Trafficking of Women - Inputs Sought

One of the member in the circle followed by many of you have shared information on Women Trafficking issues. Here is a summary of the key issue highlighted. Kindly review them and if you have other issues, please share them. Otherwise, please share Root Causes for some of these issues. We look forward to your inputs!

Indian Police Foundation

Trafficking of Women

1. An organized mafia works towards trafficking women
2. Girls from small towns are tricked into coming to metros and then pushed into flesh trade
3. Many high profile people including some politicians are involved in trafficking of women
4. Small rackets in hotels are busted but the big wishes are let off after bribes are paid
5. The agents control many such hotels and houses where the operations are taking place
6. Many friendship clubs and spas are hubs of such activities
7. Policemen accept bribes to stay clear of their operating areas
8. The want of easy money also leads to women falling into the trafficking trap. more  

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Women have to understand what is what. They want a lot of things and jump into it without thinking. Some are innocent and get caught , those can be excused and can be made okay once again. Some do it deliberately as they have money and energy, so these segment can suffer instead of saving. more  
We have a problem - we are exposed and naked to the outside world. Between the family and the world - we used to have a layer of society earlier - we have lost that layer and that is one of the reason of such problems. Yes, you may laugh - if you are not a deep thinker - we do not have any society between a family and the world. more  
This age old trade (flesh trade)is difficult to eradicate . Trafficking is a heinous crime as it is enslaving a unwilling,weak ,helpless woman to sex houses. Causes encouraging to day are 1-mobile phones videography to blackmail 2-Bigamy rampant in low economic strata3-Big money industries like film industry ,entertainment industry ,bars,brothels5-Mafia gangs 6- destitute homes ,home less abandoned kids in adolescent age.7-Alcohal specially local brew served in rural /semi rural settings known as toddy compound where both sexes indulge in drinking and many people get kidnapped, raped , murdered and sex agents are predators here. 7-rag pickers ,drug addicts ,delinquent children,criminals are involved in this . Solutions are 1- choke the outlets of sex dens.2-rescued women are are not finding encouragement to rehabilitate.3- Ban local toddy compounds .4-RFID tagging all sex workers and follow them electronically5- agents trafficking should be imprisoned for life .7- Punish bigamists by law ,donot allow compromises amongst them8-Shaming agents by publicising their names photos in public. 9- Sex education, moral teaching is a must in all schools more  
I have studied Homeopathy at home and have treated successfully 5484 patients till date in two years. I want to commercialise my art of homeopathy please suggest how can I do it more  
In the name of help they start abusing women more  
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