The Stages of COVID 19

Stage 1: Infection is imported, that is an infected person comes from abroad.
Stage 2: Local transmission, when this known infected person(s) transmits the disease to those he or she interacts with (family, friends and the like).
Stage 3: Community transmission, wherein it's difficult to pinpoint the source of infection and a person tests positive without any travel history or any contact history with a positive case.
Stage 4: When the disease is declared an epidemic, where it has spread to the entire country. India currently is at Stage 2 of the outbreak.
Presently we are in Stage 2
Virus Propagation Rate : Across the world, each infected person has been, on an average, transmitting it to 2.5 other individuals, thus causing an exponential increase in the number of cases.
According to a study conducted by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), in partnership with UCLA and Princeton University, SARS-CoV-2 was detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. Advice from the scientists: Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
Deadly Count :
Worldwide, 244,523 are infected and 10,030 have lost their lives, as recorded at 12 noon by the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre. Italy has now surpassed China in the number of fatalities — 3,405 as of Friday. The number of infections is fast rising in the West, including in the US, France, and Spain.
India has already touches 324 as infected person & 4 people Died as on Friday ( 21st March 2020 )
How can we Prevent this disaster is the Steepest Challenge of the Century .Due to this viral attack the World Economy has been worstly affected . Finance markets has crashed like anything .No one knows When we will recover from this darkest stages of the century .Steel now there is no appropriate medicine to fight against this dreaded disease. Only precaution & Social Distancing can break the chain action of COVID19. At the same time we have to improve our resistance power . Regular Joga & Free hand Exercise inside are House may be Helpful . Some Ayurvedic Herbs are very much helpful in preventing this deadly Corona Virus . Always Protect yourself from Throat infections . Avoid taking Ice creams , Cold Drinks, Cold Water etc . Avoid using AC in Rooms , Office , Trains , Cars etc at least for 15 days from now. . Take bath in Hot water etc . Improve your Internal resistant Power
Recent analysis prevail the fact most of the affected person of Corona Virus are departed from the Foreign Countries . So we have isolate our self from rest of the World .All international Flight shall be cancelled . The Indians from the Foreign countries should not allowed to mix with common people. We have to take this Harsh decision to save 130 Crs India. However Central Government has to frame action plane and Task forces How they can save our NRI brother and Sister in different Countries . Our External Affairs Ministry has to Take the Lead in collaboration of our Ministry of Health under Leadership of PMO . Different state government has to give active support to the Central Government on this emergency situations. Very fast our Policy Makers has to act on it in a very professional manner . Forget about politics and Work unitedly to save INDIA and Save our Mother world.
Moreover if we analyzed the case history the bitter fact is that all the mazor Metro Cities are the epicenter of COVID-19 . So we have to cut our Metros from rest of INDIA at least for 6-7 days So all the Long distance Trains and domestic Flights shall be cancelled for 5-6 Days to break the chain of propagation of COVID-19.
It is not a matter of democracy vs authoritarianism, say experts. Japan at one-time feared the worst, but effective measures by authorities and vigilance by the civilians helped in containing the number of infections to under 1,000 and deaths to 33.
We know how devastating result obtain in terms of death in China ( where outbreak begins ) , Italy etc . Around 725 peoples has died on last Friday ( 21st March 2020) in Italy . Unbelievable Sorrow and Shadow
So we have to decide Which instances we will Follow . Does we show our desperateness & ignorance and make our Country a Melon-cony place like Italy / China . Answer is surely NO NO NO !!!
The million dollar Question is that How effectively we can Isolate our self from this Disease and break this chain reaction . Reality shows that it is very Hard Work as we have 130 Crs People. Subject Matter expert stated that one day Isolation i.e 22nd March 2020 is about 1.3 Bn. So we are already in the back side of the Mirror . So we have to fight unitedly and unanimously. Don't be scared be brave and face the challenge with safety , Intelligence and dedication . Our Central Government and State Government has to give required Financial & Other Support to the People of India . One thing must be in our mind that if we are alive then only we can build our country and rebuild our economy .
Don't Forget that our Human Civilization is at Stake . But at the same time don' forget the evolutionary history of Human beings starting from Stone Age to recent age of 4 G , the age of Artificial Intelligence ~ We the humans faced lots of challenges in the past and prove our self as the Fittest Species of this universe . We are not alone we are United to Win over Corona.
Don' forget to Scientist, Doctors , Nurses , Military , Para Military Forces , police , Cleaner , Sweepers etc Who has willingly take the Risk to save our Life . Salute to all of them. more  

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Unfortunately, in India we are having people who are educated(?), claim to belong to cultured(?) strata, are extremely unhappy about the measures taken by the Govt. - because?. They are unable to get their servants/maid-servants to serve them, they are not able to go to their eating houses, they are businesses are suffering, etc. Since, they are spending money for their cleanliness and their servants are also clean, they cannot get affected by this deadly virus. They consider themselves to be an exclusive class even higher than Chancellor of Germany and Prime Minister of U.K., to name only a few. Such attitudes and also attitudes of a few who-cares/don't care mavericks are the real social evils which may cause failure of the objective behind the lock-down. Are we heading for a national disaster? more  
Sanity for Sanitation is a MUST more  
Until the effected persons are not surrenders at hospitals and point out that where he or she visited after effecting, ultimate control cannot be possible more  
These are alright but who will control the Draculas who are systematically spreading the Virus. Surprisingly, No campaign is being made on Public Spitting as One Community in Particular do it on a regular basis more  
Today till now we have 2095 infected with 57 death. The figures are rapidly growing despite clamping down complete lock down since 25th March. Many of our people across the country are found willfully disobeying the lock down order and gathering at different places on petty excuses without maintaining distance from each other. The incident of Nizamuddin, Delhi has crossed all limits and resulted in increasing the tally of infected patients by few hundreds in a couple of days, which should be an eye opener for the government. Any such future ill designed efforts of a specific community to put the entire nation in danger must be ruthlessly crushed. more  
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