Social transformation is a must for any other change

I have a very radical view of India’s problems. India’s problems are “social” in nature. Whatever PM does for economy but a social transformation is a must. Indian society because of its collective nature does not question things. This is deeply ingrained in our psyche and we accept everything that is thrown at us and “follow”. Take an example of science; we were never able to invent new things because we always follow what “books”, “teachers” and “elders” have told us. We will never challenge and ask questions, “Why”. If we did then the easiest answer is “Not our culture to challenge our gurus”. If the western societies were the same the earth would still have been “flat” and not “round” etc.etc.
Due to this very reason, I see women in society have become subordinate to men. They perhaps work more than men do in India but they “never” question this men dominated world. The crime against women is an off-shoot of this social behaviour. PM should bring in “Women’s reservation bill” in whatever form but get it passed. There should not be too much time wasted in consensus-building. How imperfect the bill may be but that will be a step in right direction in women empowerment and reducing crime against women.
The civic sense is missing because we do not challenge people who litter. Living in west, I learnt one thing which I should share, One needs to take responsibility of his own action. If I do not confront the person whose dog is pooping in front of my house though on public land, I should be ready to face those unhygienic surroundings, spend on medical and also pay higher taxes to council to clean up the mess. The prime-ministers in UK and Australia get in to queue for their medical needs in public hospitals. Former prime-ministers, driving licenses have been cancelled for jumping red light or traffic rule violations. A worker in India will not question his boss, how unsafe the action of his supervisor may be and endanger everyone’s life. A social transformation is must. I think Modi’s thinking of social reform in the same line as Vivekanand is going to make this transformation. He showed it in his post-election speech of cleaning Varansai.
Summarising. Women’s reservation, An education system based on experiments rather than mugging-up, Industrial safety culture beginning from top, and Modi and his team to be visible by being socially accountable will be things PM should focus. more  

Let us join together to provide a prosperous, strong,dignified and healthy nation to the younger generation more  
We have missed the bus in several areas but with determination we will catch up under the dynamic PM. more  
We should leave PM to lead the country and get united in supporting him. The progress of the nation alone should be our criteria. more  
We must learn to come out of our caste& religion narrow circle and think as a nation. Even today in election it plays an important role. Forgetting the regional feeling we must work as a nation. Indians outside the country are more united than within the country. Politicians are cleverly using the division for their survival and selfish people fall prey for it. more  
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