Swachh Smart City Pune!

What Modi desires will never happen.
He started Swachh Bharat, Smart Cities, as he has been around world as RSS pracharak. He would have seen how other countries public follows rules.
In Pune since 2013 PMC removed Garbage Containers, so even if public used to throw garbage in Containers now there litter all around.
There is Rs.1000 Fine for Spitting, Littering, Urinating on the Road.
Public spits on the roads, they spit with full force from vehicles, not caring that it will fall on people.
On Pune Airport Road along Jail Wall, there is Drainage.
There are no Garbage Bins. When PMC staff Sweep road in the morning, they throw garbage into Jail compound.
In 2011 Urinal was installed by PMC Corporator Sunil Tingre displaying his name, but no water connection was made for overhead tank, due to which place stinks. It is difficult to pass, how would anyone use it. When I wrote to Municipal Commissioner that pipe is not connected to water source, PMC removed water Pipe. How can anyone use it!

Pune is declared Smart City, it provided funds for Guardian Minister to take PMC Commissioners for free trip to London, under Smart City study. What did they study!

Basic requirement is a City should be clean and Traffic rules should be followed. Roads should be for moving vehicles, Footpaths for Pedestrians and Cycle Tracks for Cyclists.

There should be Parking Lots and Hawking Centers, which will never happen.

If party in power tries to enforce, it will give opportunity to blame Modi.

None knows significance of Zebras. There are speed breakers, still even if Pedestrians are waiting, no driver will stop, which is not the case in civilized world.

So Spit, Litter, break Traffic rules, setup shop on road, foot path. Park vehicles on Road, Footpath, block entrance to houses, this is my India, Swachh Bharat!
Today PMC sends SMS PMC has launched Plastic Waste Free City. Deposit all your plastic Waste at nearest Manapa Arogya Kothi’ on Sunday 6th May, 2018 during 8 AM to 11Am.

Will all small Plastic packets containing Vimal advertised by Ajay Devgun, Pan Masala, Gutka etc. will be banned? more  

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The Concept is very good but what I see that people in our neighborhood not bother about it. In my area i.e. wadgaon budruk, Sinhgad road, Pune drainage water is flowing out of 17 -18 days from neighnour's drainage to from my bunglow but they are not bother about it . Very Sad. Even PMC also not taken any action on it. more  
The concept of 'Swachch Bharat' and 'Smart City' is undoubtedly good and was the need of the hour for the country. For the first time in independent India, a Prime Minister felt the necessity of cleanliness and implemented the schemes. But the governments can implement any scheme, frame laws with provisions for punitive actions against those law defying people but enforcement and compliance thereof are rarely ensured because of non-cooperation of the opposition parties and vote politics. Its true that our Constitution has completely become outdated and obsolete, which is indirectly responsible in developing indiscipline, lawlessness, arrogance and unnecessary display of rights because of various provisions made therein on the cast & creed basis though were completely uncalled for in the independent India. Surprisingly, both the schemes could not be implemented in right perspective till now. Neither garbage bins are provided at all public places nor public toilets are provided in cities & towns during last 4 years. Even highly educated people seldom care for traffic rules nor hesitate to spit on roads & public places and do not hesitate to litter garbage here & there. The police force is silent spectators. Until laws are enforced in right perspective, all political parties join hands forgetting their political differences for betterment of the country, required infrastructures are provided and people are educated along with active and unbiased police force and 'nil' political interference are ensured, the country will continue to be in the bottom of the international list of clean countries. more  
I am NO FAN OF MR. N MODI, BJP OR RSS or anybody else for that matter. Therefore, to begin with i would like to inform Mr. Madan Handa that in the very first place he himself needs to clean up his biased mindset when he wrote absolute idiotically that "He (Modi) has been around the world as RSS Pracharak". I think you were NOT in your sense, or proper frame of mind, when you expressed yourself that way. Any PM from any Party when he/she goes abroad, it is done in the capacity as a PM of India and its citizens. Period. There is NO BJP/RSS or Congress label on the tail. As regards rest of the points raised and concerns expressed by Mr. Madan Handa, well, they are very much valid, legitimate and must be implemented by the local PMC authorities, etc. without fear or favour to none. We need to have absolute stringent and ruthless rules and regulations which will carry a minimum jail of one year and fine of Rs. 5 lakhs for violations like chewing pan and spitting. Repeat offenders should face just double of that plus public flogging 200 times or till the last layer of the skin is ripped off. We also need to discard our present day constitution or drastically carry out revolutionary changes in the same as the same, in its present form, has become absolutely ineffective, obsolete, antiquated and does not do any justice to present day state of pathetic affairs in the country. This is a country which functions today only on "CHALTA HAI" mindset. Alas, i am a dreamer. This will never happen in this country called India. This country has earned the notorious distinction of being one of the most lawless, undisciplined, shameless and corrupt countries in the world - beyond any repairs for several centuries to come. Who says MERA DESH MAHAN? My foot! more  
Could not agree more with Mr. Surendra Pai. We are always looking for others to solve our problems. True a lot needs to be done by the a authorities in every town, village and city, but the people also must cultivate some civic sense. There are still lakhs of people who throw rubbish on the roads and public places. Unless we fining people heavily we are not going to be able to have a clean India. more  
click photographs of these people and forward them on whats app and facebook...make the photographs of defaulters caught red handed viral.it will stop..the whole country is hooked on to social media. more  
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