Swacchh Bharat is not just about sweeping the stre

Swacchh Bharat is not just about sweeping the streets, and photo-ops...

The air is extremely polluted, and we need to kill these sources of pollution, whether it is power plants, or small scale industry burning coal, whether its polluting vehicles (both old & new), whether it is poor people burning tyres on the roadside to keep themselves warm.....

The water bodies are polluted and need to be saved from careless industries and ghoos-khaoing environmental inspectors turning a blind eye.....

We need to mass educate people about NOT littering in the first place. And more importantly, not spitting anywhere. Shaming the violators would be a good start. Many security cameras are installed now at public places, and clippings from those can be harnessed and played on national TV to dissuade people from spitting / littering !!

More garbage bins need to be installed everywhere - streets, trains, platforms, bus stands,

Our hearts and minds need to be swacchh before we can get the country cleaned up. more  

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1. Yesterday also 2 Crore worth Red Sandal was Seized while on Robbery . 2. Women trapping Teams still not stopped export of women in the name of Jobs . 3. Drug mafia still in its stir . 4. Non carry of Union's Crime Control laws still continued by States . 5. Education , Earning Facilities , Land for Shelter still ignored by many States making the Law & Order fail/silent on anti-national and anti-Citizen issues AND ALL THESE ARE BECAUSE OF dilution in governance of Indian Union. Part III & IV specify that these prime issues are addressive by both State and States wherever otherwise stated . 1. The list II of 7th Schedule is not to deviate from the Constitutional Articles . The responsibility of implementing the provisions specified in these prime parts lies on both . Till now , the Union has neglected in the PRIME issues of 1. Elementary Education , Public Health Care , Land and even Sharing of Water which are basically under article 21 . Only higher education is listed with union and the States grossly neglected the whole issue . Healthcare is also carried so . 2. River and Stream Waters are to be allocated for the whole Territory of the Union as otherwise , there will be wars between and within the States [ J & k , Maharashtra , recent Karnataka & Tamilnadu are examples besides the issues of Maharashtra , Unite and divided A.P. and Karnataka 3. The Natural Resources , National Wealth of Land Forest Treasure were also diversified and ill-carried by States . 2. Students of many States are hailing over to Other States for Education with low marks ; Some Students of Many States going to Other States for better Knowledged Teachings . This is all wasteful expenditure and in other way keeping the Students decades together without requisite and /Talented Teaching which has been leading to incompetence in the Job/Earning Market . 3. Some Wealthy States and States where the Trade Unions are supportive , are industrially and economically developed and the people of many other States had to hail-out to such places . [ Example J & K , MAHARASHTRA , KARNATAKA , TAMILNADU etc., . Even in these States also , the States did not care fundamental duty of addressing all the Districts of their area ] . Hers also , Some Districts are highlighted with Education and Employment/Earning Opportunities while some Districts grossly neglected . 4. The Earlier Union Governments did not take interest of the Union as a whole and hence only the States became negligent and even going against . This ademency started from the year 3rd and 4th Decades when the Union of States could not define and derive the perfect objective of certain issues of poor and deserving public and some States too . 5. The failure of law and order and the increase of Corruption planted the misappropriation , misuse and malpractices in the public administration both at Center and the States . This has made the States go differently from out of national integrity and the concept of Union of States swallowing the Revenues , Incomes and Wealth of their areas like land , minerals and metals and , Forest Produces . 6. This process preference by the Central government HAS LEAD THE JUDICIARY SUFFER FROM INADEQUATE NUMBER OF JUDGES AND , INSUFFICIENT NUMBER OF COURTS . The issues of point 3 , 4 and 5 diluted a major part of Law and Justice too as well as to some extent , the Judiciary also . Unless the Judiciary is endowed with a permanent Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court , this miserable issue of Justice cannot be set to fit . 7. Further , the Executive is to be separated from the Legislatures/Parliament Houses which should have their own Secretariat LEAVING THE EXECUTIVE ONLY TO DISCHARGE THE DUTIES STRICTLY AS PER CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISIONS AND LAWS IN FORCE . The Election Commission of India has to Regulate Moral Conduct , Socially-bound Candidature banning Contesting those who had summoned by a competent Court on any Social and or Financial Crime TO ERADICATE THE DANGEROUS SITUATION like in 2013 where there were above 30% convicted in the Indian legislating Houses . THEREFORE , THE EMPOWERED EXECUTIVE , MORALLY & SOCIALLY BOUND LEGISLATURES can only honour the prompt carry of the Concept and Objectives of our Constitution and , the Orders , directions and Suggestions of the Constitutional Bench of the Indian Supreme Court will stand honoured compulsorily . [ S.C. on one day in a case Staged that the issue of Law and Order is the absolute duty of the Executive and quashed the PIL filed by a J&K Citizen . The S.C. on the next day in a case Staged that the States of Karnataka and Tamilnadu have to control Law and Order situation in their States when these two States were went on rival attacks ON THE PIL preferred by a Socially-bound Citizen of Tamilnadu WHICH ONLY HAD STOPPED THE CONTINUANCE OF THE RIVAL ATTACKS between the people of these TWO STATES ] . All Such can be arrested only with the process and practice suggested above IN THE LIGHT AND NEED OF SWACCHA BHARAT MISSION please . more  
Aadhar only card equal to resident card or green card US or Canada has. Government should link all bank accounts, property details of individual irrespective of religion or caste, and the same must be used for income tax purpose to do away with separate pan card and election card to do away with voter id................................. more  
Please ban the Gutka and at least spitting on roads will stop. more  
I have stated before many times and I wish to reiterate again that we all need to devote at least 1-2 hours in a week in going around and participate in cleanliness drives. All able bodied men and women, children above five years, regardless of the status, must participate and lend helping hand to the already burdened men and women of various Municipalities in the Country. ZERO tolerance for throwing any waste on the streets or anywhere in the country more  
1. Nationwide Plantation of trees in war footing must be taken up to defeat the Air Pollution ! 2. Sincerearity & dedicated mindsets must be established among the personnel of Inspectors of Factories to control water pollution in rivers/water bodies. more  
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