Tolerance is a two way street

Seeing the unfortunate reactions by some opposition parties and certain sections openly supporting the Arab countries against one lady , one wonders if India is made up of 3 completely different groups and their lineage ?
1. The Hindus who stayed strong and continued to stay Hindus in spite of torture and lure of money to convert by Mughals and British respectively.
Are the second and third groups made up of foreigners living in India who spread hatred against the indigenous Sanatan Dharm culture born from Indian soil. Who want funding and support from foreign nations to maliciously tarnish India at every possible time?
Who want to impose imported ideologies and want to spread foreign habits left behind by invaders in India?
If a Deity has been discovered in India, shouldnt every Indian, living here, irrespective of their current religion, feel happy, celebrate and come forward to build a Mandir? How can there be so much allegiance to foreigners and call oneself a Indian at the same time.
Shouldn't the Arab nations not tell their Muslim followers that insulting Sanatan Dharm and simultaneously living in India is unacceptable?
Tolerance is a two way street. How wrong is it to insult Sanatan Dharm, go to court against our culture, desicrate our Murthis and then call oneself an Indian to get minority monetary benefits. Its hypocrisy.
How is it that upholding culture and traditions that arose from Bharat soil is only the onus of Hindus? Isn't it the collective responsibility of all, across communities.
True independence is not just physical. In the mind, we are yet to get freedom from the shackles of foreign invaders. more  

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We have appeasement policy towards Muslims and Christians since 1947. And this is the result of all these things. more  
Now the media taking responses, or rather reactions, from mullahs and partisan leaders, to adjudicate about the lady's comments, which themselves were made in the televised debate held on one channel of the media. Media trial. See how the Arab nations are taking action. Tightrope walk this government does in keeping Muslims happy with taking a responsive action as a result, basically that is episodic! Nobody must however take law into their hands! Destroying public property will and should have consequences for the perpetrators. more  
Accepting Secular India and Islamic neighbor as a part of Independence, is it meaning Hindus who lost every thing in life continue to be slaves of British and Islamic rules. more  
Well said Kum. Sandhya. In Tamil Nadu we see this day in and day out. Our wonderful Chief Minister does not care to wish Hindus on their festival days but wishes for other religious festivals. When asked by the opposition in the assembly he said that it was 'Dravida model'. Such is the secularism practised in this country. Hindus have to tolerate all statements abusing their practices. Take for example the hue and cry about Nupur Sharma - people have forgotten conveniently what provoked her to say that. The same thing happened in Godhra (burning of people in locked train coach) and later in Orissa (brutal killing of Swami Lakshmananandha). Enough of this one way traffic. I appeal to the non Hindus of this country not to get swayed when politicians make anti Hindu statements. You, more than the Hindus should protest so that this kind of 'divide and rule' tactic will fail. Eventually, all will be losers. more  
Not as a response, but initial independent action would have been the right response. Should India's response be dictated by the Middle Eastern Muslim countries, even considering that we source a lot of our oil requirements from them, then how can India demonstrate being a leader. They too depend upon us for the various food items. Mutual respect needed. more  
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