swach bharat

Swach Bharat

start with providing waste bins every 25 metres on every street, whenever any person wants to discard something, there should a bin . This will teach him that the waste has to be put in a waste bin. We are habituated to throw things just about anywhere. If the bins would be immediately available then by default it will be thrown into the waste bin. We have a high population density in every town and city, so bins @ 25 metres is a must. Habit to be changed.

Then these have to maintained , that is another challenge.

Again all this will require more money, are we willing to shell out or are we only going to talk talk and talk as usual. The moment it comes to money everyone backs out.

Toilets, should be available every 100 metres. Where to do when you have to do it. The males can conveniently do it anywhere, just about anywhere and they actually do it just about anywhere. Then however nicely the male urinals are made, drops /many drops will be found on the floor. How do we address this. Females are always given a raw deal on this.

Spitting seems to be birth right in India. People travelling in BMW's open the door and puke the entire load of pan parag onto the street. This only tells that brains don't come with money. In fact some of them rich ( and the powerful) behave as if it is their right to do it anywhere. Take their picture and put it on TV and then a big fine. Do we have the guts for this.

All these things require great commitment and conviction to implement. Law should be the same for everyone, do we have the stomach for this.

these topic has been gone over many times at various forums and the answers are the same. It is not that the various govt agencies mentioned above did not have manuals for cleanliness. If only these manuals were implemented we would not have been minimum 50 years behind the developed countries with respect to cleanliness.
If one visits the Gulf , the majority are outsiders from India, Pak , B Desh , Lanka, China etc but you will find these countries very clean. But the countries from where they come are not clean. One cannot dirty the surroundings and get away with it , they would put you in jail, no questions asked. This only points to one thing that the fear of punishment straightens the citizens and they behave as everyone should. The law is applicable to everyone , but in our country the going is " jiski lathe uski bhains" . The connected escapes the law due to the lack of conviction of the implementors or the Govt.So the rules or laws become impotent. No need of new rules, there are so many of them already, but there is no will to implement.
Then there are implementors / govt , it is so sad that in our country persons who would not be selected by any of the businesses for jobs land up in the govt , one should not forget that in governance the decision or no decision made effect thousands of the public , then these persons are promoted on the basis of time spent in a post , the decisions or no decisions made will effect tens of thousands and so on. Merit is probably the last of the quality required for a government job, in fact we should have the best talent in the government, simply because their job is no less than executives of well run company. Then the politicians should not allowed to interfere in the day to day working of any of the above agencies. Because even if an officer wanted to do good , he would be transferred or enquiries put on him, so they too would not like to be the scapegoats and so reduces their involvement or commitment and eventually loose interest. There is no accountability at the lower levels at , the unionised ones, go to any govt hospital none of these guys work or obey any orders , thanks to our politicians. And the politicians and IAS do not go to govt hospitals for treatment . Then many in the public too, the wealthy or the connected or even some educated , show their arrogance on the streets probably they feel that the law can't touch them or some for thrills or some to show off behave uncivilised. An example , seen someone in a mercedes open the door and puke a puddle of paan parag at a signal , so having money does not necessarily mean civilised.

If we have the guts , we should create a system where the effected parties, citizens in this case, will give clearance / approval that the cleaning/maintaining work has been done properly. The people responsible for cleaning/maintaining will get their dues only on receipt of approval from effected parties/citizens. From each street or lengths of streets depending on the population density a group of persons selected by the persons living in that street from among the people living on that street will inspect and enter a log book / inspection book if the work is done properly. The persons responsible for cleaning would be able to see this book and correct themselves or the job and next day again the log book would be entered on a daily basis. At the end of the month the dues will be paid/cleared based on this log book.
A detailed system can be worked out.

But the basic thing is that the service provider will have to satisfy the service receiver before he can claim his dues. We only have to implement this principal. more  

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We had been to the Golden Temple, Amritsar, recently. In the market area, there were bins (garbage covers) tied to every other light/lamp post. And everyone was using this to put the litter. This was then cleared regularly. This practice can tried in other parts of the country. more  
To start with at least in the places of worship, parks , markets ; with people constantly having a watch on littering public . One should take the example of Lal bagh . The watchman will come running from no where to prevent littering . more  
Even if bins are placed they are not cleared regularly.Also scavengers will spill it in search of plastic etc i.e. any saleable material.We have a lot of very poor population who in the name of collecting saleable garbage,will spill all the garbage on the roads.Poverty is one of the hinderances in cleanliness project. more  
Bins at 50 Meters? Impossible idea. It should be enough if bins are provided every 500 Meters. Citizens will cooperates only if there is a fear of reprisal like fine, or imprisonment. We can learn from the example of other countries. We can also see the compliance in case of helmets and seat belts. As soon as Delhi Police started fines at street corners traffic violations and seat belt use has improved.During Common Wealth Games in Delhi, encroachment in to sports corridors on roads was negligible. All due to hefty fines imposed. more  
Pl do not send such emails as I am not in a position to see the same. sorry for the same. Thanks. On Thu 15 Nov, 2018, 08:51 SAJJAN PAUL, wrote: > more  
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