Substandard wires and cables used in buildings

We keep having frequent fires. In Mumbai the restaurant caught fire last year and this week in karolbagh. Most commercial and residential buildings flout fire norms too but majority of the fire accidents are caused by electrical short circuits.

There are three prime reasons that result in electrical short circuits, i.e. poor quality wires and cables, errors and mistakes by electricians or contractors and overuse. Poor quality wires and cables however are the biggest culprit—around 80% of electrical short circuits occur due to substandard cables.

Can there be a mandatory standard for wires and cables used in buildings? After all its direct impact on human life... more  

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Not only the material but the knowledge of wiring by poorly qualified trained electricians are equallly responsible .They need more reorientation/ skirling classses or ITI training. more  
Electrical contractor have to pay more, almost 50% to Electrical inspectors and various other authorities sitting in chair. That is why the actual quality and amount spent on electrification is less. The same is for roads and water lines and sewage lines.

That is why accidents, fires are happening. Few fires get occurred due to wrong selection of component (Wires) by the Electrical contractor.
People working never go through books and relevant standards as to which size of wires to be used for a particular load, what shall be the size of Earthing wire with reference to main power feeding wires, What should be the protection discrimination corresponding to size of wire, electrical load and the protective appliance i.e. Fuses or MCB's.

One more aspect i.e. joint in wire and insulation thereof. Many of the manufacturers have declared through relevant Indian Standard that the life of Insulation Tape is maximum 12 months from the date of manufacturing. Still the contractors are using insulation tape which are beyond date of expiry. (All the way, it is not advisable to apply insulation tape in permanent wiring at all which may cause inadvertent insulation failure after crossing its expiry date; whilst the Insulation tape is as it is in circuit which gets heated up due to current flow through the joint. Who would learn these things to whom. Myself tried to contact and approach the insulation tape manufacturer but they they are dodging the ball and not at all replying on the issue. ( I am from Maharashtra. Also I inquire at J & K, Srinagar about the tapes supplied and used at their region. Where they are meeting IS standard? There is no reply. Parameters of insulation tapes for western region and colder region as stated above are different.)

GOD Bless India, from such politicians, consumers, Inspectors and other authorities and the seller who knowingly sell such products.

JAI HIND. more  
It should be mandatory to change complete wiring after 30 years. more  
Sir, I m a PG Engineer. I say that if u dont have 3 ph elect motors, direct or in pumps/AC, single phase is better. In 3ph Elect motors, u save 30-40% power for same mechanical force more  
Yes, provided your internal wiring is of proper rating, n if with less supply capacity, there is always risk n hazards of fire or short circuits, if on under rated line one keep on adding more number of ACs n freeze , ovens, water heaters etc, which consumes high current.
It is not only to make you charge more, but it enhances safety, irrespective of you have or not three phase water pump. But still it is upto individual what to select. I had earlier only 1kv supply for my House, which was provided by builder, that time nearly 45 yes back we didn't have AC, Freeze ,oven in our home. Later on after adding all such gadgets, I had get increased the supply of 3KV. by paying extra charge. For my own safety.

Here we are contesting safety mainly due to the electrical faults, our concern should be Safety at a cost n somewhere, safety at any cost or threat to human lives at no cost. more  
Mr.KDV, 3Ph is given to customer to make more money out of connection cost. 3ph helps only in running 3 ph electric motors at 30-40% lower cost. It does not help any single phase equipment more  
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