Senior Citizen Security System

One of the neglected aspects of “Senior Citizens” is their personal security particularly in urban areas. Most of the problems arise since families have shrunk and younger generation has moved abroad leaving old people to stay alone in cities.

Such persons may have economic security lack physical security and maintenance help.

While maintenance help can be provided by NGOs and business services, security is an issue which needs to be attended by the State.

It is therefore suggested that a “Senior Citizen Security System” be developed which will provide for registration of senior citizens, continuous monitoring of their welfare through CCTV monitoring of the house (on request) and providing a call center for rushing help when required.

Additionally, in order to provide economic security, senior citizens must be exempted from income tax, provided with higher rates of interest on Bank deposits and tax exemptions for Vriddhaashram contributions as well as maintenance payments made by children to their parents. more  

The senior citizens need to be classified into different categories. People like the destitutes of Vrindavan are one category who are economically dependent on the society. Today many of them are fed by temples and other philanthropic organizations and perhaps they sleep on pavements. Second category is the senior citizens of the middle class where children are living abroad. They are economically sound but need sociological support. They and those in affluent class have serious security issues since they live alone and are often exploited by criminals. Vriddhashrams take care of some of them. But day care homes for such persons is also a requirement. Some children abandon their elderly though they are financially capable.
Keeping the above into consideration, a suitable policy is required. This would require tax breaks for children who pay maintenance to their parents, contributions they make to vriddhashrams (old age homes) or destitute care centers. NGO s need to take care of the facilities. Government can support them by some incentives.
The facilities are meant for old people who come with their baggage of dogmas and beliefs. If they have to be given a peaceful life during the last days, some of these dogmas and beliefs need to be tolerated and digested. As a result there would be need to separate vegetarian and non vegetarian facilities, as well as people of different religious faiths and beliefs. These are to be treated as a psychological requirement of the age group and should not be treated as "Communal". NGOs can serve such requirements well since they can find people with dedication prepared to serve specific communitites.
Overall we may say that the task is not simple and not limited to providing higher interest on bank deposits to senior citizens or bus/train passes etc but require a more comprehensive "Welfare measures".
Naavi more  
Yes. I had occasions to visit our Vrindavan. I used to feel sorry the way the old destitutes are taken care of leaves much to be desired. They are all Krishna bhakts. I have seen many begging. The condition of their accommodation is appalling. The State
government of the day never bothers because the destitutes do not belong to minority community. Our Modiji has to necessarily address this issue. May Lord Krishna give him the required will and strength. more  
After seeing the plight of Vrindavan widows, yes it should be the priority to provide shelter and care to the senior citizens and helpless destitute. Promoting self help groups with expert help can be an another social sector priority. more  
Within 100 days BJP needs to initiate some action for different segments of the society. No time is too early for a good move. What I am suggesting is first an information system like the 108 service which can be done quickly more  
Good suggestion. But is it immediate priority ? more  
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