Standards for Auto Services

Are there standards in India as to what car companies are supposed to do in different free services. I have observed everyone does there own thing. And some even reject free service if you get late by 2-3 months or exceed kilometers. more  

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If you go to authorised dealer the component used are geniun,whereas if you go to roadside service agent component used are from scrapped vehicle of similar type.This is because manufacturer does not provide components to roadside service agent. more  
You are right. But many vehicle owners prefer to save few rupees and end up with dissatisfaction or in grave danger. While we read news of accidents, fire media do not publish the fact behind such failures. I will site an true incident of a Super Luxury Bus costing Rs.1.3 crore which caught fire right on top of a long flyover reducing it to ashes. The reason the owner preferred to fix couple of CFL lamps in the luggage compartment which is underneath the passenger seats just tapping from the factory fitted concealed lamp exposing the joint improperly insulated.The luggage compartment was loaded with flowers and the consignor sprayed water to keep it fresh, till destination but got short circuited from the tapped wires which heated up the wooden floor from underneath. Fortunately no human life lost but approach of fire fighters was impossible since crowd gathered on both sides of the flyover. All the bus owner could have approached the authorized dealer to fix extra lamps as per the manufacturer's standard. more  
Thank you, Stephensaab. This time Google landed me on home ground only. I think you mean the H+K Workshop..... more  
I too have observed that even Authorized Company owned Service Centers are inflating the Bills of customers once the Free Services ends. I have a Tata Nano ( 9 years old) - first batch product. Last couple of years it started giving trouble and I saw that Client Supervisor listed a lot of accessories to be changed. The accessories come at Double or thrice the price which same product is available in open market. Luckily Thanks to Digital technology, I managed to find a Garage run by a Duo ( a Sikh and a Tamilian) both down to earth perfectly gentle humans - whose zeal is to accept challenges of vehicles which come for repairs. Charges are very reasonable or should I say nominal. In case anyone has problems with his/her vehicle, you may try this South Delhi (Vasant Kunj Enclave) garage. I am sharing the google map link below: more  
The google map transports one into The Netherlands..... more  
I wonder whether the appointment of an ombudsman would help.....!!! more  
Sir the L & T in the shared link were in Caps....didn't know that Alphabets played a major role in shifting site from India to Netherlands... please follow below site map: more  
Someone told me that people who listen are a minority. People only hear and
don't bother when it comes to action taking. When we talk about safety,
they will shut you down with bad roads. They do not realise the "bad roads"
are for all but our life is our own.

I stopped being a "Raph Nader" long ago.
Few gems as "food for thought"

*I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce
more leaders, not more followers.*
*Your best teacher is your last mistake.*
*The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry
does not own the sun.*

Best regards,
M.Ramachandran more  
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