Stubble Burning with COVID-19 will be killer combination

One critical issue I’d like to raise is that farmers in Punjab will soon start burning crop stubble after the harvest. Covid-19 primarily hits an individual’s lungs. Covid-19 combined with smoke in the air from burning stubble combined will be extremely deadly. This is an emergency situation.

The central and state governments Of Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, UP must come together and allocate sufficient emergency funds and pay farmers to hire workers for cutting stubble. Plenty of workers available right now due to migration due covid-19.

This must be coupled with strict ban on burning of crop stubble.

I urge each member of this circle to share this on their social media and I request local circles to escalate this to PM and PMO.

Time is of the essence. more  

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Most of the farmers pick up wheat stubble from the field with a tractor-trolley and use it as fodder for next one year by mixing it with green fodder.
Paddy stubble is major contributor to air pollution, Paddy stubble can be used for bio fuel production and in the packaging industry more  
Dear Vintha.I appriciate your concern on Stubble smoke and COVID -19.Let us
hope for the best decession by the Govt.MoEFC needs to play active role in
I strongly believe that there is a strong link between global
fires,Climate change and migration and mutation of Zoonatic Corona into
human COVID- 19.Why Many indian or international UN agencies are silent on
Speaking on CC link to COVID - 19? Are they waiting for the time? I don't
know.I wish,they need to speak and do something concrete on these lines.
We at IDEA have launched Mission Corona to prevent/ spread of Corona
initially with high herbs and track down on its escape routs through rapid
epidimiological and survilience steps and help the state to annhilate it. A
small.But beautiful.let us be in touch.
Prof.Gowtham shankar

On Sat 18 Apr, 2020, 6:04 PM Vinita Agrawal, <>

> more  
Good Article Require to think on it & act upon. This is possible only to make understand farmers by explaining them advantage of not burning stubble. more  
Why cannot this stubble be recycled or reutilised. This burning issue has surfaced only last few years, what was happening earliest. In the Agriculture field all such waste is utilized as fuel, since is combustible, probably after mixing with dung or something. Somebody had said this thing can be used to make paper-pulp. This burning is criminal, n political in nature. I do hope some entrepenures consider this n do something. If garbage is being recycled for commercial, why not stubble. JAI HIND. more  
Your concern is appreciable. But if WE think that the Government should participate financially, it is NOT possible. Such things need to be done but not at the cost of Government every time. The Govt has to look after so many things that they have no adequate funds to spare. more  
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