Sensitizing Inspectors and Officers to facilitate EODB: Inputs Sought

Many of you have been raising the issue of continued inspector raj despite some of the good governance initiatives being rolled out by the Central Government that minimise human interfaces. Below are the key Issues and Root Causes related to Inspector Raj in India as identified by you.

Kindly review them and help identify highly specific solutions that must be implemented at policy and enforcement levels. This includes sensitizing inspectors and field officers and holding them accountable to Government policies and rules. From a business standpoint, this is where rubber meets the road and addressing this will have a direct impact on ease/cost of doing business, FDI, economic growth, jobs creation and prosperity of India

We look forward to your inputs!

Inspector Raj in India - Root Causes

1.The inspectors have a lot of power vested in them
2.Inspectors think that there is no one above them
3.They like to be shown importance in whatever they do
4.They put in unnecessary road blocks so that they could ask for bribes
5.Inspectors think that it is their right to take bribes
6.Inspectors collude with businessmen and get a monthly amount so that they do not interfere in their business
7.If bribes are not paid, then the businesses will have to run from pillar to post for the licenses
8.In many departments, there are no processes defined for inspections
9.There are no time limits defined for the inspectors to work on a particular kind of a case
10.A corrupt officer/inspector is rarely convicted in our country
11.The guidelines issued by these departments are tough to interpret for the common citizen/business, which gives an upper hand to the inspectors
12.Decades old laws & bye-laws have not been updated to suit the current business scenario
13.Business men prefer to bribe inspectors & officers or keep them on monthly/yearly payroll to avoid complications
14.Inspectors' reports are accepted without verification of correctness
15.Businesses become preys of the inspectors out of greed to earn more profit in illegal ways
16.There is a good bit of political pressure on the inspectors and many times they are collection agents for a long chain of corrupt officials and politicians
17.Many businessmen, entrepreneurs are not aware of multiplicity of various complex forms
18.Not much action can be taken against any inspector by complaints and it only causes bottlenecks/delays in projects/approvals for a business.
19. The Central or State Government makes policies and rules but no training, awareness, dissemination of the same happens at the inspector level

Inspector Raj in India – Key Issues

1.When businesses apply for licenses or permissions, they are at the mercy of the inspectors to complete the paperwork
2.They unnecessarily come up with objections while issuing certificates
3.Businessmen are harassed and bribes are demanded
4.Inspectors for fire, labour, pollution, quality, excise, weights & measures almost always engage in bribes
5.Inspectors specific to different industries like drug inspector, transport inspector etc have fixed rates per month or per transaction
6.The inspections done by the inspectors are arbitrary and based on the whims and fancy of the officials
7.Reports are never transparent
8.They work on cases at their own pace and don’t care about the suffering of the general public
9.Inspectors manhandle the detainees at the police station
10.Inspector don’t let honest people do their work honestly
11.Police and Municipal inspectors put pressure on individuals to stop construction till their palms are greased
12.In many cases, inspectors facilitate corruption for a chain of officials in the hierarchy and act as collection agents. more  

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whenever a job done or completed for a person a feedback form contains the details of the job done for him ,to be given to the persons that can be sent directly by the person to the officials of vigilence whether you have paid bribe or not yes/no any other confidential matter . if frequent complaint comes against any persons/officials they can be watched and more  
I think now the time has come for the Govt to make a list of the Govt Jobs where it is possible for a person to take bribe.Then Govt can randomly search the assets of such people and punish them.Because the level of corruption has reached to its optimum.This will create a sort of fear in such people. more  
For a start, you can hang corrupt inspectors. more  
Governments and Governance SHALL BE AWAY FROM "CONVICTS" more  
When i tried to drop off the rent-a-car at the Goa International airport during my visit last week, it was about 1 AM October 9th, 2019. The traffic inspector was harassing the driver who had come to pick up the car from me at the departure gate.
Usually this was avoided by dropping off the car to the "pick up driver" just 200 meters away from the departure terminal.
It was a red eye flight and pouring rain. So, I took the car into the drive way (200 meters) at the departure terminal. First the [police inspector had started to harass me. The vehicle pick up driver turned up just then. The police inspector had started his harassment. His junior constable was happy to get this inspector of his back, and was smiling away at the fate of the vehicle pick up driver.
If we need to continue Goa to grow as the number 1 state in India for tourism and per capita income, the harassment by traffic inspectors at the departure gates of international airports must stop. more  
Inspectors have proven themselves to be the pillars of corruption and conduits for black money. more  
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