Surviving Terror Attacks - Run, Hide, Tell rule

Shared by one of our Mumbai members, we are sharing information on what one must do in case faced with a terror attack situation. The "Run, Hide, Tell" rule can help you save yourself as well as help others.

Escape if you can
Consider the safest options
Is there a safe route? Run, if not hide
Can you get there without exposing yourself to greater danger?
Insist others leave with you
Leave belongings behind

If you can’t run, hide
Find cover from gunfire
If you can see the attacker, they may be able to see you
Cover from view does not mean you are safe, bullets go through glass, brick, wood and metal
Find cover from gunfire e.g. substantial brickwork/heavy reinforced walls
Be aware of your exits
Try not to get trapped
Be quiet, silence your phone
Lock/barricade yourself in
Move away from the door

Call 100: What do the police need to know?
Location: Where are the suspects?
Direction: Where did you last see the suspects?
Descriptions: Describe the attacker, numbers, features, clothing, weapons etc
Further information: Casualties, type of injury, building information, entrances, exits, hostages etc
Stop other people entering the building if it is safe to do so.

Share this link or take a picture and share with your friends/family/colleagues. more  

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Be alert, calm and fully aware of the happenings around us. Do not panic and don't o jump on to some heroic deeds without any any safety measures. more  
Terror attack is done by terrorists who are highly motivated and ready to die. They are trained to kill others indiscriminately and kill themselves, if chances of getting caught. They have sophisticated weapon and ammunition like commandos. They have first aid kit, medicines and ration for survival for several days. State Police has anti terror squad, who are capable of countering them besides Armed Forces and Para Military. Civil police can only hold them in confined area and prevent their escape but can not neutralise them. Previous members have brought out several important points. I will only add besides re iterating some of them. So What to do during terrorist attack? 1. immediately lie on ground and push others to fall down. 2. Clutch children under your body and close their mouth to keep voice down. 3, Dial 100 and possibly photo or video of scene to be recorded so as to post them on given number, if police asks about number of terrorists, type of weapon, etc. Put phone on silent mode and only text. 4. Keep crawling on floor slowly towards exit, stairs, bathroom, generator room, etc to hide and take cover, if fired upon. If unable to move, move inside even dead bodies around. If you are on higher floor, look for windows and other openings to exit through windows 5. if you are in a group and you are physically fit, wait for single terrorist nearby to exhaust his magazine. While he is reloading, just grab him and snatch weapon including knives which they carry. strangulate him immediately to make him unconscious. Hands to be tied so that he should not be able to blow himself killing you. 6. Lastly, it is easier said than done. God almighty can only help you. more  
@ S Kataria: Sir it isn't that simple in all states because police doesn't stand by you and you may get implicated in Bengal. We know where they are, who are the supporting locals, but not only nothing happens, the police says don't see. Like the police we also get some information on terror network in Kolkata but if Police doesn't help we are helpless. What l don't understand is why the defence doesn't have a reporting section at every garrison, may be it could save lives. more  
i think we should not only run but try to immoblise terrorist if get chance. it should not be done by single, may be group of 4-5 person with covered face. do not try to be come hero because may be you are not professional to handle the situation. if you are black belt or judo expert then i would say u can go ahead. after all army jawan also risk his life when encountering terrorist more  
A poor man found a lamp on road. He took it and rubbed it. There was a big blast. He died on the spot. Moral Not everything belongs to Alladin, some belong to Mujahiddin too. more  
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