Standards for Hand Blenders

Are there any standards for hand blenders? Is this a product having mandatory standards or is it optional? Kindly advise. If so what are experiences of members with various products esp around service. more  

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Manufacturers of any product, especially here in India, are busy closing down their Service Centres, because they have over time proved non-viable commercially.

Now, this is what I've heard from the field:

The Manufacturer give franchises to one or several local companies to look after the after-sales-service. And these companies are asked to charge the customers and turn in the revenues to the Manufacturer. In turn, however, they get product spare parts as compensation for their service.....not cash!


Only today I asked Daikin Customercare Centre to send someone to check the remote control unit of a newly purchased inverter split AC. The product is yet under warranty. Within an hour the message came that company A would contact us for service.

Only two hours later, another message came on the phone that company B would look into the claim.

We hope that some one does turn up..... more  
When Customer asks for service they make them go from if one Amazon were not enough. Amazing to know that even companies indulge in Split (not just AC) but splitting commission as well. more  
No Manufacturers support after sales service now a days. they are more interested to sell their products rather than giving services to the Customers. more  
None of the electrical and electronic product manufacturers support after sales service now a days. most of the time the service centers are not present / not accessible easily / keep on changing.
The spare parts are not available / or are very expensive.
The most common thing which needs frequent replacement in any electrical motor based product is motor brushes and they are not easily available. If a service center is available then the first thing he will advice is change of motor as the brushes are not available. Now in a blender 90% cost is the motor itself. So it is better to buy a new blender.
On the other hand if a local electrical repair shop is available or you yourself can do some basic servicing then you can buy some identical / look alike brushes in local spare shops (these are always non authorized general spares) and grind it / scrub it to fit in your blender motor. This brush will cost you Rs. 10 only. Rest is up to you.

I am quoting this from my personal experience when I could not get my blender repaired (as the service center had closed down and the service department of the company advised me to get the motor replaced). I finally repaired it myself. more  
No two hands are alike. While one may wield a professional blender like Boss unprofessionally, other may wield an unbranded non-standard blender and still be able to give the best blend. Glen(Noida based), Philips and quite a few others non-standard blenders (you can see them on Nap-Tol Ad's in Tata Sky)...if you are not careful in usage and maintenance, standard or brand will become immaterial. I see lot of females are so haphazardly using their cell-phone without proper care that their mobile screen are shattered just like a car windscreen shatters when a bullet hits it. more  
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