Thefts in Trains and Stations - Inputs on Solutions

Based on your inputs, below are the common ways in which thefts occur in trains/at stations. If you have anything additional, please add. Otherwise, kindly help us identify ways in which these thefts can be minimized by passengers taking the right preventive measure. Separately, we will also review what can be done by Railways to address such incidents via policy, systems and controls.

Thefts in Trains and on Stations - Common Occurrences

1. Many thefts occur at nights between 12 am and 5 am
2. Many incidents of pick pocketing are reported from platforms
3. Many crooks offer help to tourists on stations and vanish with their belongings
4. People board the reserved coach without reservation and run away with other’s bags as soon as the train starts moving
5. Some local hawkers, beggars and vendors are also involved in theft
6. Laptops are many times stolen after the passenger goes to sleep. The bags are left intact and the passengers does not even realizes what has happened till he opens the bag
7. Many gangs of snatchers operate in trains and at stations
8. Beggars operate a ring where they take a round of the train to gather info and then inform their team about the opportunities of stealing
9. Immediately after a train stops at its terminating station, people enter with the excuse of collecting empty water bottles. When they get a chance , they steal bag of unsuspecting passenger
10. Many cell phone thefts happen in night trains
11. Some passengers intentionally de-board with someone else’s luggage
12. Bags are stolen from the waiting rooms
13. Cases of luggage thefts are common when wedding groups are travelling as the luggage is loaded and unloaded in bulk
13. Many cases of stealing are reported from the luggage section too. more  

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The entry of illegal persons into compartments is the only reason for thefts. Besides the security function at select stations on experiment basis should be given to CISF to study the difference. RPF is involved in all thefts and so long RPF is there, you cannot expect safe journry. more  
RPF knows better who involved in racket...... more  
Unfortunately, due to Socio-economic conditions prevailing in our country, incidents of theft are inevitable. At best certain measures to minimise the menace can be instituted. In fact Railways have a system of detailing armed train escorts and GRP including RPF are also taking action to nab the criminals. There appears to be a general apathy from the zonal Railway headquarters who have left this aspect entirely to the GRP/RPF with no visible follow up from the higher managerial echelon of Railways. Thus whatever measures are taken by the GRP/RPF are either inadequate or not enforced/improved. To begin with every zonal GM must have asystem in place to get a periodical report of such incidents and action taken so that all personnel down the chain are made concious of the necessity to address and remedy the menace. A time has come where unless the top brass makes it known that they mean business, nothing will improve. more  
1)TTEs are sleeping well in the night time in the trains. Unauthorized persons are not allowed into the trains particularly in reserved compartments in the night time to be looked out by TTEs. Based on charts, reserved passengers are only allowed in the trains by TTEs at the station. Surprise checks to be done by squad/comml. Officer is essential. 2) RPF office with sufficient staff on Platforms and keen observation, supervision of higher cadre patrolling particularly in the night time is needed in the stations more  
1) Replace all coaches similar to metro. Doors close before departure and will open only at the next station. Most of the onboard thefts can be stopped as they have no way to run. 2) Replace chain pulling system with a emergency button where the passenger can speak to the guard rather then stopping at the pull of the chain. The culprit is struck within the train till the next station. 3) Ensure adequate checks at stations. Thieves/dacoits can be caught at the next station on arrival of the train. more  
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