TASMAC: Lower and Middle class spoiler

TASMAC which is run by the government to supply alcohol has tampered lot of family life of Lower and Middle class people.
I have seen live example of family where they earn good money but bring back not only no money but also lots of pain to the family members.
I am not sure about other states and policies but there are surely a major issue promoting such an family killer solutions by government.
This is yielding money to the government but at the expense of family breakdown. more  

lesser tasmac outlets= lower criminal activity in socity . more  
Dear Mr. Rajendra Pratap Gupta,

Following are some of the suggestions on hygiene:

Educate the children and adults through text book lessons and mass media on the importance of “hygiene” of our body - like brushing our teeth, taking a bath, and so on and so forth.

Promote Hand washing hygiene as it is considered as the universal precaution in preventing the transmission of many microorganisms.

Stress the importance of using natural, organic, bio - degradable, eco-friendly hand sanitizers and hand wash liquids. Limit the use of chemical products.

Since 1981 many hospitals in developed countries have either stopped or reduced the usage of formaldehyde (formalin) as a disinfectant. But, unfortunately, many hospitals in India are still using it.

Let the Indian government also stop / reduce the usage of disinfectants containing formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, chlorine bleach and hydrogen peroxide which are toxic, carcinogenic and also corrosive to the hospital equipment.

Using organic / natural sanitizers and disinfectants infant mortality rate (IMR) can be brought down by controlling infections in the hospital or home.

Many illnesses of children can be prevented by a combination of de-worming, hand hygiene with organic products, safe drinking water and nutrition supplements.

Along with sanitary napkins a natural / organic sanitizer can be used to prevent post menstrual fungal or bacterial infections in the groin and on the external surface of vagina.

Personal lubricant containing organic sanitizer can be used along with condoms to prevent the spread of HIV (Aids) virus.

Best Regards

Dr.R.N.Naidu more  
We have to fundamentally start thinking on the lines of what makes people drink. There are lot of people who drink because of addiction and continue because they can't come out of it. But, there is also different cases. Once, I was having a casual conversation with a construction worker nearby and the topic came to drinking. I remembering him saying that for the kind of hard work that they do like hammering etc. their body will ache very badly that they can't sleep without taking little. I remember a similar reason from sanity workers that they will consume it to go inside the drain and bear the odour. We have to think of some other ways of solving these. more  
See that but I have been along with my neighbour to the ITC run alcohol addiction control center in Thiruvanmayur..
Heard stories of people who have even sold their house hold items, property, anything for just an bottle of alcohol.
Learnt that this is equivalent to any disease we have we need to take tablets and have counselling for 2-3 years to stop alcohol.
I have seen there so many family crying out for the relief of their son, father, uncle to get out of this habit..

So I don't see this as to be seen as an revenue generation for the government ... Government is for the welfare of people and if it is not solving the basics of what it has to do then why generate such a revenue..

I have heard Gujarat is banned for alcohol that did not hamper the revenue generation..

Basics is HUMAN life improvement and any policy of government which is not towards it even if it impact only a few section of people it is not correct..

Jai hind more  
Government cannot stop Tasmac business as it generates revenue, government can multiply the revenue by increasing the cost of the liquor into 5 times the present rate so that those has money will drink and he can also afford to pay to doctor. Those do not have money will slowly reduce drinking and finaly stop. Thus government revuenue will not be reduced but the same time poor perople will not drink. more  
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