Swachhta in Factories and Shops - Addl Inputs

Below are the key issues, root causes and solutions for Swachhta in Factories and Shops. Kindly review and share any additional specific inputs that you may have. We look forward to your inputs and will soon be sharing with our leadership for their review and actions!

Swachh Bharat Mission

Swachhta in Factories and Shops – Solutions
1.The existing laws on environmental pollution should be strictly enforced
2.Heavy penalties should be imposed on factories not following cleanliness and hygiene standards
3.Surprise checks of factories should be conducted by the inspectors
4.Factories should be asked to install dustbins after every 20 meters inside their perimeter
5.Waste treatment plants should be made mandatory for factories to get operating licences
6.Factories should give refresher training to the employees on keeping the factory premises clean and cleanliness in general
7.Factories could have their own recycling plants for both liquid and solid waste disposals
8.Shopkeepers should be asked to keep dustbins inside and outside their shops
9.The market associations should be asked to monitor the cleanliness in the market and the erring shopkeepers should be fined
10.The market associations should also be made responsible for segregation and collection of waste from these dustbins outside the shops
11.The market associations should get together with the municipality to create master dustbins for all the waste generated by the market
12.The packaging waste generated from the shops could be recycled/reused
13.It should be made mandatory for factories to make toilets in proportion to the number of people working there
14.All factories should use canteen water for gardening
15.Every Municipal Corporation should consider setting up an independent department for waste management, with head directly reporting to Commissioner
16.‘Swachhta Checklist’ should be displayed at different places in the factories
17. All industrial houses must embed clean environment policies to their Corporate Social Responsibility

Swachhta in Factories and Shops - Root Causes

1.The existing laws on polluting the environment are not strictly implemented
2.Factory management bribes the municipal and other Government officers to overlook the pollution check points
3.Factory workers do not have enough civic sense and management doesn’t typically impart such training
4.Shopkeepers take cleanliness for granted
5.They think that throwing garbage on road is not a bad thing as the municipality will anyhow clean it in the morning
6.They just care about keeping the inside of their shops spic and span
7.Many markets do not have dedicated large master dustbins
8.Hygiene is not the top priority for the factory workers
9.The Swachh Bharat is still in the sensitization phase and people have not gotten used to it yet
10.Lack of awareness is factories and shops about keeping the surroundings clean
11.Stringent punishment is not imposed on the law breakers
12.Some toilets are so badly maintained that people don’t feel like using them.

Swachhata in Factories and Shops – Key Issues

1.Factories cause a lot of pollution
2.Factories do not follow cleanliness and hygiene standards
3.There are not enough dustbins in most factories
4.Shopkeepers throw waste outside on roads
5.Shops just have a small dustbin which over flows most of the times
6.Many factories do not have any provision of managing the toxic gases that they generate
7.Many shops generate a large amount of packaging waste which is thrown on roads
8.These bins are usually emptied in the streets
9.There is a lack of adequate number of public toilets in industrial area for workshops and small factories
10. Most markets do not have functional public toilets. more  

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Industries pollute river water. In Gujarat, Vapi industries pollute water of Damanganga and have finished fish in river as well as ocean. more  
Your suggestions are quite useful and appreciable. There are lot of waste in iron byproducts and fire crackers factories. All facilities should be provided to the workers for safeguard and emergency treatments while any accidents. more  
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Most of the factory owners are having political background. Factory waste waters are mixing in the river water it is happening in all the reiver belt area . No solution found out so far. Tirunelveli Tamirabarani river water is polluted by Sun Paper Mill , Ambai GH waste, Madura coats waste water. Unless stringent law in Parliment to curtail this this problem could not be solved. Like the shops from small to big throwing tonnes of garbages a challenhes to Municipal workers.. The number of workers to be increased and shop owners to take care for the disposal of garbages. more  
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