The Gujarat Situation

While it is exciting to see a new young political guy stand up in Gujarat, the ask that they have is unrealistic according to me. It has to be an even playing field for everyone (from a caste standpoint). May be a broader discussion can be had on Issues of Current Reservation system of India.

I hope we can have this healthy discussion here or initiated by local circles. After all the Govt should do what people collectively are saying not what 1 particular caste is asking for. more  

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Dear All respectable members of the group
Here by i am submitting some proposals to stop black money generation and utilization,first of all ,i would like to introduce myself to this group,i am "Manoj Sharma" from Kolkata,I am in Accounts & Finance job from last 25 years and seen many ways how a business converts money to cash (black),keeping those in minds I have prepared a chart showing how it could be stopped.It may be wrong in some points but requesting all of you to read and rectify wherever you find it necessary

we keenly observe steps taken by you and your team so far for developing a clean nation and we appreciate from core of our heart endeuvour adopted so far by you and your team. In this context we like to point out the following for your consideration:

• imposition of 'Tax on expenditure regime' - we are the salaried people – we have to pay tax on income as well as to dole out sales tax/vat etc. So we are under double taxation. Some categories of people with no definite source of income (like henchmen of political leaders etc) need not to pay income tax though they income a lot. If 'tax on income' regime is replaced by tax on expenditure regime all will be brough under the tax umbrella.

• Farming is beyond the scope of imcome tax as it is uncertain. Investing in stock market invites uncertainty but it is within the scope of capital gain thus income tax. Tax on expenditure removes this falacy thus widening the base area of tax-payee – hence rate of tax may be lowered thus encouraging more and more people to give tax.

• utilization of plastic money will have to made compulsory at every outlet point (except some points of low income where petty cash may be used for transaction) – intending to make cash transaction minimum.

• All the companies, traders, suppliers, distributors, retailers, registered shop-owner etc should be ordered to pay through banking system (either cheque/ecs/swiping machine/etc etc

• introduction of prepaid cashcard (like smart card as used in kolkata metro for a number of ride), to be issued by bank or other franchisee approved by the bank, for online transaction as another safety measures against financial fraud.

• Jammu and kashmir to be divided into three states – Jammu Ladakh and Kashmir. This will dampen evil spirit. Actually trouble seekers are outnumbered compared to total population of Jammu and Kashmir state.

• To reduce expenditure – pool car system to be encouraged, except govt official work no vehicle allowed, stripping of security cover provided to the

• our cultivators are to be educated regarding positive outcome of switching over to community farming – 20-30% more land will be released while abolishing 'aal' system, in absence of 'aal system ' modern farming machinaries with greater efficiency and productivity.

• in each block/tehsil etc there should be one cold storage for vegetables flower etc thus ensuring the farmers some sorts of return.

• more stress on rain water harvesting, protection against soil erosion, water-shed management. More cost-effective with low water exploitation irrigation technique to be adopted so that more area may be brought under ambit of irrigable land. Movement requires for production of organic food for betterment of health of public. Farmers are to be provided backing from central or state government.

• Every house is to be provided with alternative source of energy at subsidised rate. [solar energy/wind energy/tidal wave energy/bio-energy]

• Primary and secondary- higher secondary education system are to be rejuvanted: -
a. All teachers connected with primary education system must have subject/knowledge on 'child psychology'
b. proper teacher-student ration is to be maintained at each and every school at these two level.
c. physical eduacation must be made a compulsory subject at primary and secondary level.
d. teachers should be posted near to his home district so that hazard in covering distance to reach school will be minimum so that he/she may be more concerned with his/her students.
e. two adjacent schools (one with high student strength and other with low student strenth) may be agglomerated.
f. it is observed that midday meal scheme is introduced to restrict student dropout. But it invites corruption. Subsidity must be sent to bank account to reduce corrupt practices.
g. one of the main reason for student drop out is their poor financial condition. Guardians feel that it will be more prudent and pragmatic if their wards get engaged in earning money. We feel if some vocational training may be imparted to the student during school hour same guardian will encourage their wards to go to school.
h. there should be a level for all primary and seconary/higher secondary school as fixed by concerned authority. All school should maintain that guideline meticulously – to avoid rat race.
i. social recognition for jobs of teaching especially in primary and R & D sector will have to be re-established so that more academically sound, bright students are attracted to the job, thus helps in nation building. They should get higher remuneration compared to others especially those who are attached with primary education.
j. stream division will have to be done prior to secondary level, not after the 10 level. Those students who have found least interest towards science should not have to bear that burden upto class 10. Rather let us mark class 8 as that point in one’ s career. Upto class 8 one has to learn elementary mathematics which has its reflection in daily walk of life – like bank interest calculation, calculation of IT, some elementary business mathematics so that one can keep one’ s book of accounts if one intends to run his/her own establishment (on a small scale).
k. Career counselling should be made mandatory whether one is in city based school or village school. In absence of professional career counselling process we used to loose talents in each and every year. As a consequence it is observed that students become fatigued with his/her studies and succumb to mental depression.
l. there should be some evaluation process at each level – it will have be checked whether one should be capable performing some sorts of task stipulated for that level.
• All types of government subsidy will go to the bank account of beneficiary, linked with aadhar number.
• For 100 days job – job nature will be such that it leads to the development of nations.
• Thorough revamp of electoral process –
a. To include basic qualification – for panchayat minimum 10+ level, for corporation
minimum 10+2 level, for MLA minimum graduation level and for MP minimum post graduation level
b. Decriminalisation of the entire process cum system
c. Present voting process, it is observed that, is being tampered by the politicians and his musclemen – voters are used to intimidated about dire consequences, on the day of voting voters of suspected integrity are not allowed to cast their votes, marking their designated finger with indelible ink prior to voting process and other scores of scientific rigging process not known to us [specially true for west Bengal]. So this process is to be changed. There will be a span of days for their casting of choice for each locality ( in panchayat, in assembly or in parliament constituency as decided by Election commission). One may tender his/her vote through ATM like voting machine stationed in the locality or may be like mobile kiosk (maintained by Election commission or state election commission). One can cast one’s vote by administering EPIC no or aadhar number (both will be linked) through the machine, OTP generated in one’s mobile number registered with election commission, once OTP inserted in designated field a page will appear which contains field for thumb impression and there will be webcam for retina scan. If these tally with those of aadhar then one page will come containing points regarding accreditation of sitting MP/MLA/member of corporation or panchayat. Afterwards, ballot page opens and the voter will cast his or her vote. The entire process can also be done from by logging in web portal of Election commission from home, from all government office, all schools and colleges (their computer room will be used by election commission for those couple of day in reference), all cyber-cafe under the command of central or state election commission. All registration process of voter may be completed using the same machineries.
d. There must be a method of 2 intermediate evaluation of performance of sitting MP/MLA/ member of corporation or panchayat (at an interval of 1.5 years) with respect to commitment made by him/her prior to election. If performance report is not satisfactory he/she will be cautioned for the 1st time and if he declines to modify him/herself accordingly he will be restrained from discharging his duties after 2nd intermediate evaluation of performance report.
e. Government will provide Election fund to each and every national and regional political party to meet up all sorts of expenses for contesting election. There should be specific guidelines in this regard from the government. Each party will have to submit utilisation certificate to the government. All other fund can be utilised in this connection.
f. Each political party, if, has increased their assets (assets of all types) then it will have to pay tax to the government. Concerned law will have to be changed accordingly. [same is true for no-profit organisation/NGOs]
• We presume that population explosion in our country is the root cause of all evils. We consider our fellow countrymen as our competitor whose presence throw open crunch of resources, shortage of benefits etc. It compels most of us to delve into sea of corruptions (financially and morally, the later being more dangerous). So, it will be more prudent and beneficial to the development of nations if we restrict population growth of our stringently, irrespective of religion and caste prevalent in our land.
• Change in reservation policy – not on basis of religion or caste but based on economical condition of public irrespective of his/her religion caste and creed.
• Those families, getting gas cylinders at a subsidised rate, should not get kerosene oil at subsidised rate. One must be stopped.
• Beneficiaries of rationing system will get their monetary benefits in their saving bank account and will procure from the open market. This will restrain to some extent, corrupt practices.
There should be quota for extremely poor people irrespective
of the caste & religion. The reservation should be restricted to
one generation only so that other families can get the benefits.
Since the basic purpose is to uplift the poor ones to a certain
level, the reservation should be upto class III jobs. For the
rest, the candidates from all castes/religion should
compete and the best possible stuff should be taken. For 1st
three promotions, should be a written test but no interview. more  
आप पीढ़ी दर पीढ़ी, अवैज्ञानिक नियमो के पालन के लिए लोगो को बाध्य नही कर सकते ; एक पीढ्््ी ऐसी आती है जब आपके अवैज्ञानिक नियमो(rules) का जवाब अवैज्ञानिक तरीको से दिया जाता है ! more  
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