Time to Decomposition

Here is an initial list of products along with how long does it take for them to DECOMPOSE? If you know about others, add to the list.

Paper Towel - 2-4 weeks
Banana Peel - 3-4 weeks
Paper Bag - 1 month
Newspaper - 1.5 months
Apple Core - 2 months
Cardboard - 2 months
Cotton Glove - 3 months
Orange peels - 6 months
Plywood - 1-3 years
Wool Sock - 1-5 years
Milk Cartons - 5 years
Cigarette Butts - 10-12 years
Leather shoes - 25-40 years
Tinned Steel Can - 50 years
Foamed Plastic Cups - 50 years
Rubber-Boot Sole - 50-80 years
Plastic containers - 50-80 years
Aluminum Can - 200-500 years
Plastic Bottles - 450 years
Disposable Diapers - 550 years
Monofilament Fishing Line - 600 years
Plastic Bags - 200-1000 years more  

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Our policy makes are not educated enough about plastics. Plastic is a very useful material even after it has lost its first use. technology is already available to to make use of that used plastic. In simple word the real problem is not plastic, but they way it is thrown everywhere is the key issue. If we educate people about how to collect it properly plastic problem will be resolved properly. The main issue is our people are irresponsible when they throw away any thing, not only plastic. There are many end uses of used plastic as all environmentalist have understood. So please yelling about plastic and find out how to enlighten people about how to give away plastic in a proper way. more  
At the first place why should one wait for these mentioned stuff to decomposed. Nothing in Bharat should be left to decompose, everything, just every day to day waste in every nook and corner of the whole nation should be processed ASAP and for this the Banias in Parliament, who are elected evey five years as Neta have to just watch YOU TUBE and their are infinite videos of every Nation as to how they process their daily garbage every day. There are HUGE MACHINES IN WHICH GARBAGE IS DUMPED. THE MACHINE ITSELF SEGREGATES POLYTHENE, PLASTIC, METTLE, GLASS, PAPER, CLOTH SEPERATLY AND THE END PRODUCT COMES OUT AS HUGE SQUARE PACK . These packs of paper, metal, carton, plastics are sent to diffrent industries where they are either reprocessed or destroyed. Just every thing os systematic. NOW A DAYS BANIAS IN PARLIAMENT IN ORDER TO AUGMENT PRODUCTION OF DAIRY, MILK, MEAT, BEAF, EGGS, WAST PRODUCTS PROCESSING ETC ETC. They do not have to do country hopping for twenty years saying, hame bahut jaruri kaam se bidesh jana hai,, when asked kisliye answer is, Bhaarat desh ka kachra ka samadhan kerne , karib dus saal lag jaiga khoj ker ne mae , kio ki haar bakht jaab jata hue toe laundio ke chakker mae per jata hue, abki baar Mosi sarker, aab jaroor samadhan khoj ker nikalunga, ONE SIMPLY HAS TO GO THROUGH YOU TUBE TO FIND THE RIGHT COUNTRY WITH RIGTH MACHINERY AND GERMANY CAN BE ONE OF THEM. BUT THE PROBLEM IS ASK THESE SEX MANIAC NETAS TO BROWS YOU TUBE INSTEAD THEY WILL BROWS PORN SIGHT AND SAY nahi kuch khaas nahi mila, lagta hai bidesh brahman ker ke hi pata lagane parega. Simply that is courrption of mind and greed for money has to go once for all and only the one who respect their mother land should be elected in parliament to impart best education in ENGLISH ONLY. IF ONECREALLY WANTS OUR NATION SHOULD DEVELOP. WITH ENGLISH WE INDIANS HAVE PUT OUR MARK IN SOFT WARE SEGMENT IN INFORMATION TECNOLOGY AND WITH ENGLISH AS MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION WE CAN CONCURE THE WORLD. SEVENTY THREE YEARS HINDI MEDIUM HAS GIVEN US ONLY COW DUNG SOAP AND COW URINE . THE MIND SET SHOULD CHANGE. DONT DRAG THE NATION BACKWARD OR ELSE IT WILL BREAK INTO BANANA REPUBLIC. more  
Does it mean to completely discard all such items from our daily use? However, these are in use all over the world. more  
Policies are meant for paper use only. Still in market buyers and purchasers are using poly bags without any fear of law more  
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