Swachh Bharat Funds Deployment by Municipalities

Many of you had participated in the discussion on transformation of municipalities. Since then, funds have been disbursed to many states and are now flowing down to the municipalities. We would like to seek your inputs on top 5 areas where your municipality should be deploying funds.

Your inputs will be aggregated and shared with all the 4500 Urban Local Bodies so the municipal spend on Swachh Bharat is in sync with the citizens pain points when it comes to cleanliness.

We look forward to your inputs!
Swachh Bharat Mission more  

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Is there any plan in Swachh Bharat Mission to stop the garbage spread and physical easiness in open areas & the foot paths of lonely roads by the slum dwellers. more  
Am Pune resident, in last 5 years I witnessed demolishing of 4 public latrines in Koregaon Park area. There were almost 12 big garbage collectors placed in corners across this area. Now I observed hardly 3-4 are left. I believe this area is having highest street dogs in city. particularly walk early morning before 6am...you can't...What this corporation is doing with the funds. I feel rest of city rather outskirts must have same situation. And this can be easily proved on ground. more  
All the district towns in the country should be taken up for Amrit. The municipalities do not function there. Neither there is planned housing. People go on making houses on unplanned private plots without having road connectivity, what to call of sewerage connection and water supply. Maximum they do is create some rickshaw movement space by having an understanding with neighbours. borewell-hand pump is created for water supply that goes dry during lean season. needless to say, a large no of such district towns have grown in population this way. It would be great to include these in the Amrit scheme of things.
Jai-Jai-Siyaram ! more  
Provide the garbage collectors proper geare.g. boots, gloves and protective clothing more  
It is good newes that the fund is flowing downwards for swatcha bharat projects in major cities. Now the issue is, is the local bodies have detailed plans, the answer looks a great "No".
I am in Bangalore and see on main and cross roads patch repairs of the roads are being done. It is alright as a temporary measure to some extent to commuters and pedestrians. Yes the pedestrians are using the road cos footpaths are badly designed with huge level difference from the road, open at many places, footpath level is unparallel to road, level difference is managed by a tall step over 6 to 12 inches, even beyond. At many places the vendors occupy footpath, as their own property. The structures remain in the night too, but not the selling items. ther suggestions are
1. construct firm edges to roads, sem- finish footpath surface evenly at 3 to 5 inches height, fit to kids and elderly, provide gutters for rain water only to enter drains.
2. drains if cemented the bottom, should have holes of 4 or 6 inches at regular intervals. Excavate soil to some depth max 1 ft using handy tools, drive a pipe of 4 or 6 inches with several holes on its periphery(RWH). Bottom of drain should have flow restriction barriers (RWH)at regular intervals to hold water from free flowing to downstream.
3. every corner of the road should rounded and level difference at intersections should be sloped smoothly. The target should be vehicles upto medium size should be able to turn comfortably to remain at leftside of the approaching road for left turn for example.
4. footpaths should be cleared. Issue notice if possible, else paste notice to clear the area the same day,on carts etc left on footpath in the night.Ideally next night the civic body should remove all items.
5. stick notice on all commercial properties to install large size bin in their area itself. The bins should be accessible to garbage collecting personals.
6. remove all speed breakers(road surface damagers) from road surface. can provide 2 inches elevated 2 to 3 feet wide breakers at road intersections(though not ideal).
7. at road intersections, median mark, for left and right turns with arrow is needed to eduate bikers and motorists.
8. bins at commercial properties should be cleared atleast twice a day, if necessary even more.
9. at residential areas, if daily collection is missed fue to leave of the staff, alternative arrangement should be made. This team should stick notice at properties who left the garbage on the road. This is to develop a habbit with residents on garbage management.
10. civic body maintence team should repair damaged road surfaces regularly in the night when the damage is small .
if the funds are used properly as above, the result will be visible.
Gated Garbage collection and despatch centres are a must. It should be addressed systematically with garbage processing centres, particularly composting at ward levels, at any of gated collection centre/centres. more  
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