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Nagaraju Gupta
Business Analyst / Proud VEGAN
Heights of Reservation ?
May 23, 2016 • 2,203 Likes • 390 Comments

Grandfather (took benefits from reservation) : Worked in Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)

Father (took benefits from reservation) : Worked as an Engineer in Indian Telecom Service

Mother (took benefits from reservation) : Worked as an Engineer in Indian Engineering Service

And even Tina Dabi filled her IAS form from the SC Category.

Tina Dabi scores of prelims :
Paper 1=96.66 , CUTOFF GEN=107.33 , OBC =106 ,SC=94 officially she passed upsc preliminary as a reserved category candidate ....used the quota .....She couldn't have even cleared general cutoff.

52.8 percent is what she scored in her mains.

Stop making her a hero of the UPSC exam.

Now, the question arises, will Tina's children apply from general category?
The Answer is No. Even they will also be eligible to avail the benefits of reservation. There is no limit on how many times a so called SC family can take reservation benefits.

And when someone says that reservation system needs to be reviewed.

Whole media and all MPs start targeting him.

The curious case of Tina Dabi and Kuldeep Dwivedi

Leave aside Mr. Ankit Srivastava as many are arguing that being a failed candidate he is just making an issue out of nothing.

Take the example of Kuldeep Dwivedi. He is a Brahmin by caste and hence can’t be privileged to get age relaxation, more number of attempts, concession in fees and above all low minimum qualifying marks – cut off. But, why should one choose Kuldeep Dwivedi who got 242 All India Rank? Is it fair to compare AIR 1 to AIR 242

The comparison becomes necessary to focus on economic background. Kuldeep’s father is a security guard working with Lucknow University. If you are thinking that he is having a government job then you are wrong. Surya Kant Dwivedi, the father of Kuldeep, is working for SIS Securities which has a contract with Lucknow University and hence he drew salary from SIS. Before joining SIS, he paid Rs. 1200 to the company as a security for dress. Being an upper caste, he can’t claim any social security. He doesn’t hold any ‘red card’ for PDS. He is not considered Below Poverty Line, because this line is factually incorrect and a person earning Rs. 8000 per month can't be under BPL category, but that can be easily gotten by someone belonging to so-called low caste.

Tina's father is General Manager with BSNL. Her mother is also an IES. She had always lived in Delhi without any overt or covert economic issues or even social issues.

Who should be your role model – Kuldeep with 242 rank in 3rd attempt or Tina with 1st Rank in her 1st attempt?

Kuldeep Dwivedi has fetched far much more marks than Tina Dabi in Civil Services Prelims. He had to devote time for Prelims, while Tina started Mains preparation directly.

Tina is just an example. There is no denying that she is an inspiration for all young girls of India. But, she is a way to show how Reservation system is being exploited by top layer of the social strata in a particular category. Children of IAS officers of SC category are easily cracking Civil Services Examination or IIT JEE and CAT, among other prestigious competitive exams. While dalits living in village are unable to cope up with new competition that even they are seeing in their category. It is not about Tina Dabi, it is about other SC candidates who could have ‘rightfully’ used the reservation policy.

This is why I hate Reservation. Love to hate it too.

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Nagaraju Gupta
Nagaraju Gupta
Business Analyst / Proud VEGAN

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Kiran Rana
Business Development Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim
Because there are poor people who belong to SC/ST are living in difficult conditions, people like Tina Dabi should get reservation. How can you justify this statement? If you really want to give chance then give it to those who are facing difficult situation. Why Tina Dabi class people? But then the criteria needs to be changed. This man whose name as I read Mr. Rajiv seems… See more
Surendra Dakshin
Vice President | Finance at Bank of the West
Shouldn't this post belong to facebook?
Rashmi Daksh
Exact purpose of reservation system is to benefit THOSE DALITS who r deprived of the resources what is needed for their growth not the ones who r enough capable to get fair education nd all resources like any other candidates. But u know i have seen only handful of sc st people taking benefit from this system who r the actual needy. It happens more in villages where general… See more
Member of Newsletter Editor Committee at National Power…
This example truly represents the ill result of caste based reservation. Instead of focussing on the economy based classification, we are dividing the quotas on the basis of system made in the past. Time changes, people changes, system changes...
Change is good.
Atul Sharma
Assistant System Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services
Position will still remain the same for at-least next 10-20 years. Those who are enjoying reservation are not willing to give up and yes no government want to loose their vote count.
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Reservation for education must be free at all level. Parents must get subsidy on poverty. Jobs must be competition. more  
Sri Sudhakar and Sri Silwal . A. The issue of Socially backward do mean specifically , the participation in the Rule of the Country as envisaged in the Constitutional Laws and not to set people of various Castes to forward Castes . THIS IS BASICALLY TO BE UNDERSTOOD . All the Backward Classes including S.C. & S.T. shall be given opportunity to have a Social Dignity which only comes out of their reasonable participation in the Rule of the Country and this is why the provision of Reservation was stipulated for Legislatures for 50 years which a decade before itself the Selfish Congress Party for their VOTE BANK THIRST extended to 40 years from 1990 which expires in 2030 . And, Reservations were also set in the Public Administration in governance of the Country entitling Government Jobs to those Backward Classes AND NOT CASTES as concluded by the Selfishly opted stalwarts . Thinking of Castes as the same as Classes is absolutely wrong . A Caste aw a whole may be backward and is why the S.C. & S.T. NAMING A NUMBER OF CASTES WERE IDENTIFIED & INCLUDED IN THE LIST approved in the Constitution . In the first decades after independence , since finding out the Economic status of individuals in the various Castes , Some whole Castes were included under the meaning of Classes which itself was and is wrong since this carried Reservations and Relaxations even to those Socially and Economically better than the poor and poorest of the poor AND THE SUPREME COURT DEFINED AND DIRECTED THEN THEN CONGRESS GOVERNMENT IN THE YEAR 1992-93 ITSELF . B. Reservations are required in Political Rule i.e., FOR LEGISLATING BODIES for a certain period AND , Relaxations , Subsidies are required in Education TO ENABLE MERIT CONDITIONS OF THOSE BACKWARD & Relaxations in Government Jobs are also required TO ENABLE MERIT CONDITIONS relaxing the Age . C. The issue of Reservations in number simply neglecting the Educational Requirement , Subject Knowledge , Efficiency for the Post SHALL NOT BE CONTINUED TO SAVE THE NATION . In no article of our Constitution , there was the point of relaxation in Qualification and Efficiency EVEN THE ARTICLE 15 & 16 & 46 . The S.C. also did not accept reduction of Marks from 45 , to 40, and 40 to 35 on the concept that the backward classes quota could not be filled . The S.C. also confined that even in quota system , the Merit shall be preferred in allotting Seats and Merit shall not be ignored . S.C. in 1983 and 1985 said that :- " Merit consists of a high degree of intelligence coupled with a keen and incisive mind , sound knowledge of the basic subjects and infinite capacity for hard work and also calls for a sense of Social Commitment and dedication to the cause of the Poor " THIS CLEARLY AND OBVIOUSLY STAGES THAT AS ALONG AS THE MERIT IS IGNORED , THERE CANNOT BE THE FULFILLMENT & ACHIEVEMENT OF ==" Sense of Social Commitment and dedication to the cause of the poor FOREVER == " more  
The comment of Sandhya krishnan is absolutely right & cognizant . Decades back Citizen Gunfired in Gujarat , Bihar etc., etc., . A DECADE BACK and even in these 10 years we had seen the Social and Govt. Unrest in the revolting protests of Gujjars in a State ; Patels in a State ; Jats in a State : Now Cast war installed and under stir in new A.P. State by Kapu [ Naidu] Caste ; Other 2 Castes in the new Telangana State . For the Fact , these Caste Based Reservations proved the doubt of Dr. Ambedkar WHO STAGED THAT CASTES ARE ANTI- NATIONAL in one way they create jealousy and antipathy ; AND ARE ANTI- NATIONAL IN THE OTHER WAY they create rivalry between Castes that RUINS THE VERY NATION . He in deed staged Conditions too . The Selfish politicians for their illicit plan of bagging Communal Votes , are not coming out of the ambit of Castes even though the Supreme Court confined and justified Economic Creamy Layer to eliminate those well in status depriving the poorest of the poor AND those are still Socially also kept backward . INDIAN EXECUTIVE AND THE CONSTITUTIONAL BENCH OF SUPREME COURT JOINTLY SHALL CONCLUDE THIS ISSUE AT A BETTER CARRY AS SUGGESTED IN 1993 ITSELF . more  
Caste discrimination and minority appeasement under false garb of sickular politics is killing our is not far when India will be faced with conditions similar in war torn Iraq or Syria. Already some states within India are mirroring such conditions....Only Bhagwan can save us... more  
S.C. in 1992 quoted this importance of Deserved Category while directed the Govt. to Eliminate those are Economically better to address the deprived poor and poorest of the Poor . In 1964 , 84 , and in 1995 S.C. confined that Merit shall be the base even in quota system . BUT , THE CONGRESS AND THEIR ALLIES WILLFULLY cornering the real poor and the Meritorious Students of other Classes whom the S.C. also confined that these Students shall not be ignored and deprived off Education / Employment . more  
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