting senior citizen bill, save the seniors
As we know about India is country of culture , supporting family culture and joint family culture , respective senior citizen But due to recent western trend these value missing to re-establish the link government should have to come with new solution
1. Special reservation for senior citizen in railway means at least lower birth confirmation if person is senior citizen
2. Surety of reservation if senior citizen travelling in railway
3. Current system in railway ticket reservation is not perfect intelligent. Most of the time if we choose lower birth ticket required ticket was not booked and money goes in fail transaction. Or if we choose none to at least book the ticket it gives middle or upper birth in railways train. So lower seat reservation quota should be introduce by railway government for senior citizen , handicap person, pregnant women, and girls like in our metro train. Proper reservation marking should be defined in our new train system.

http://vishesh2014.blogspot.in/2014/01/how-can-rail-ministry-or-irctc-reduce.html more  
Issue at Railway/IRCTC
• हम अच्छी सेवाओं की पेशकश के लिए रेलवे को सेवा कर का भुगतान करते हैं. ट्रेन देर से चल रहे हैं तो क्यों पेनल्टी क्लॉज लापता है. रेलवे टिकट राशि का 10 गुना 3 घंटे तो देर से अधिक ट्रेन के लिए आईआरसीटीसी द्वारा भुगतान किया जाना चाहिए.
• We do pay service tax to railway for offering good services. if train are running late then why does Penalty clause missing . 10 time of railway ticket amount should be paid by IRCTC for train late more than 3 hour.
http://vishesh2014.blogspot.in/2014/01/how-can-rail-ministry-or-irctc-reduce.html more  
1.Allotment of seats by LADIES QUOTA is not at all available,why ?
2.Tatkal e-ticket booking is not available as it was before. why? Even a delay of 2 mins after 10 O' clock is sure way of missing the ticket, even after entering the one time password - creates locked hands position for us. Transactional delays can hamper the chance of getting tatkal ticket. For no fault of us, we are bound to suffer.
Please allocate some quota for general booking at stations directly and change the timing to 8am, as it was before. more  
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