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The Central government has made it clear that by 2030, all the vehicles running on Indian roads, shall be electrical vehicles. It automatically means that the vehicles run on Patrol, Diesel, CNG, etc shall cease to exist.

It also means that the automobile and rickshaw repair works that exist today shall find less and less customers year by year, leading to close them ultimately, one after the other. The people working in these workshops shall suddenly find themselves jobless. Same shall be the case with the Petrol Pumps, which shall also close down one after another because, India shall then may not have any need to import Crude Oil.

For the Electric vehicles, Electrical Charging stations shall be needed, which shall then start cropping up, first in the Metro cities, followed by other cities, National Highways, State Highways and on any and every road in the country.

There shall also be a need for repairing these electrical vehicles at all points of location, because one cannot be sure, when one or the other electrical part stops working, bringing the vehicle to standstill.

It means that we shall need many persons for this job, which does NOT exist today. These persons shall need to know the basic working of the electrical cars, their components, problems that may arise, and how to resolve them all.

There is no trained force available today and the government must take steps in this direction to introduce such courses, may be at ITI level, for the persons to get trained.

The electrical vehicles, may also include those run on Solar Energy, and hence that part also needs to be covered in the syllabus for such courses.

Warning : Private industry also shall be in the race. Private Industry works only on Merits. Hence best of the lots shall always be grabbed by the Private Industry, leaving the rest to be selected by the government with reservation norms. One can imagine the output then.

Hence, it would be ideal for the government to stay out of this all, right from the day one, or continue with the reservation policy but without compromising for merits.

Mera Bharat Mahan. more  

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Wait for driver-less cars!

Technology is always disrupt-er. Computers were feared by trade unions. Now the employees will not / cannot work without them.

The whole effort is to take drudgery out of daily routine leaving people free to use their mind for progress. more  
This is a good time for objective analysis of a future-shaping program in line with SDGs and climate change. I understand at the 2030 scenario, the population,road scenario,economic activities,traffic load projection both inside the habitations and on broader national/state high ways, the carrying status of railways /underground railways etc have to be taken consideration along with capacity of the volume of people to purchase such electronic vehicles of different makes and descriptions.A serious study by IIT/Automobile Association/Existing manufacturers of cars/possible Electronic manufacturer of cars/Energy experts/Electricity distribution company/One MP/One MLA/3 Government Representatives/One Car owner/ONE Trade Union representative/Chambers of commerce &Industries etc needs to taken up now. more  
The process of transformation will take place over a period of 10 to 12 years. Govt. can at best give some assistance to promoters/ charging units/ maintenance shops of electric vehicles for a specific period say for 5 or 10 years or say up to year 2030 or 2035, so that they earn a reasonable profit while the volume is low. Thereafter market shall adjust itself to demand and supply. Switching over to electric vehicles is definitely good for environment but it is equally important that generation of electricity should be a non pollutant activity. Otherwise we are shifting the pollution from urban area to rural area i.e. shifting head ache from one side to another. Our attempt has to be elimination of trouble and not change of location. I think so.
RYK. more  
There is no need to worry. At the beginning of every new invention people used to be novice but within short spell of time they learn the basic and gradually become expert. At present, majority of the motor vehicle mechanics are unskilled but on gaining on hand knowledge from their seniors, they are meeting & managing the raising demand well and millions of people are earning their bread & butter by running road side mechanic shops. more  
Thought is good, but analysis is poor , we all knew earlier we use typewriter & have fear for computer but later we observed good knowledge in typewriter helps those in updating their expertile in new technology also , infact increases the potential, likewise I hope in electrified vehicle also because every new technological reforms will helps us in boosting our expertile provided we are ready to learn, also there will be plenty of scope to improve the work environment with good earnings , let us hope for bright future of electrified vehicles. more  
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