Swamy's comment on TN governor - condemnable.

Today Dr.S.Swamy said that he will approach the court if Governor fail to invite Sasikala is highly condemnable. Governor is constitutional authority. Swamy already a petitioner in Sasikala case,then how can he make such comment in favor of Sasikala.
Repeatedly he is making comment against BJP the party which has elected him as Rajyashaba MP.Even in demonetization he made comment against the party interest. BJP high command should take action against him for anti party activity. more  

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The list of properties of Smt Sasikala was given by one TVChannel. If this is true she can purchase the country. THIS IS ONE MODEL FOR CORRUPT INDIAN DEMOCRACY. more  
*POOR JAYALALITHA* And poor Jayalalitha departed. She could not take anything with her. The imperious Jayalalitha who ruled over Tamilnadu became just a memory. She became the permanent occupant of 6 feet of public land, not in any of the thousands of acres she owned! She was taken in a gun carriage though she had a good fleet of luxury cars and vehicles, leaving empty handed, and leaving everything earned through ulterior means for others. - 1197 Acres in Tirunelveli, 200 Acres in Valajapetta, 100 Acres in Otthukkotta, 25 Acres in Shiruthavoor, 200 Acres and another farm of 100 Acres in Kancheepuram, Grape Garden of 14.5 Acres in Jeedimetla village in Ranga Reddy district in Telangana, Kodanad Tea Estate of 1600 Acres with Bunglows in Nilgiri. Besides these, she had a massive 24,000 sqft residential property called Veda Nilayam in Poes Garden costing about Rs.100 Crores, four commercial buildings, including one each in Chennai and in Hyderabad. Other properties included 800 kg silver, 28 kg gold, 750 pairs of shoes, 10,500 sarees, 91 watches and other valuables, two Toyota Prado SUVs, a Tempo Traveller, a Tempo Trax, a Mahindra Jeep, an Ambassador car , a Mahindra Bolero, a Swaraj Mazda Maxi, and a Contessa. The nine vehicles are worth around Rs 42,25,000. ( As on 1997)- not to speak on Benami properties held elsewhere or later additions. This is the lesson for all human beings – when the call comes from above, you will not even have time to say bye to your near and dear ones. No one can help you, no one can save you – not the followers who were ready to do anything and even to give their lives, a battery of servants waiting for an instruction, or a battalion of officers ready to take orders, best hospitals, best medical brains from India and abroad – repeat no one. It is also a lesson that whatever one amasses arrogantly through good or bad means through deceit, giving pain to others, will have to be left behind. "But God said to him, 'You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?' Luke 12:20 *Realise that we are only travelers here and have to leave for the next destination. So give up ego all pride and follow God in all humility. NOW PEOPLE ARE OVERACTIVE IN GRABBING THE UNCLAIMED ASSETS OF THE DEPARTED SOUL. PERHAPS SHE WANTED TO USE IT FOR CHARITY OF POOR AND NEEDY, BUT SHE WAS CAPTIVE IN HER LAST DAYS. more  
OPS other wise know as Sri Pannir Selvam is another Manmohan Sing type of character who would just work like a clerk under some Boss the way MMS did for ten long years under Sonia Gandhi and the toddler Rahul and every possibility if the Family is again pushed back to power by ignorant voter of North India who consider white skin as God ( effect of Invader rule) MMS may be gifted the seat of Honorable President of India for his ten years service to the family the way Pratibha Patil was gifted for working in PM house. Its shameful that this land of Ramayan and Mahabharata is treated as personal property of some family its own people relish make the Country a Joke in front of the whole world.I wonder if such foolish act may some day prompt a neighboring Giant to grab this country for another bout of 100 years rule,Its easy to rule Country of the fools .Nation of people with no self respect for its own Country ,here Kurci is above Nation. .Its something strange how OPS had the guts to revolt, and the way OPS said AMMA's spirit came to him, I don't doubt it, because AMMA as spirit(I believe it don't know about others) knows what Sashikala actually is and must have kicked hard under OPS guts to make him wake up and revolt instead of behaving like MMS. If Shashikala comes to power it will again a chain of Family politics just like DMK,Samajwadi Party,Akali Dal Badal and Sonia Family which is suicidal for the growth of Healthy Politics in India the way it is in Other Democratic Western Country.Family politics is nothing but loot and rape of the nation as the Whole Family will be engrossed in Chacha,Bhatija,Mama,Pota,Poti,Bahu,Devar to infinity and Governance will be a big ZERO.Hope with GREAT Modi as PM of the Country the Court gives the right verdict on Sashikala scam and put her behind bar as a lesson to all fraudster who join politics for loot and rape. more  
Sri Ranjit Biswas 's comment in Legal Circle is very correct . The Elected and sitting MLA having had run the government as Chief Minister being nominated by the Chief Minister Jayalalitha , who successfully endowed with the appreciations of the public and the CM jayalalitha , Sri Pannir Selvam shall be continued with due respect on the law of the land till the end of this Term . If the Democratic Ethics and Policies are taken into account and recognition , this is only the legitimate consideration to be crowned by not only the Election Commission and the Executive , but also the apex court . Though politics mean differently , the Democracy and Justified practice of Election Commission and the legal authority of the Nation shall be so carried confining to the Policy and Order of Rule for a prompt public administration . In no direction or policy or method and practice an ordinary citizen shall replace a Sitting MLA who had been proved so capable and appropriately fit individual to rule the State unless he is served with a charge sheet by competent Court or , as per the existing rule , convicted for beyond 2 years . MORALITY AND DECENCY ARE TO BE RECOGNIZED AS COMPULSORY EVEN IN POLITICS please . The issue of Sri Swmy's approaching apex is for an immediate justice in the issue where the issue of an un-remarked Sitting MLA verses a friendly person who even was not given any chance in either party or government since decades while Sri Pannir Selvam is the 3rd time nominated acting Chief Minister who was crowned by the very C.M. , Jayalalitha . This issue of finalizing the person is not only to be taken as the practice allowed till date in the country , but also the justified decision as per the policy of Rule in the Country . more  
The Governor's role appears to be appropriate at this juncture. But the only concerned is delay. Why the Governor n Government fail to take custody of Late Jayalalith's property, when there exits no nominee. During treatment of the late hon'ble CM of Tamilnadu, no chief executives of the Government questioned the reasons for not allowing them to see her but no expressing doubts. more  
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