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Amazed at how we have become as citizens. There is economic crisis in the country, FM still delivers tax cuts to you as you asked for and we rate the budget as below expectations. She cant print cash. She has to raise duties if she has to give tax cuts. Why do you need to buy imported goods. Decide what you want. The budget exceeded expectations even delivered 4000 crores on pollution front. Lets rate the Govt properly. Please rate this budget properly and share this link in your whatsapp so others can also vote. more  

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Ms Sheetal, lack of understanding of economics and free market is what makes people make this sort of statement. India does not have problem with money for the government, we have a thoughtless spending and giving so called free things to citizens who are no earning anything for votes in return. I will list few things please take a look and think about this. 1) we have government officials who get so many perks like servants, car with drivers etc. this is being used to take family on trips and shopping for the family. Rest of the world gives this to the person just for the official use. 2) Rich and powerful are still living and using government housing after losing elections. This is peoples money not Government. Get them out. 3) Elected and government officials traveling in first class with big support staff. Why? Are we still in British Raj?? 4) Why is government buying food products from growers and farmers at a very high, above market value. Why?? It is socialist model. We are using tax money to pay off growers this way? To make farmers happy?? This is taxpayers money. I can go on and on. 5) Some years ago Taxpayer money was being used to provide security for big movie stars like Amitabh and such. Why?? We tax payers need that money for better things in the country. These rich people have money and they should use it. We don't owe them anything.
When you taxed people too much it is taking money from taxpayers who made it and earned it and giving it to people who have to right to it. That is when you saw black money. Think about it. more  
When it comes to the "personal", we generally tend not to look beyond the tip of our nose.
Seeing and understanding the broader picture is not everybody's cup-0-tea !! more  
बहुत सही कहा आपने - वस्तुतः हिंदुस्तानी को तथाकथित आज़ादी भीख में मिली दिखती है क्यूँकि हमें यही पढ़ाया गया की आज़ादी तो अहिंसा से मिली - क्रांतिकारियों के बलिदान को गांधी के सामने बौना बना दिया गया और वही भीख की आदत पड गयी हमें और इसीलिए हम वोट उसको देते है जो हमें मुफ़्त की बिजली दे ,पानी दे,और अनुदान दे कर हमें काहिल और हरामख़ोर बना दे -मिहनत से बचें हम और बिना यह सोचे की यह मुफ़्त की चीजें जो हमें मिल रही है उसका भुगतान कौन करेगा हम उसे वोट देते है और वह हमारी एक जेब से निकाल कर दूसरी जेब में डालता है और हम वहीं के वहीं होते है ? more  
Cheaper and costlier things in Budget 2020

Things that will turn out to be Cheaper

Import of newsprint

Lightweight coated paper

Purified terephthalic acid (PTA)

Things that will turn out to be Expensive

Import of medical equipment




Glassware (for use in the table, kitchen, toilet, office, or decoration)

Combs, hair-slides, hairpins curling pins, curling grips

Vacuum flasks and other vacuum vessels

Food grinders (Mixers)



Water and immersion heaters

Ovens, cookers, cooking plates, grillers, and roasters

Coffee and tea makers

Coins (Precious metals)

Water coolers


Lamps and lighting

Toys – Tricycles, scooters, pedal-cars, dolls, and other toys

Stationery items

Wall fans

Parts of commercial vehicles

Catalytic converters

Porcelain or China ceramic, clay iron, steel, copper made tableware or kitchenware

Precious Stones and Metals (Rubies, emeralds, sapphires – imported uncut)

Headphones and Earphones


Tobacco products

Protein shake (Whey)

Skimmed milk

Butter Ghee

Edible oils

Raw sugar

Food preparations (for infant use)

Peanut Butter

Wine (for use as sacramental wine) more  
its an excellent budget, which reflects lot of home work and thought process. it has covered all aspects of the economy keeping both short term and long term perspective in mind. one of the best budgets I have seen more  
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