Showings reports to a doctor

A doctor orders tests when you visit them. When you go back within 2 weeks (when they call you) they charge full consultation again.

Why cant standards be set bh BIS so such loot is not permissible?? Any body identifies with the issue I am raising here? more  

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The discussion here in these LCs is not just pointing the short comings, but giving feedback to the Power that be to bring about the changes needed. It is part of the social responsibility towards the needy. Sofaras the personal involvement in the name social cause is concerned, the discussants here are largely old and experienced people who cannot do the running around. Yet, there are a good number of youth in LocalCircles doing study of the shortcomings and bring out the same here for information and action by the Authorities. more  
I do not see the relevance of discussions, when the system is corrupt right from education to the treatment and consequent death of the patient.
No one accepts the responsibility of a social cause but keeps on highlighting the short-comings of the entire system. People only talk of BIS and its relevance but not its implementation after 70 years of democracy and independence. more  
When judiciary is slack or not so judicious there is bound to be an all round impact of negligence in delivery services, products, and charging of costs. more  
PGupta ji, Just because Judicial system is deficient, other also should be deficient ? Like medical ? more  
I just wrote a hrs ago that we are a thankless society to a great extent. Have any idea how the legal profession which runs the country thro supreme court, high court etc. runs? Senior lawyers even charge a retainer ship fees for continue to take up their case on a yearly basis because no case is expected to be final before half a decade. we want every thing free. Best quality medical care and no cost. Go to west. When we compare every thing with American standards, see how their medical system works. You cnnot -- YES CANNOT __ change your primary doctor at your whims. you have to register. getting a specialist appointment before 1-4 weeks is almost impossible and leave the cost of medical treatment. No ordinary citizen can afford it without insurance. That is with average per-capita income of > USD 30,000. more  
I have often remarked that the advent of greedy capitation fee medical colleges is one important reason. People pay upto 1 crore for MBBS and anywhere from 2 to 5 crores for PG degrees. They see this as investment and want to take returns on the money invested at the earliest. That is why fee splitting, unnecessary drugs, operations etc.
As long as these practices exist, there will be looting of the public by ALL health care workers - not doctors alone. more  
We are talking of Indian conditions where medical practitioners have not yet been able to give satisfaction about their competency. And, this has forced the patients and their attendants to seek a second opinion with previous healthcare records in hands. Secondly, we cannot compare but do look up at America for the standards of service in India available. It is natural.

Private medical practitioners have not yet been able to provide services matching with the value of the charges they take. Middle income and poor patients have got to the government hospitals, and the government must continue this system. Delhi Government has done a good job of healthcare delivery and isgetting popular. more  
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