Unlicensed Weapons - Addl Inputs

Unlicensed weapons need a major crackdown in India. Can LocalCircles please take this cause up and escalate to Government of India. So many illegal weapons are there with people in states of UP Haryana Bihar Punjab Jharkhand Chhattisgarh.

Today a a girl in Faridabad was shot dead. Cant the Governnment of India create a national weapon registry where every gun is tracked and all illegal arms making operations be shut and such arm makers be given warning to shut followed by arrest and life term.

This will make our cities so much safer. Even the police will be safer because of this crackdown on illegal weapons. Please share your comments everyone if you care about safety of your family. more  

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Unlicensed Weapons - Addl Inputs
Yesterday, a journalist was shot in Bangalore by 3 unidentified me in front of her house. Unlicensed weapons continue to be a menace in our country. Below are the key solutions (along with issues and root causes) identified by you few months ago to address the problem of unlicensed weapons. Kindly review and share any additional inputs you may have, esp as to how Aadhaar can be utilised to track weapons and ensure unlicensed ones are minimized. We will be shortly compiling the whitepaper for dissemination to the key stakeholders. We look forward to your inputs! Indian Police Foundation Unlicensed Weapons - Key Solutions identified by citizens 1. The age old acts & laws should be amended and made stricter 2. Special teams should be established in each district to control the manufacturing and sale of illegal weapons 3. Carrying an unlicensed weapon should be made a non-bailable offence 4. Raids should be made on places/factories suspected of making illegal weapons 5. People caught carrying illegal weapons should be booked under the Arms Act 6. The bodyguards of politicians should be randomly checked for unlicensed weapons 7. The politician should be made responsible for checking the license of his securities weapons 8. Getting arms license should be made easier 9. Notices should be sent to people whose weapons license have expired 10. No political patronage should be shown to people using of manufacturing unlicensed weapons 11. Law enforcement personnel found to be involved with these syndicates should be immediately suspended and tried in the criminal court 12. The number of armed bodyguards that a politician/businessman can have should be legally limited 13. The state and central Government should work closely together to identify and eradicate illegal arms mafia 14. Possession, dealing, selling of unlicensed arms should be made cognizable offences 15. Police must track the middlemen involved in arms dealing. 16. Digital tracking of licensed weapons should be started at the earliest. Unlicensed Weapons - Key issues identified by citizens 1. Unlicensed weapons are easily available in the black market 2. Unlicensed weapons are used by goons 3. Unlicensed weapons are used for extortion and threatening good citizens 4. These weapons are primarily used by the henchmen of the politicians 5. Unlicensed sale of weapons increase during election periods 6. This money is used for various nefarious activities including terrorism 7. Radicals can easily purchase unlicensed arms from these vendors 8. These weapons are of bad quality and cause many accidents 9. Black money is used to purchase illegal arms 10. Many arms are illegally imported Unlicensed Weapons - Key Root Causes identified by citizens 1. Getting arms license is a tough job 2. Unlicensed weapons sales are quick money spinner worldwide 3. There is a lack of strict control over these as huge lobbies are working behind them 4. People carrying unlicensed weapons enjoy political patronage 5. There is rampant corruption in the law enforcement agencies 6. There is no curb on illegal weapon industry.
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Weapons are NOT the root of the problem. Anybody with 2 hands and a brain can create weapons with available materials. Guns are not required for violent crime. Knife, stone or muscle is sufficient. It is people who are to be documented & tracked and their activities logged accurately and responded to immediately.
Our corrupt, irresponsible judiciary emboldens & encourages criminals. more  
So long the Criminals Rule this Country, nothing can be improved. Probably no Govt wants to act on this. You have to live with it and it is going to increase day by day. more  
India is one of the most lawless, corrupt, indisciplined, disorganized countries in the world with its Parliament, State Assemblies and Corporations overflowing with hardened criminals and crooks and where almost 98% of the political parties are family sponsored/owned with deep rooted criminal background and, in many cases, even anti-nationalism. Congratulations. You all are proud citizens of this country with no credentials worth admiring. If that is the ground reality then why are you all wasting your precious time discussing "GUN CULTURE - Licensed or otherwise" ??????? more  
36% Convicts in Rule, 30% Lawyers with Fake Certificates spread Fake Certificate holders in University Colleges and Govt Depts DO PROVE THE ABOVE FACTUAL COMMITMENT .
In Indian society the gun culture is mainly restricted to rich farmers and political class with their goons. Rich farmer they believe in instant justice whenever there is any land dispute.The most damaging is with the political class.Politic in India has touched its lowest level.Very difficult to decriminalization in politic.I presume the only answer to this is education of proper kind at grass root level. more  
Correct. These Billionaires of Concealed Wealth and Black Money are the roots of Twofold Unlawful issues in the Country .
This is why Naxals fighting for Parallel Rule .
EC and SC of India to Review in terms of Constitutionally Bound Sanctity and Preamble Guarantees more  
Our elected members are responsible for sorts of ills prevailing in the
society. They give shelter to criminals and the persons who are in the illegal trade of any king. They need criminals to win elections. They
do not make harsh laws and implement the existing ones. If criminals
are removed from politics, many social and economic problems will fall
under control. Severe and quick punishments to those who sell and use
illegal weaons will act as a deterrent. more  
Purpose of Authority is not served by any Constitutional Wing. Reforms are fast needed more  
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