uniform civil code

I wanna know along with repealing article 370, when will the Uniform Civil Code come into the land ? I want all people of country under same law irrespective of their religious beliefs. There will be bloodshed but we must be willing to make that sacrifice. No great achievement was made that was not preceded by a little resistance and 'Sangarsh' more  

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Mr Gulati, although one can't help but appreciate the positivism, optimism and inclusive nature of your thought, I must admit it's a little bit more trickier than that. We can't slap up a Hodgepodge of rules being represented by maximum religious denominations. Remember, Religion/cult's one sided thought process and belief structure is the problem. Otherwise we'l end up creating another ideological monster in the name of reform. In this case ,it's not representational but factual. It's not about quantity but quality. It could all be promulgated through just a handful of holy and enlightened persons , for example. It's based on depth of thought, wisdom and understanding even if the entire UCC law formulation comes from only one individual /system. Righteousness, Morality and Truth cannot be representational. It's not gonna be democratic, per say. numbers doesn't necessarily mean Right always. For example, numbers can dictate who can head the country but numbers must not dictate what policy to adopt. That would be disastrous. That's also part of problem in the west. They have issue based political mandate and it's always skewed towards social expediency and mediocrity because the majority always tend to gravitate towards compromise. But Law should be based on universal truth and justice and should not be based on political compromise. more  
Let us give some breathing time for new government. These are on the Agenda. more  
In today's age and times, the word "impossible" does not exist. With the right drive, everything is possible! A commission should be set up with a time frame of 3 years. The commission should comprise of people with established integrity and track record, maybe people like Mr. Kallam - who is most revered and respected across all, could be heading such a commission! Let them invite suggestions, objections, bricks-and-bats, do an referendum across the country, and slowly and gradually weave them all together into a spread which handles all possible concerns to the extent possible! And, at the end of it, just go ahead and issue an ordinance and implement it. more  
Yes you are very right Mr. Kultar. Let me try to take it a little further on what you said. Material differences does not create disharmony to such far reaching effects that Psychological barriers can. I have seen in western countries that Cultural and ideological mindset differences are much more of a barrier than even such blatantly obvious material differences between people as pronounced as even Racial features or color of skin. Doesn't that shock you ? But it's true. Case in point is all religions. Religion is great unifying force (leaving race, color, culture and even language a distant second) Why, because it touches something inside of all of us humans which is very sacred and holy. You have to be an introspective, subtle and perceptive human being to separate the dogmatic thought process in mind (religion/cult) and wrest it free from the free standing ennobling feeling of the heart (Spirituality/God) and not mix up and confuse the two aspects. But since 99% of humans of this age are confused on this point and all their religious/cult books have all been tampered with, there is no other option but for establishing a uniform civil code and create a level playing field such that they can still keep their individual religious thoughts and practices to themselves and within the confines of their house walls but should not be imposed or dictated on society at large. more  
It is the differences be it material or psychological which create disharmony. A Uniform Civil Code will go a long way in bringing about harmony. A special status was felt long time back due to Cultural preservation such as Sufi culture, tradition, language etc., economic difference & logistic distance from the Hill & Mountain region State when the Nation was relatively underdeveloped & the State even more. Due to technological advent like communication the barriers have closed and one should be surprised that the people mainly the youth are as tech savvy as anywhere else.

The basis of past for preservation & identity will hold but the other differences have diminished to an extent. There is talk of development every where in the State. For further development the State & any other State should be self reliant and not depend on aid only. The money gets spent before half the development takes place. Not much due to corruption but due to on delay in Planning, Tangles & Implementation. more  
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