Unusual cancellation charges - hail Modi Govt

A very simple example. Today I booked a ticket from Secunderabad to Bhadrachalam Road for 3 adults - costing 1516/-. Its 3 tier AC, which in my opinion is not that luxury, particularly based on the cleanliness standards that are maintained in Indian Railways. The trip is more than a week from now. And for cancelling this because I wanted to go to a stop next to that, I am given a refund of 900/- . A cancellation charge of 40%. Mind blowing!!!

If anyone were in the peak of happiness when Modi was forming government, I will be in that list. And now I am really appalled by the mindless rules framed for cancellation charges. 40% charges??? That too for a train route where hardly anyone uses it? Its not that my booking the train and cancelling it later after 3 hours made any loss of business for railways.

I am not sure what is BJP trying to do :-(. One after the other they are giving shocks to middle class people. All great great rules coined finally to harass the middle class and the people who try to live by fair means (paying taxes with no cheating).

I am crying more not because of the fact that they are making life miserable for all of us. I am crying more because next time our great representative or ambassador of India - respected Rahul Gandhi will become PM. That part is making me feel more miserable. One of the biggest reason for Modi to win was Rahul Gandhi, and now one of the biggest reason Rahul will win next elections will be because of all the harassing policies of Modi ji's government.

I am now in a fix. Neither I can curse Modi - because I liked the govt to come nor can I pray for this govt to survive. Not sure what to do now :-(..

And even now I am posting this message not to defame my dear Modi's government. But to request them to think more. You may have a vision that by end of 5 years of rule you will show a great progress, but is anyone thinking of the damage that is being caused interim? Are you sure that at the end of 5 years of rule all this damage will be healed for people?

We like you and voted for you just because we are against pseudo secular party. We voted for you just because we are against that party who kept on raising religious issues and tried to divide our country instead of uniting it. We voted for you just because we felt our country's image was gone for a toss when our well talented MPs begged an Italian (now perhaps Indian citizen) to become PM as if we didn't have any talent to rule our country. We voted for you just because Rahul Gandhi is no comparison to your vision, your charisma, your feeling of a united India. And so we want you to come back again after 5 years. And that is the reason I am posting this.

Thank you very much for creating this avenue by which we are able to voice our concern (which never existed before this government got formed)!!! more  

I think the rules for cancellation charges needs a change. Make it % based and not flat charges. Going by the existing rules cancellation is same 240/- per person regardless of the original fare of ticket (500/- or 5000/-). Logic behind it is very simple. It is very rare that people plan for long trips, book tickets and cancel them. Rather it is short trips that get frequently cancelled. Say going to native place, or visiting nearby pilgrimage place etc. Moreover, the reason quoted in the indian railways website is to discourage Touts to sell them in black market. But they can always be restricted based on IP Address. Think of how TTD Site is maintained. They do not let you book more than one ticket from one's IP address for next 60 days. So strictly managed one. Somehow to control the damage done by 1 in hundred (assuming that there will be worst case 1 tout per 100 passengers - very extreme though) we are trying to give pain to remaining 100 people. I am sure those who are coining these rules are very very intelligent people (much more than me), but sometimes I feel that they do lack the pulse of common man. They blindly try to solve a problem superficially instead of thinking deeply. Anyways - enough said on this - hope someone from railways see this message and make a note of the plight of a common man who don't even know where touts are and how to approach them too :-).. more  
Your are correct sri Raghavendra garu. 1) Cancellation of Railway ticket being un-justifying. 2) Recent issued a Notification If Bank or Financial Institution Deposited by anybody From Rs.50000/- they should submit PAN. 3) No increase in Taxable Income. the rebate not flexible to all. 4) They are asking GIVE-UP subsidy Gas connection. How BJP > MPS,MLA,Other Officer Bearers GAVE-UP(As they having Free Gas cylinders). I gave-up my subsidy Aug,2015 and received a letter from IOC. The GOVT may Big + in Solar, Security, Relations with Countries, But its not for Common People. more  
1.For a sr.citizen in a sleeper class in routes less than 500 kms they will a meagre amt of rs.15 or so for a male and nil for woman sr.citizen. In Sleeper class Kumbakonam to Chennai (313kms) the fare is 135 for male sr.citizen and rs.115 for sr.woman while the cancellation charge is Rs.120/ it is 100% 2. Tatkal at the time of its introduction, the quota was fixed as 10% of capacity with a max of one coach in Sleeper class and 10 seats in A/c coaches. The real intention at that time was to help last moment passengers like businessmen, officials employees on duty . But now Tatkal quota has become a major source of revenue for railways with about 4 coaches in Sl class in most of the trains and 16 berths per coach in 3 a/c and 10 berths per coach in 2 a/c, thus creating artificial demand and forcing the passenger to fall prey to travel agents and touts. more  
It is alarming to note the amount of deduction is 40% for cancellation. In my case, I have cancelled my ticket which was under waiting list. I Cancelled 2 days before the departure. The amount deducted is 30%. It is absolutely unfair to penalize for an unconfirmed ticket. Will the Railway Ministry look into these matters and change the rules for cancellation? more  
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